The Buddy Project 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th March 2013 Written Update

Banga angrily marches towards the Buddies celebrating and scolds them for treating the school like a fish market. JJ steps up to him and says it’s good of Banga to come to them as they were just talking about how life teaches people lessons, by making some win and some lose. Banga called them losers, now look at them. They are winners. And what’s more, they won by defeating Banga. Once again Banga lost and JJ won. Banga totally loses it and shoves JJ away angrily. KD reacts to give Banga a fitting physical reply but JJ stops him. Banga’s fuse totally blows and he starts bellowing on Banga in an ill mannered way asking him why did he stop KD? He has already made the devils out of the students and now he is acting like a Saint? He saved them from expulsion but who would save him? That’s it! He won’t come to RA anymore and he (Banga) would make sure of that. JJ replies calmly that he would come, from the front gate as usual. As the old saying goes, anger is madness and Banga is proving it. No one can stop JJ from coming to RA as he has a contract. Banga retorts, to hell with the contract! For years JJ has made a mockery out of Banga’s life. When he was in school, he dipped Banga upside down in the fish tank. Locked him in the store for three nights. Acted like a ghost in hostel and made him run in terror. Even his hair are gone cuz of JJ for JJ had given him a permanent hair removing lotion in the guise of hair lotion. With these students, he made his life hell! They call him a Legend, his name is engraved on the walls! The Buddies are super shocked hearing all of this. But today, Banga will completely erase his name from RA’s past, present and future! For there is no Jaitley in RA, you blo*dy Junglee!! (THE MUSIC! PEOPLE! THE MUSIC!! The scene is worth watching JUST CUZ OF THE blo*dy MUSIC!! AAHHH! Eargasm!!! )

Zoom to Piddi’s face and fb to him going aarti of Junglee’s name engraved on the wall. Shock!

Zoom to KD and him telling JJ that there is too much noise in the world and to make sure one is heard, they have to increase the volume. Shock!

Zoom to Kiya and JJ saving her from Kunal. Stunned shock!

Zoom to RV and fb to when JJ instinctively dodged RV when he wanted to spill drink on him. Amazed shock!

Individual zoom to Samar, Panchi, Bobby and Juhi. Camera pans on all of them and they are totally speechless!

Banga continues, first he would deal with JJ and then with the Buddies. He’s the goddamn principal of this place. Today they were saved cuz of that supervisor but what of the future? He won’t let them take the exams and if they do, he’d make sure they won’t pass. KD says coldly he can try, all the best. Banga looks at him in shock and raises his hand to hit him but is stopped by the Supervisor who has witnessed the scene from upstairs. He comes down and rebukes Banga for his shameful behavior and says that he can’t believe someone like Banga is RA’s principal. He’d make sure to tell the Trustees about all of this (Honestly, if this is Banga’s end…it’s effin’ AWESOME!!!) Banga tries telling Supervisor that it’s all a nasty scheme of the hooligan students against him but Supervisor doesn’t pay heed and tells Banga to say this to the Trustees. JJ leaves from there and Buddies follow him while Vats tell Banga that he has dug his own grave and Banga just helplessly bows his head.

JJ and Buddies at TBC. Piddi hesitantly wants to touch JJ’s feet but JJ’s shoos him away and confesses that he was Junglee. After a moment of shock, Piddi asks, as if to confirm, that was it really him who locked a male teacher in female teachers’ washroom? JJ affirms and Piddi snickers. He stammers an apology. He can’t speak properly cuz of excitement and says he does pooja of his engraved name and apologizes for the kidnapping thingy. He then asks was it really JJ who peed in front of staff room and JJ affirms again. Buddies watch Piddi as he goes breathless out of excitement and says how he considers JJ a legend in prays in front of his name! He asks JJ if he can touch JJ’s feet once? Then he asks was it really JJ who mixed sugar in the petrol tanks of all teachers’ transport vehicles. This time, JJ gets up and says yes in a frustrated manner. He says that he did all of that but today he isn’t proud of any single act of those. In fact, he is ashamed of him being Junglee. Piddi stammers but Junglee was cool and JJ rebukes him saying it wasn’t cool! Playing with teachers’ respect is not cool. Teasing other people and making fun of fellow students, not cool. Losing one’s parents in the fit of Jungleeness, absolutely not cool. RV fbs to JJ telling him how he, like RV, doesn’t have anyone to hold his hand and guide him. JJ continues that life is too big, bigger than all these petty school issues and it’s no use playing hide and seek with it. He hopes they understand it by now. He prays that no one becomes a Junglee again, much to Piddi’s shock. He adds that the 8 of them are truly special to him and he wishes that they don’t aspire to be Junglee, it’s uncool. Piddi wants to retort but JJ walks away with Piddi looking on at him (I’m having a blo*dy eargasm! If only the track was as cool as the BG music )

Next day! RV informs the Buddies, sans Piddi and Panchi, who are all sitting in the cafe together that Trustees are taking Banga’s class. Juhi asks how can he say that and RV replies he just saw the Supervisor arrive with Trustees and go to Banga’s office. Samar comments that now Banga’s egoistic air will be deflated..phusss! (You should see it! Just as Samar says this, KD and Bobby both make hand gestures indicating a deflating balloon, RV smile in approval and Juhi and Kiya giggle; it was so cutesy! <3) RV notices Piddi sitting alone in confusion and they all go to him. RV asks what's wrong and Piddi says out in a stunned manner that our "Uncle" was really the Junglee?Switch to JJ in Banga's office. He's saying to Trustees that he has nothing to say on this matter, whatever happened will be told by Hedge (the Supervisor and sole witness). Banga tries to say something but Trustees shut him off. Hedge opens his mouth to speak.Cut to Buddies. Panchi comes there and puts down the sample yearbook on the table for proofreading. Buddies reach out for it excitedly. Juhi says they should read the write-ups that Panchi wrote for them all. There's some tugging for the book between RanSh, both of them refusing to let go. Panchi comments, "Guys, you're still fighting." and both of them let of the book and KD puts it on the table for RV to pick up (blo*dy hell! I have immense complaints with TBP but when I see this Buddy Bond...I die a sweet death! ) RV turns the page and reads KD's."Keshav Desai, "the rock". The original angry young man who still doesn't pick up charity money." KD is smiling in an embarrased way alongside everyone else while Panchi playfully smiles and hides her face. "Though we think it's pretty stupid. But still, KD rocks". Applause!"Kiya Gujral. The Diva! This gal shows a lot of style and that style shows a lot of this gal. Wink wink!" Applause again.Kiya takes the book from RV saying, "my turn!""Mr. Ranveer Shergill. The King of Hearts!" RV gratefully bows his head. "Every girl is flattened by him and they call him, 'Hi Handsome. That's your name, right?'" Giggles and applause!Juhi's turn."Samar Pratab Singh. The last romantic prince, Shehzaada Saleem. The one who put Royal in RA."Panchi's turn!"Juhi Gupta! The OMG Queen! The real spice of RA! If movie was made on her, the shooting would take place on the terrace. Because everything of hers is OTT, Over The Top!!"Samar's turn!"Piddi." Everyone laughs and Samar tells them to at least listen before laughing. "Single Pasli, Fighter Asli!" Cue full on laughter! "The portable, the bonsai! The chota packet bada dhamaka who is Pratham even while coming last in the race." Everyone is laughing hard at this. Piddi gives flying kisses and KD gives him a half hug. RV takes the book again."Babbita Chaudhry aka Bobby. Every boy is scared of her cuz she is fond of kicking balls. Captain of the 2015 Indian Football Team, Bobby!" Cheers and applause. Juhi says, these were all the write-ups written by Panchi but there is also a write up for Panchi by, surprise! Ranveer!Nonu smiles at her Moti but she doesn't smile back (I'll go curl up in the corner and die )"Panchi. The best friend one could hope for." Panchi looks away and RV closes the book and puts it back."The one who takes care of the smallest things related to her friends. Who while watching TV, gives the remote to her friend. If she goes out, she gives her share of french fries to her friends and if her friend is on diet, she can even eat their share happily." They giggle at it a little and a smile creeps on Panchi's lips. "But jokes apart, she is sweet enough to give diabetes. Cuter than a soft toy. Bubblier than a happy dog." RV reaches her side and leans closer to say, "The Best Buddy." (I am having eargasm and there are tears in my eyes and my heart is bursting with all these feels...Allaaahhh!!! )Everyone applauds and KD says, for such amazing write ups she gets a huuugeee thanks from all of them! They applaud again and Panchi turns to RV. She calls him Nonu (WHY AM I STILL ALIVE?! THESE FEELS!!!! ) and says that the write up was amazing. Did he come up with it on his own or did he copy it from internet? RV smiles sheepishly and puts his hand forward, "Friends?" Panchi takes his hand and says, "Friends." RV turns her hand in his' and holds it with both his hands and asks, "Friends for life?" Panchi looks at him for a while (All. The. RaHi. Feels. Are. Killing. Me. ) and replies, "Friends for life."So when all this is done, Piddi asks Panchi to stop shedding H2o from her eyes and asks how come she hasn't written a write up on JJ? Panchi replies they will! Have patience! Piddi asks that they need a photo on Banga. Someone must photoshop it as if Banga is sitting on a donkey and the scene ends of the Buddies laughing merrily.Banga continues his begging and says he was forced to do whatever he did. He has given RA all his life, they can't do this to him. Banga then goes on to apologize to Trustees and begs JJ to do something, his word can change many things but JJ remains silent. Trustees strip Banga off his position as the principal and the decision is final.Precap – Kiya tells her worry to RV that KD might do something wrong for money as tuition fees is not enough for the debt and he would never take help from his friends. KD begs the loan sharks to wait for 15 days. He calls up TSG and agrees to do the job but he’d need the money in advance.

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