Suvreen Guggal 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Samar and Yuvraj. Yuvraj says that Suvreen doesn’t want to let everybody see the Shakira and Madonna video. After a while Maddy says he was thinking that Suvreen and Soni can stay at his house. And then he takes the boxes out of the car but Yuvraj doesn’t let him do that.

Inside of the house. Suvreen and Soni are packing. And then the door rings. Suvreen opens the door. It’s a lot of girls. Suvreen says come in. One of the girls says that she heard what Suvreen said yesterday. (Fridays episode) She says that they are here for supporting her. She says that her dad doesn’t understand it. But she says that she understands that it’s not good what Khurana does. She asks can we help you with shift? And then Maddy and Yuvraj watches them. Suvreen says

that’s soo sweet thank you. Suvreen and Soni sees Maddy and Yuvraj. They are smiling.

Outside of the house. The girls are helping them to do the boxes to the car. Some women comes and they are confused why the girls are helping Suvreen and Soni. One of them calls Mum and Dad’s from the girls. They come. A woman says to her daughter “come”. But the girl ignores it. Her dad says “don’T ignore your mum” The girl says that she doesn’t want to tell anything to anyone. And then the other girl says to her mum that she is scared that she wanted to go somewhere else too and if this happens to her too what will she do then? The other girl says the same to her dad. Samar, Yuvraj, Suvreen and Soni are watching them. A man says that they have to make a meeting again.

In the meeting. Everybody is talking. And then Khurana comes. A man says that the kids are right. Soni and Suvreen doesn’t have fault. A man says lets vote. Everybody wants Suvreen and Soni to stay there except Khurana. Soni and Suvreen are shocked. Khurana says they can’t live here! A girl asks can I say something?? Everybody says yes you can. She says that nobody knows them well but she says that she is sure that their parents are worried about them. They are sometimes coming late at home but nobody did think how they can make food at late night? We didn’t give them food so why can we angry at them coz they are coming late?? We need to support them coz their family doesn’t stay with them. And then the man says that they don’t have to go. Everybody gets happy! Khurana says that this isn’t good. Soni and Suvreen are bad example for your child. Suvreen says Mr. Khurana I’m sorry if you.. but then Khurana doesn’t let her talk. He says that he doesn’t want to talk to her. Khurana says the decision is taken by kids. Suvreen wants to say something but he doesn’t let her say. Khurana says that he doesn’t want to talk with her and he doesn’t want to see her face!!Suvreen and Soni are confused. Yuvraj and Samar are watching them. Yuvraj talks like Shakira and says that this is the right time to let everybody know who is Khurana he na Shakira??. Samar talks like Madonna.. he says Yes Shakira lets have some fun!! Big smile (they are sooo cute) Yuvraj says MMS sent Khurana. And then everybody got the MMS. It’s the Shakira and Madonna video.. They are watching it. A woman says that Khurana can’t understand it. Khurana asks what does it mean?? A woman says do watch by urself. She opens the MMS from laptop. Everrybody watch the video. Khurana is shocked. Yuvraj and Samar are laughing. Suvreen is shocked and looks at Soni. And then Suvreen and Soni sees Yuvraj and Samar. Khurana looks at Samar and Yuvraj and then he goes. The man says thank you soo much girls. He says sorry to Suvreen and Soni. Soni says thank you soo much to the man. Suvren says thank you to the girl.

In the house. Samar, Suvreen, Soni, Yuvraj are sitting on the boxes and eating food. And them Samar and Yuvraj are again talking like Madonna and Shakira. Soni says the video was the best and then she says to Samar that he sent the video at the right time. Oh oh’ Suvreen gets shocked and looks at Samar. Samar says to Suvreen that is was Yuvraj’s idea. Yuvraj and Samar are again fighting. They have started fighting.. Unhappy Suvreen thinks: Why did I say about the MMS video?? They are again fighting..

Suvreen is cooking. And then Soni comes. Suvreen says to Soni that she has asked her Mum if she could stay here.. Soni asks what did she say?? Suvreen says she said no. Soni is relieved and says thank god. Suvreen asks what is ?? Soni says that they are living in a small house.. after a while Suvreen says do cook the food she has to be ready for work. And then Soni gets sad.

Yuvraj, Suvreen and Pritty are talking and then Alisha comes and says hi Suvreen and then Yuvraj says that he has to go and he goes. Suvreen is confused and thinks what happened why is yuvraj ignoring Alisha and why is Alisha saying hello to me? Yuvraj and Suvreen are holding hands. Yuvraj says that he wanted to say that before but he couldn’t now he wants to say it about Alisha. Suvreen asks what is with Alisha? And then Alisha comes and says hi Yuvraj.

Update Credit to: Naz

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