The Buddy Project 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 5th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th August 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Kisha sitting in the taxi RV had arranged for the date. . .both are playing a peak-a-boo when Kiya suddenly holds her nose n KD realizes that because of the fact that he’d stepped on the cowdung the car was filled with bad odor n immediately starts spraying a perfume but Kiya asks him to leave it. .n is abt to sneeze KD holds out his Handkerchief and Kiya ‘s like really?? she indicates towards the tissue papers which KD promptly offers he’s so lost that he offers another tissue which Kiya politely declines. .KD smiles and says in 20 mins they’d be reaching the restaurant Kiya simply smiles when the car suddenly stops with a jerk . .KD questions the reason behind the same The driver simply says will have to see. . . KD is standing outside

frustrated n to add to his frustration the restaurant managers calls n informs him that if they dont reach on time their Reservation will be cancelled . . KD again questions the car’s condition n the Driver isnt sure of the time duration. . KD is highly infuriated Kiya tries to calm him but he keeps looking at the time and is tensed and says its not a CAR but BEKAARTongue he wants his money back n kicks one of the tires… Kiya gets an idea gets out of the car n starts looking for an Auto n succeeds in stopping one.
KD looks back is is surprised at Kiya’s Actions Kiya says she doesnt wanna spoil their date n asks KD to hop in. . . once Inside the auto KD apologizes Kiya n Kiya simply holds him n rests her head on his shoulders n says the medium of transport doesnt matter its the place they are going to that matters … KD gives an address and they leave for their destiny. ..
they finally reach and the 1st thing that comes out of Kiya’s mouth is How do u know its my fav place!!
KD jokes that he didnt know Kiya liked this place they were going to. . a dhabba nearby. . it served some awesome food though the plates are generally not so clean n flies n mosquitos are quite common but who bothers abt hygiene when the food is sooo delicious . .Kiya simply nods. .
n starts walking in the direction KD had pointed KD is bemused stops Kiya n says they were going to her fav Restaurant only. .. Kiya playfully Punches KD in his stomach. .KD in turn offers his arm like a true gentleman. .n Kiya accepts itBig smile
The 2 reach the reception area n ask for their bookings …
on the other hand Anya is holding Kiya’s pic is wonders if Kiya’s lying she’s abt to give Kiya a buzz when her Phone rings n some guy offers her a deal and calls her at the same restaurant KiSha have gone for a date
another parallel to the scene was RV-Piddhi sitting together at RV ‘s place when suddenly Piddhi asks RV if he’s interested in watch BLUE FILM RV Looks on n says sure go aheadTongue
Piddhi holds out a CD n RV rises from his comfortable position with a jerk only to find the CD oF
“BLUE” filmLOLLOL. . Piddhi is confused but changes subject n says its a gud thing that they are all alone here n his Right eye is batting RV questions if he’s normal Pidhhi affirms RV asks then why is he winking at him?WinkWink
Piddhi says he’s not its happening on its own.. RV asks the significance n Piddhi offers something non-veg in his ears. . n RV Simply starts browsing the web instead. . they realize its a bad omen n immediately become worried abt KiSha Date . .
KiSha are escorted to their seats while Anya n mommy dearest reach the reception area
RV-Piddhi-Panchhi are standing by RV’s car n Panchhi feels its a stupid idea to invade KiSha date just on the basis of a superstition . .but RV-Piddhi are adamant n convince her to join in . .
KD like a true gentleman offers Kiya her seat. . .n takes his own.. . and goes on to say that 1 st of all. .. ” lets light up the date” n lights the candle placed on the table Kiya simply smiles. .
Kiya again asks how does he know her fav restaurant KD says its a heart’s connection he knows her favs without her having said it (rolls eyes. .really KD?)
Anya n Mommy dearest are right at the corner but are escorted in the opposite direction (phew)
Kiya is impressed n holds KD’s Hands gently in both of hers n passionately says a thank u. ..
time to order KiSha order for each other n Kiya ‘s surprised when KD order’s her fav food. .KD excuses himself n says once RV n himself had come here n RV had told him its good. .
(I wanna see a RanSh Date . . pretty plzTongueTongueWink)
Kiya orders Raw Meat for KD .
When Food arrives Kiya says. . “KD . . . .sooo yummy”TongueTongueWink(I sooo agreeeWinkWink)
KD blushes n says thanks. .Kiya says she’s talking abt food( but I definitely wasntWinkWink)
KD’s EmbarasedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
.n while Kiya is effortlessly having her food .. KD is having trouble using Chopsticks so much that a bit of it flies off to the neighboring table while KD apologizes the girl in ques rudely asks KD to be careful. . .KD very cutely says Sorry to Kiya n is awwwed .. .
Kiya tries teaching KD how to use chopsticks . . KD tries his level best . .finally gives up n uses Fork instead. . RV’s msg comes KD excuses himself in the name of going to the washroom. .Bumps into Anya in the way but they both are in a hurry n dont see each other
KD meets RV-Piddhi in the washroom n makes things clear to them that its their date n KD will handle it on their own
the girls Panchhi n Ruku baby are sitting in the restaurant and Panchhi’s teasing Ruku baby that why not make ait a VeeNi date here . . Ruku baby blushes and the boys join in. .
Piddhi suggests lets sneak on KD n Panchhi’s not convinced . .they reach a place whr only KD can see them and KD shoos them off. .
KiSha are in a romantic mood n Kiya asks for a click. . at the same time not far off Kiya’s mom’s attending a call but doesnt see them n vice-versa
KD finally gets up n says though he’s a bad singer but still would do it for her ..
he plays his mouth organ 1st then sings the KiSha song. . .while playing guitar. . (Haaayyye Day DreamingDay Dreaming)
Kiya joins in and they are lost in each other. .KD pulls her towards himself n they waltz together
(atleast something worth watchingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming)

Parallel scene
Buddies are in the car leaving
but the happiness n blissful feeling is short lived as Anya n Mommy dearest arrive there
KD greets them respectfully. .Mommy dearest is not in a mood to be polite. .n asks Kiya to come along the bill arrives n KD is looking at it while Mommy dearest is busy being at her sarcastic best (Censored Censored)
KD cant find his wallet ..
flash back
KD had dropped it when he’d bumped into Anya
Mommy dearest’s commentary continues. . .
she goes on to ask Anya to pay the bill
KD is feeling helpless
RV makes a grand entry n says KD u’d left ur wallet at my place. . greets Anya -Mommy dearest n leaves
when they were abt to leave RV recognizes Anya-Mommy dearest ‘s car. .n asks the others to leave
Mommy dearest taunts continue this time on KD’s dad. . .
KD’s had enough. .n just shoots back despite Kiya’s pleads he pours his Anger out like fire on Mommy dearest. . goes on to say that his dad’s an honest man n unlike her thinks of the future of both of his sons. . while Mommy dearest believes in favoritism She’d love the elder daughter more if she’s more famous n the younger if the situation is vice-versaClap
Anya ,momma dearest are disgusted and abt to leave but momma dearest stops and asks Kiya if she needs an invitation. . Kiya looks at mommy n then an angry KD

RV SAYS sab gadbad ho gayi
and asks the audience
(yup he was addressing usTongue)
if Kiya is gonna Support KD
Scenario #1
Kiya looks at KD and says go ahead Mom I had come here with KD n will go with KD only
momma dearest forcefully holds her hand and tries to drag her out. . .but KD is firmly gripping Kiya’s other arm n says he’ll drop her home(Day Dreaming Day Dreaming)
RV says looks good naa. . but what if Kiya is infuriated n leaves?
Scenario #2
Kiya aap chaliye mom. .
to KD why couldnt u just stay quiet n is abt to leave stops n says thanks for the dinner KD!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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