Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram saying that today is really special day. Priya says did you remember about this day. Ram says today is our happy anniversary and says we came to know about having the twins three months before. Priya feels bad that he didn’t remember about the special day. Vikram asks Ram to go and sleep as he will not get time for sleep after the arrival of his twins. Ram says he will go and sleep before Priya.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya tells Ram that she wants to go on a drive now. Ram says did Doctor asks you to go on a drive. Priya says doctor said that I married a mad man. Ram tells her not to get angry and decides to go to the study room. Ram says after the twins comes, then they will hardly get time to sleep. Priya asks him

to keep some yoga asan DVD’s as he is forgetting these days. Priya teases him and sings Main Kya karun Ram mujhe buddha milgaya. Ram goes to the study room but comes back, holds her hand and asks did you told me Buddha. Priya says yes, yes.. Ram finally tells her that I told you I love you on this day and gives the desciption of the saree and red lipstick. Priya gets shy and tells him to leave her hand. She takes his name Ram and says please leave my hand naa. Ram gets happy to hear his name from Priya. Priya shyly takes his name again on his insistence.

Ram and Priya smiles while the happy version of BALH plays. Ram tells her that he remembered each and every moment spent with her and he will not forget it until he is alive.

Next morning, Ram gets a dream that he tries to manage the twins alone, who keeps on crying. Priya wakes him and asks did you saw a dream. Ram says yes, I saw a dream and I saw that our twins are born and I am unable to manage them. Priya says you are punjab ka puttar and get ready. Ram says he is afraid, while Priya says she will have fun.

Priya tells Neha about Ram’s dream and asks about the pasta recipe. Neha tells her about the recipe. Priya then informs her that Ram remembered about that special date and he told her. Priya blushes. Neha asks what have you done. Priya says she will tell her when they meet. Neha says Vikram didn’t know anything about their special days. Neha tries to recollect about their special days but fails. Neha says it is oblivious that Vikram should remember everything. Neha invites Priya and Ram for the dinner. Priya says they will come.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

Bhanu comes to Natashaa’s boutique and she gets surprised to see him there. He says he is feeling hungry. He says he brought her favourite food and says you will says I love you, Bhanu you remember everything. Natasha says she is busy and asks him to go. Bhanu says can’t you do this much for me.

Scene shifts to Vikram’s house:

Neha gives him the ingredients list, he says he will not go anywhere. Neha says Ram and Priya are coming for the dinner. Neha asks him to take rest. Vikram is surprised. She asks whether he loves her. Vikram says ofcourse I love you. She says did you remember the date when you said me I love you. Vikram checks in his phone. Neha tells Vikram that Ram remember everything. Vikram escapes from her, to get the ingredients for the dinner.
Scene shifts to Natasha:

Natasha gets a call from Karthik who asks her about Chotu’s vaccination. Natasha says she gave that file. Karthik says he thought to confirm it. She checks in her phone and tells him the date of vaccination. She asks about Chotu, Karthik says he is fine. He says he is missing her very much. He asks how are you? She says it doesn’t matter to him. He asks for a chance and tells her to rethink about her decision. He says he will not cheat her or betray her and says I really love you. Natasha signals Bhanu to speak. Bhanu says what are you doing Nuts on our date, speaking with someone else darling. Karthik heard everything and cancels the call. Natasha scolds him for saying her Darling. He asks is he your ex husband. Natasha gets upset. He tries to cheer her up. He says Karthik effects you until now and says you can’t hide anythind and everything is crystal clear. Bhanu asks for their next plan. Natasha says she will throw him out after the lunch and go home. Bhanu says Neha Bhabhi called them and they need to go. She smiles. The episode ends on her cute smile.

Priya gets a call from someone, she says she is her sister in law and she will convey the message. Neha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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