Suvreen Guggal 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th April 2013 Written Update

D epi starts @ clg..wer mumma g, naro n annie all r tensed….mumma g gts a cl frm baby n asks her whether suvi hs rchd replies no..mumma g strts cryng..naro shouts tultuli..dey shud cl tultuili if suvi myt hv cld her…annie says she hs tultuli’s no n she cls tultuli too says dt she dsnt knws abt suvi…annie says dt if she gts to knw smtnhng abt suvi she shud def revert her bk..n den she hangs dwn d fne…mumma g starts cryng..annie n narro consoles mumma g……
Yuvi cls up rathi n says dt hez in d railway station bt its so crowded here dt hez helpless…no 1 hs seen suvi in d tkt counter too wen he enquired der…bt he hs made an announcemnt regardng it….rathi says dt hez gng 2 CP n tls yuvi 2 srch in d highway..bth hang dwn der fnes..

Yuvraj is drvng

srchng 4 hs topper…sudnly drz a jam in d highway n wen yuvi asks d police men wt hs hapnd??….d policemen says dt an acdnt hs occured..yuvi qstns whuz??..d policemen says dt a young clg grl f 20-21 yrs hs met wd an acdnt…Yuvi gts shocked n runs in despair towards d acdnt spot..(damn shivin is jst awsum in ds scene..d way he xpresed hs fear..)..wen he reaches der he sees no 1 der..he den asks d police whu ws dt grl..police says dt y did he wnt d bio data f dt grl..yuvi says dt hez srchng 4 his frnd whuz msng n den he shws suvi’s pic 4m his mobile n asks whether ds ws d grl..police says he dnt knw cz d grl ws tkn 2 hospital be4 dey arived..yuvi is shocked…..den his fne rings ..he rcvs n asks did u gt 2 knw smthng..othr side f d fne ws alisha….. n she asks wt 2 knw..yuvi says dt suvi is msng..alisha becms so happy…(argh!!..ds witch..shez realy gonna hit by me..)…alisha says hw irresponsible she cn b..yuvi cts her n says dt its nt suvi’s fault infct he fought wd her knwng dt shez upset…alisha says yuvi nt 2 blame hmslf..yuvi says alisha dt hez gonna tk police hlp nw 2 fnd ot suvi..alisha says dt he shld nt involve police in ds matter n y is he gtng so serious..suvi vll retrn hme n evn suvi’s parents wnt allow police to involve in ds matter..(ds lady is so cheao nvr xpected dt she vll b so…damn no wrds 4 her..)..yuvi hangs dwn hs fne..n imediately gts cl 4m mumma g…mumma g asks yuvi did he cme to knw nethng abt suvi..yuvi says dt dey hv 2 tk police hlp nw 2 srch suvi as it vll b esy 4 dem 2 fnd her as dey r only 7 f dem wch is nt wrkng ot…yuvi says nt 2 wry n aks 2 gv d fne to am1 whuz arnd her…annie takes up d fne n goes awsy 4m mumma g n asks yuvi d matter…yuvi says annie nt to panic cz jst nw an acdnt occured @ d highway n he wntd 2 chk wether its suvi bt he knws it cnt b suvi bt stil he wnts 2 chk n tels her to get mumma g too 2 d police station..n hang dwn d fne..mumma g asks annie y is she cryng…annie consoles mumma g nt 2 wry n hugs her..yuvi cls up rathi also 2 d police station…

Evryone is in d police station…police men says yuvi 2 file a complaint n den dey vll strt wrkng on d case…yuvi asks d policemen regardng d accdnt wch hapnd in d highway…d policemen says dt yes n d grl is no mre..evryone gts shocked..mumma g almst faints..yuvi hols her n makes her sit on a chair n gvs water…yuvi asks d police men whu ws d grl..d man says dt d grl hs no id proof, mobile nthng so its vry dificlt to idntify her..yuvi remembers dt mumma g hd tld hm dt suvi hs lft hme wdot caryng nethng..nt evn purse n mobile..yuvi asks cn he identify d body…d police says dt d body hs been tkn 2 hospital n dey cn go der n do d identification…

Evryone waitng tensed otside d hospital…d ambulance arrives…wardboys brng ot a dead bdy covered wd white sheet..d police men asks yuvi 2 identify d body..mumma g cldnt luk @ d bdy cz f fear…den yuvi goes near 2 d dead bdy..d man pulls off d sheet frm d dead bdy..yuvi is tensed bt den is relieved 2 c dt its nt suvi…d dead bdy is tkn mumma g starts cryng n shoutng suvi…yuvi runs n hold her n says dt aunty its nt suvi..suvi is fyn..its nt suvi..mumma g hugs yuvi n cries n asks..den werz my suvi..yuvi tensed n worried..

Nxt scene…suvi opens her eyes n sees dt shez in a mid f a jungle..her mouth ties wd a cloth,,n her hands too tied to a tree…she shts 4 hlp bt no1 listns her..she tries to free herslf frm d loop bt she cldnt…epi ends..(gosh it ws a kind f heart attack wala epi..)…

no precap

Update Credit to: shivinrocks

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