The Buddy Project 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th April 2013 Written Update

ICC. KD and Piddi are together. KD asks Piddi what’s he looking for and Piddi tells him he was looking for their suspension notice. He didn’t see that but he saw their future. KD asks what does he mean by that and Piddi says that JJ won’t post a notice, he’d call them all and make them sit face to face. Then, he’d make a poster out of them and post them on the boards for everyone to see. Piddi’s words hit home with KD and he seems nervous.

RV walks in the corridor but stops from going further. Kiya comes behind him and asks doesn’t he want to go to class? He replies that after last night’s incidents, they should just go to Siberia but he’s sure, JJ would even reach there. Kiya says nervously could it be that JJ joined ICC and RV flinches hearing this (RV has his classic dumbfounded expressions on his face! The one I love so much! The one only Kunal can come up with! ) He is nervous and says he’s too scared to find out. Just then, Panchi comes behind them and sneaks away hiding her face but RV notices her. He calls for her but she makes a cross with her fingers over her head, indicating she doesn’t want to talk and rushes off. Kiya suggests that they should do as well or they’ll be late. RV agrees that they can’t be late, after all they are the hosts. Host of funeral, their funeral. He is scared out of his wits and walks off but before that, he touches the ground and kisses it (the way you do before going inside a temple or some grand stage or somewhere holy)

Class going on but Piddi is more interested in the closed door. Just then, the door opens and JJ comes in with a hockey stick in his hand and shouts out Piddi’s name! He jumps up the table and reaches Piddi and starts beating him with the stick. He makes him chase to the teacher’s table and starts spanking him. Piddi is crying out in agony. Then realization occurs that it’s all just a daydream and no one is beating Piddi. Yeah, but his head is on the teacher’s table and the cries are real. The class is laughing seeing this and KD, who was too busy taking notes, didn’t realize Piddi’s absence. The teacher is shouting at Piddi while Piddi is screaming in agony. They have a shouting contest before Piddi calms down and teacher scolds him for making a ruckus in class. KD rushes to Piddi’s aid and apologizes to the teacher. They take back their seats and KD hides his face in embarrassment while Piddi is only interested in knowing how he got at the teacher’s table? KD shuts him down and the lecture continues. Just then, door opens and Sophia enters. Seeing her, Piddi ducks down and hides beneath the desk. Sophia asks the teacher for a moment and starts showing him some papers. Kiya wonders if their suspension letter is out and RV silently assures her that all is well.

Sophia goes and from the paper, teacher calls out Ranveer’s name. Ranveer doesn’t immediately stand up but when Teach calls again, he does. Teach asks him if he has a special interest in Radio and RV has this dumbfounded expression on his face. Teach says it’s written in his form. RV breathes a sigh of relief and tells that he used to be a RJ in school. Teach is impressed and says they can do special projects in class. Relieved, RV sits down.
Avi is with his cronies in cafe and wonders how come no action was done after the fiasco. Chintu affirms this saying there has been no notice, no announcement. Dean is locked with the new entry in the office. Crony1 wonders who this guy is Crony2 wonders why he was the CG? Avi says that’s not important, what’s important is knowing what they are talking about.

Dean is suggesting that the culprits should either be suspended or called for a good ol’ fashioned scolding. JJ is busy playing Temple Run on his phone and isn’t impressed by Dean’s suggestions. Dean continues, had he been in army he would’ve court-martialed half the lot and sent the other half to Antarctica. JJ asks this is something he has done before, right? Dean says no, he hasn’t sent anyone to Antarctica yet. JJ elaborates that he was referring to the stuff he was saying before the army talk. Dean says proudly yes, he has given scolding sessions before. JJ looks up and asks did it ever work before and Dean shakes his head. JJ closes the game and says that he has been hired to sort this mess and he wants to do it in his own way. Dean won’t question, won’t interfere. He has signed a contract and it’s an agreement. Dean wants to say something but JJ doesn’t let him and just asks him to relax. Dean sits back in his chair in a helpless manner while JJ vows that it’s time for”them”to sweat.

Omi with his Cs walking through a silent corridor. He asks them can they hear the sound? The South-Indian Translator Guy (TG) asks what sound? Omi elaborates, the sound of silence. Of the silencer that the Dean and administrator have hung around their necks. Omi wonders how come everything is so normal. There’s definitely something fishy here! Chintu is standing there and he agrees. Omi greets him saying that he hardly has one chin but his name is Chin-Two! And tells him to start his FM and give all the news. Chintu says that even Avi and Ds think that something is wrong. Omi gets serious but then jokes that they way Chintu has managed to be in the good books of both the groups will someday bring trouble to him. He’s here then he’s there. Chintu smiles that he gets money here, he gets money there. He likes Omi’s toffees and he likes Avi’s chocolates as well and goes away, still laughing. Omi says something is definitely up, this is the calm before the storm.
Class is over and Buddies get out. RanSh come face to face and they both clench their fists in anger. Kiya drags RV away but he keeps looking back at KD.
RV finally gets hold of Panchi. He says that he’s been wanting to talk to her for so long. He then asks her whether she was performing for those Chillars? Panchi rebukes him and asks him not to say that word, it’s not nice. RV asks him and what about ditching your friends, that’s nice? Panchi retorts saying can she ask him if he had any contribution in throwing the mud over her last night? RV is shocked that she could even think such a thing! Panchi clarifies that’s why she asked”can she”ask him about it, she didn’t ask yet. Because she trusts him completely, he doesn’t. Another thing, she doesn’t know whether he had any contribution in that mud thingy or not but one thing is for sure, it’s all because of his low IQ retarded fights. So, somewhere he is responsible. Just then, Sophia comes and informs Panchi that Dean has called for her so she should go fast. Panchi gives one last hurt look to YaRa and leaves.
Panchi opens the door of Dean’s office and sees that it’s empty. Then, she notices JJ standing there. Seeing him, she gets overwhelmed and runs towards him. She puts her head on his chest and starts crying. JJ takes out his hand from the pocket to console her but stops and puts it back in ( )

JJ asks her to tell him everything She tells him about the farewell. Kiya siniging on the stage and meanwhile the MMS being spread.
She tells him that RV and Kiya holds KD responsible.
She tells Avi and Omi and JJ tells something ( Didn’t catch that)
She finally tearfully asks JJ whether he will put everything right again.
JJ looks at her thoughtfully and then Panchi leaves
Next Scene
JJ is descending the staircase with Sophia behind him
He says that he knows KD will not spread this MMS
Sophia asks what MMS ? but JJ cuts
saying both the teams wanted to participate n none of them wanted to start d fight first
there’s a missing piece of d puzzle here
Sophia asks Does he think there’s a 3 rd person involved here?
will he try to find d 3rd person?
JJ says it doesnt matter that there’s a 3rd person involved or not
the fact is its KiShaRa MU due of their lack of trust on each other!!
n now its tym to correct it
Next scene
YaRa telling Avi-Avanti abt. JJ
n Avanti being her own chirpy self
rhats when Avi realizes Avanti was missing from d battlefield
he asks her how come she wasnt there when she is one of d most likely person to be in such scenes
She says she had her own share of fun. .
Avi takes her in a corner n asks her if she was d 1 to lock KiSha up in d girl’s washroom
She says she was helping him in her own way!!
they come back n Sophia comes in to inform RV that He’s called in d office
RV reaches d spot only to find KD standing there
d 2 give each other their signature tashan Look
n come closer to each other
when they hear the door being slammed d 2 look @ eachother n then @ JJ who locks d door n makes a grand entry
he opens a bisleri bottle in style n chews on his food . while RanSh exchange confused looks
JJ asks them to answer his questions in a simple Yes or No
Do u hate each other ??
KD says sab iski galti hai RV retorts d same
JJ repeats his ques emphasising on each word
they agree
JJ appreciates their honesty n says they deserve an award
RanSh exchange looks
JJ says he’s gonna give them an opportunity to fight wid each other till their hatred for each other ends
he hands them Boxing gloves n says as soon as he rings the bell they shud start d fight n stop d fight when he rings d next tym

Kar jaa le ya mar ja le BG
RanSh Fighting like Crazy
n JJ super Angry ringing d bell in rage
all the buddies surrounding them But RanSh are in their own world fighting
both wounded badly
( I m simply Speechless. .. its breath taking Manav Sir-Kunal- Fahad NAILED it )
– Mais + Rads
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Update Credit to: blue_Orchid

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