2612 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 5th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 5th April 2013 Written Update

A box is handed over by a boy to a person in that kitchen. Malti and Rashmi just finish their shopping. Rashmi sees that college boy she had followed the other day. He is talking to some man in a car. Rashmi starts taking a video recording of that scene. Malti asks Rashmi what she is doing. Rashmi and Malti go home. Bidisha is really angry at the words of Anand Swami. She says ‘I am the best’. Bidisha is recalling some old memories. Randeep is there and they talk about how good a team they are. Bidisha calls Randeep. He cuts her phone. Randeep is with some people whom he has allotted to act as policemen.

Rashmi is at home. She seems worried. Bidisha is calling Randeep but he doesn’t pick up. She gets a call from her mom. Her mom asks her how she is. Bidisha gets emotional while telling her mother that Randeep is going to marry. Randeep is with a goon at a dhaba. When that good goes, he messages those fake policemen to come where he is. Musa comes to that dhaba. Randeep is sure that that person isn’t Musa.

Rashmi is looking at a pic of hers and Randeep. Malti comes and tells Rashmi not to worry about Randeep and his ex-girlfriend. Rashmi says she feels as if she’s coming in between both of them. Matli suggest Rashmi to tell Bidiisha that now only she ( Rashmi ) is in Randeep’s life.

Hearing the siren of the police, all the goons leave. Musa and Randeep are caught. Randeep fights the policemen. After everyone is injured, Musa punches Randeep on his face. When Randeep gains consciousness, Musa is in front of him. The person whom Randeep called “Musa” says that he isn’t Musa. He points at some other person and says that he is Musa. Randeep says he wants to do business with Musa. Musa says that he wants proof from him that he isn’t some one from the police. Randeep says that he’ll prove it.

A boy ( the one whom Rashmi had taken a video of ) is at the school canteen. Rashmi asks if she can sit with him. He lets her sit. Rashmi has a talk with him. That boy gets a call.He picks it up and says “Hey mom!”. Then he says that he can’t hear her and he goes away some where else. Rashmi suspects that how come the call was of his mother? Because when the call came, it was written “Unknown caller” in the caller ID.

Musa says that he doesn’t believe in anyone so soon. He says that he’ll test Randeep. If Randeep passes, then he’ll think of having him in his team. Musa shows Randeep a pic of Anand Swami and tells Randeep to kill him. He hands him over a gun too.

Precap: Randeep calls Anand Swami and tells him to meet him at a place. That place is a deserted place. Randeep tells Anand Swami that he’ll have to kill him to get into the gang of Musa. Randeep points a gun at Anand Swami and shoots him..

Update Credit to: chand1234

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