Suvreen Guggal 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with RC telling Ira about his diary… Ira tells him it was her fault she shouldn’t have read his personal diary… Ira tells RC she has sorted her life out now… she tells RC she has no right to judge him whatever feelings he has its his own choice he can talk to whoever he likes do whatever he likes end of the day its his life… Ira says she is his friends its her job to support him she will always support him in whatever he does… Ira says let all this go and she tells RC she will meet him later.. Ira leaves.

RC says he wants to talk to Ira but she doesn’t want to talk…Preity asks Vikram where is Suvreen… he says yeah I saw her she’s in office… Preity says why isnt Suvreen at her desk… RC again thinks about Vivaans words he is very confused then he sees old letter of Ira where she has written down if they are single till 30 they will get married… RC remembers how Ira helped him with Iris and then how she confessed she loves him… he also remmebers all the interns telling him how Ira has changed… RC thinks about Ira and himself.
Preity finally finds Suvreen and tells her that there is some freelancing work for her a rockband wants Pepper to design their clothes.. Preity tells she fixed the meetign with them for 1pm… Preity tells her they were praising Suvreen loads… Suvreen says she has a lot of work she dont know how she will manage… Preity says she only needs to do styling for the rockband.. Suvreen says ok she will do it.

Yuvraj is very excited he tell Suvreen he heard that someone from the AD agency is coming with the copy of the campaign its the launch on Friday.. Suvreen says thats great… Yuvraj says he is very nervous he then tell Suvi to ask Maddy for the poster print Suvi says ask yourself… Yuvi says he cant he remembers his old convo with Maddy.. he tells Suvi to ask.. Suvi says Alisha… Alisha says Hi to both Yuvreen they both ignore her Suvi says she has a lot of work on her desk and Yuvraj says he has a meeting.

Vikram is jealous seeing Geeti and Rohan…Ira is in a meeting.. RC comes there and tells Ira he needs to talk to her about some important assignment… Ira tells RC to see the designs these lot have made… RC says very nice he tells Ira he needs to talk to her about something urgent…Ira tells RC she needs to finsih the meeting then give briefing to Suvreen so she could do the presentation… they will talk later…Ira leaves.

Trishna asks Preity about Vikram and Geeti break up… Trishna says she is going to Jodhpur her Mom is ill she tells Preity to keep eye on Rohan she says that Geeti likes Rohan… after few mins Rohan comes there he says he will miss Trishna lots she says she will miss him too…both hug each other… Preity leaves from there.

RC bumps into Yuvraj… RC says to Yuvraj if he has seen Ira…Yuvraj says no he hasnt… RC then says Ira must be with Suvreen… RC says were you with Suvreen to Yuvraj… Yuvi says yeah he was…he then says who do you want to talk to Ira or Suvreen… he says will give his message to Suvreen… RC says No he wants to talk to Ira about something…Yuvraj leaves.. RC says Yuvi is so stressed just because of his one mistake he goes I hope everything goes normal soon.
RC ask Preity where Ira is… Preity says dress room.. RC goes there Ira isnt there RC asks Geeti where Ira is she says she isnt here she just went… Ira is interacting with all the interns in the office… RC is waiting patiently to talk to her.. RC then tell Ira he wants to take her out to Lunch… Ira says ok after 2 more things left to do we will go just then Ira recieves a phone she tells RC she cant have lunch with him she will have lunch with him tomorrow for today he will have to have lunch alone… RC is very disappointed an annoyed… Ira leaves. RC says he will take Ira out somewhere so they can discuss everything.. RC says he will ask Preity she might be able to suggest something… Preity is talking about some band… RC gets the idea that he will take Ira to see the band and leaves.

Suvreen says what excuse will she give to RC so she could leave early… just then Alisha comes with poster of Yuvraj.. Suvreen says wow… Alisha says she heard Yuvreen talk about the poster so she asked Samar to give her.. she tells Suvreen she is sorry (I dont believe the witch) she tells her not to tell Yuvraj that she got the poster.

Yuvraj comes there he says to Suvreen if she isnt busy he want to talk to her… Suvreen goes with Yuvraj.. Suvi tells Yuvraj Alisha was saying sorry you didnt let her speak and Yuvraj says so… RC books a table for him and Ira on Friday.

Yuvraj is very happy seeing his poster he says this is awesome… Suvi says its more than awesome… Yuvraj says when they hang this poster on Friday he wants Suvi to be with him…Suvi says yeah I will be there first we will see poster then I will go to the pub for the freelancing meeting.. Yuvi hugs Suvi says topper you’re the best… Yuvi says I have to go now show the poster to Rathi he will start dancing seeing it Yuvraj leaves excitedly. Suvi says she will have to manage and be there for Yuvi victory… she says Pepper victory is on the same day where she meets Magic band.. who shall I choose… Topper or Pepper. (is that even a question to ask obviously topper)

Precap- Suvreen styles the bands clothes… Preity and Suvi leave Suvi says I thought we would get caught today.. just then they see Ira

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Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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