Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Police station
Angad and gugi get soham out of the jail, by getting his bail approved. Angad ask the lawyers if they can take soham home. The lawyer says that they can. They happily take soham out of the station. As they step out, they help sohan , who’s very weak and bruised. angad asks if he doesnt want to go home, and whats he thinking. Soham asks about the money, but angad diverst the topic. He says that he would go to the lawyer and asks gugi to place him in the car. He asks the same question to gugi, and he tells soham everything. soham is shocked on hearing the truth. gugi says thast rajji really is concerned for him, and whatever mayeb the relation, friend or wife, but she really is concerned most. He tries to make soham see rajji’s dedication for him. He says that rajji is a very nice girl, as even after hearing all that she has to, she’s still trying to take her position in the family. He urges soham to get close to her. soham says that he cant as he cant love her, and the way that she has taken wont lead her anywheer, and hencfe she wants her to take the other path. He says that he cant stop loving bani, and hence rajji would have to stop.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s and parmeet’s place
Bani, from the room, overhears the family preparing and thinking about plans for jas’s marriage. She thinks that all are so happy, and wonders how to tell them, but then thinks that this is inevitable. Desho says that if the had hurried jas’s wedding, then bani would have been able to be in it, and then leave off for Canada. While all are thinking that bani is just a guest for as couple more days, bani is unable to bring forth this matter to her family, as she isnt able to see them get this tragic shock. She gets manpreet’s call, and hopingly picks it up. She breaks into tears, picking up the phone. Manpreet assk her not to cry. She says that it wont solve the problems, and says that she understands what she’s going through. She says that she would come to her to talk to her and her family, and make them understand. She asks for bani’s forgiveness. Bani is distraught. Manpreet too cancels the call. she is however tensed to see dadaji hearing all this. He asks her not to go, as bani would herself do so. He leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Gugi and angad get soham home. Buaji comes to comfort him, but soham flin ches in pain. Buasji is appalled at his condition. simran ask rajji to take him inside. As soham is groggy, rajji carries him on her shoulders, rending her support and takes him inside the room. Simran asks if buaji still feels that rajji isnt capable of being a good wife to soham, and take care of him. Buaji is speechless. angad too asks her that nothing more is needed, as rajji has passed the test. simran asks for her answer.

Inside, rajji seats soham on th bed, and begins addressing to his wounds, while he flinches at first, but then gives in to it. He remembers gugi’s words, and sees rajji and asks why is she doing all this, and what was the need, and why does she not leave him on her own. she says that she isnt doing a favour, but is repaying back for what he did for her sister, bani and her family.

But before buaji can answer, rajji comes out and is asked where is she going. Rajji replies that she’s going to get Haldi mixed milk for soham. They are pleased to see such dedication. Buaji comes to her and facing rajji, is about to say something, when she is stopped by the matchmaker who barges in unannounced, demanding for sweets, as she has brought a good news. Buaji ask whats it. The matchmaker hesitatingly tells buaji, that the girl’s family that she had wanted to talk to, for soham, has approved of their marriage. Rajji hearing all this, is confused. She also adds that they dont have a problem that soham is already married, and from their side its a definite yes. Rajji is distraught while angad and simran are shocked to hear this. Buaji smiles confused, about what should she be doing now. She sees rajji very upset. Buaji asks the matchmaker to do just what she tells her, and that she would decide whats right and whats wrong for this family. She asks the matchmaker to fix a date when they can see the girl. The matchmaker agrees and leaves, saying that she would confirm over the phone. As she leaves, buaji is faced by a barrage of questions bu angad and simran, as to why is she doing this when she knows that this is wrong. buaji says that she would decide whats right and wrong. Angad asks what about rajji. Buaji says that she would think about soham over rajji. Angad goes to rajji’s defence, saying that she too is a part of this family now, and says that this is enough now. Buaji says that she would still test her another ten days. She accepts that rajji has proved herself, but not in all areas. She says that even if in the next ten days, she isnt able to win over Soham’s heart, then her descision would be final. She says that even if rajji passes all tests, the final say would be soham’s and if he doesnt want, then rajji would have to leave. She says that she wont go to see the prospective bride for the next ten days.

The matchmaker is stopped by rajji. She is very tensed seeing rajji. She tries to defend herself saying that she didnt know that buaji was searching a girl for soham. Rajji says that her parents dont know whats happening here, and asks her not to disclose this to them. The matchmker agrees. Rajji says that she has ten days, and after that this wont be needed. She apologises to rajji, for always bringing trouble to her life, first by amreek and now this. Rajji says that she isnt at fault, as she cant change someone’s destiny as this is her cursed fate, and maybe one day, she actually can turn the tables around, and win over soham and rajji. She says that if its destined, then they would be together. the matchmaker blesses her for her resolve, and leaves. Rajji too says to herself that everything would be alright as she would prove herself. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Desho asks bani if she has had a talk with her in laws, and if they have returned back. bani lies that they havent. She asks why is desho asking that. Desho tells that nirvel and her husband are going to invite soham’s family to jas’s wedding tomorrow and thought whether they should also finsih this work at her in laws’ place too. Bani is shocked, thinking that if they go to her in laws’, then they shall know everything.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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