Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th September 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with Raghu congratulating Arshad at his shop for his marriage. But Arshad said that there is no such thing is happening. There Antara in Aaji’s room was talking to mami that they have to do something as if Noor aapa has decided something then its very dificult to change her mind. Antara disconnected the call. Raghu enters thw room and started. He said that Antara only has diverted Noori Anty’s mind from marriage. Thats why she has said no Arshad.Antara tries to say something but Eaghu didnt let her say anything. He further asks her one bad thing about Arshad, as he is like a butter and he is very nice. He said Arshad is a perfect man for marriage. Antara was trying to say bt Raghu didnt let her. He was so hyper. He said why Antara always points finger on

him and make him shut.. Antara finally raises her voice and said that noor aapa is also very good,she is very good as a perfect wife. Raghu says Noor as yedi as Antara.

They decides to make some plan. Both started giving weird ideas. Raghu says he will ask Arshad to make a cake of shape os paan. And go to Noori aunty. But Antara got confused with paan bt Raghu clears it as he mean it as heart. Antara denies as she said that noor aapa is not a 17 year girl who will be happy after all this. Then aAntara suggest that Noor aapa likes songs so if Arshad could sing something. To this Raghu refused as once Arshad sang a song then everybody went away and he was alone singing with no one listening. Then they both came to a conclusion to write a letter with some shayari. Raghu said that this is a good idea as it will spread raita mohobat.

Antara took a paper n Raghu gave her a fountain pen which was not working. So he asked her to shake it. He took the pen n shaked but ink got into Antara’s eyes. Antara started saying that its all because of him but Raghu grabbed her mouth n start helping her by removing the ink. Bg started. They got back to reality n Raghu said that he will write . Antara tries to look into what he is writing bt he says her to look afterwards. He gave her the letter . She was so confused reading it. Raghu took it from her n starts reading.
“Bheje me mere baat aayi, to jee bola bata doo,
mere jee,mera gurda, mera kidni sab tension me ,
Kya item hai, I LOVE U… Matlab I Love u.”

Antara got irritated and start walking out. Raghu followed her by saying that he know one more of gulab.. Seeshi bhari gulab ki…
Antara said that by readimg this poem if a girl wants to say yes then also she will say no. They both saw shop os arshad. N they again make some plan with muchmach. Raghu went to Arsha’s shop and ask for paw n all paws in his shop. Arshad was confused.

Antara, mami n geeta were trying to make noor aapa understand that Arshad is a good guy and she should marry him but Noor was adament. Antara in a low voice said where these people have left. Then only they appeared with a stack of paws. Raghu told everyone that Arshad was leaving the place n closing his shop. They also said that he was looking very upset. Muchmach says that looking at these paw, we can make paw day. N looking at Arshad his heart was singing sad songs like sheela ki jawani, babuji. Raghu asked him to keep control.

Machmach n Antara left by saying that she has to go to Aaji. Raghu stayed back and asked Noor aapa to make chai. N asked her to make kahwa bt by mistake he said it as pauwa.

There Machmach n Antara went to Arshad and said that the shop name is so weird. But He said that its on his mom’s name but the starting letter is missing. They insisted him to make it correct at the same time as his mom’s soul will feel bad. But Arshad told them that with god’s grace his mom is alivee. Machmach said that then she will also feel bad even more. Machmach bring a ladder n asked him to climb. When Arshad reached some heights then they ran awY. Raghu was waitinv for them. They in a hurry came n told that Arshad is so upset that he is going to try something bad. Noor aapa got tensed n ran. They all also ran behind her.

Noor aapa furiously ask Arshad to come down. She shaked the ladder. Arshad said that he loves thats the reason he is going such thing. Noor aapa said that whats this that he is acting like a kid. She further said that he has to come down as she has given him her kasam. Antara said to noor aapa that he is so upset that he will not come down. Finally noor aapa said that she is ready for nikah. Arshad came down. Everybody was happy. Arshad clears noor’s misunderstanding that he was doing his mom’s name correct.

Everyone starts hugging each other. Raghu n Antara came in front of each other with open arms and then back uncomforfortably. Bg started.

Precap: machmach asking raghu to tell antara the truth n antara appeared n asked what truth.

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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