Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram charan teja and Priyanka chopra arriving to the conference venue. They are welcomed by Vikram. Vikram says Ram is on the way. Ram charan and Priyanka speaks about the beti foundation and says we shall take an oath to protect our daughters. Journalist asks questions to Priyanka and Ram charan. They speaks about their character in the film. Both of them talk about their film Zanjeer and says it is not a remake of the original Zanjeer. They asks their fans to watch their film in the theatre. Priyanka asks about Ram Kapoor. Vikram says he is on the way. Priyanka thanks Vikram and asks him to convey her message to Ram Kapoor. Ram comes and Vikram says Priyanka has just left. Ram says he got late because Pihu went to Prom party and he was recording her. Ram is invited on stage. Ram says he had three daughters. He says his daughters are sweet and naughty. They are his ego and respect. He says my daughters are my respect. Varun says Mr. Kapoor’s respect is at stake because Pihu is in love with me.

Pihu’s friend comes and greets her. Pihu remembers that she had left her phone in the car. He friend says what if your mom read your sms and call list. pihu says she is smart and saved Varun’s number on her name. Teacher comes and asks Pihu, where were you going. Pihu lies that something spill on her clothes and therefore she is going to change it. Teacher asks her to come fast. Meanwhile Ram is speaking about the girl child and says daughter’s never break your trust. Meanwhile Pihu is seen removing her dress. Ram says daughters never break the promise. Pihu removes the shawl. Ram says you will never feel sorry to have a daughter, because she won’t let your head low. Varun comes and Pihu says you are here. I didn’t change it. He says I thought you need my help. Varun gets close but Pihu asks him to go and says it is not right. Varun says I thought you love me, Pihu says yes, but we can wait naa. Varun says for what? Varun says you are talking like behenji. You never want to grow and wants to be with your mom and dad. You don’t have the courage to do anything. you dont have any identity. You will always think about your mom and dad. He asks her to go to her mom and dad. Pihu stops him and says I am ready. Pihu says she loves him a lot but don’t want to upset him. Varun says he don’t want to force her and if she wants, he will go from this house. Pihu says she is ready. Varun says whatever will happen now, will be with your consent. Pihu says yes but what if anyone comes. Varun says dont worry I will lock the room. He goes to lock the room but instead let the door unlocked. he calls his friends and says film is going to start and asks them to come upstairs.

He comes to Pihu. Pihu holds his hand and says I will do whatever you says. Meanwhile Ram is saying that trust is very important, it is very important to trust your daughter. Pihu says but please don’t leave me. Varun says never. Ram says if we wants to know about our daughter then we have to trust them. Ram says daughter’s bring the lights to their homes. Pihu hugs Varun, Varun closes the light and asks do you love me. Pihu says I love you and I can do anything for you. Varun asks are you sure? Pihu says I am sure and I am willingly want to do this.

Priya comes and asks about Pihu. Her friend says that Pihu went to change the dress. Priya goes towards the room. Priya hears Varun’s friend speaking about Varun with some girl. They says that Varun won’t leave that girl tonight. Priya is shocked. Varun starts off with saying I love you to Pihu. Pihu says I love you too. He gets close to her. Priya comes and opens the lights. She asks what is happening here? Pihu and Varun are shocked. Pihu says she didn’t do anything and Varun was trying to rape her. Varun was shocked. Priya slaps him as she had belief Pihu again. Varun says Pihu is lying. Varun says he didn’t force her. Priya hits him badly and says my daughter isn’t lying. Ram gets appraisals for his speech. Ram says his wife and daughter’s are his strength. Ram says he gives the credit to his wife and that’s why he became a good businessman. Ram says he wants his daughter’s to be like their mom. Priya gets hyper and says she will call Ram.

Everyone from the party comes to the room and witness the scene. Varun says he didn’t do anything. Principal says let him speak. Priya says he was trying to rape my daughter. Varun says we both love each other. Priya says she knows how to handle him. Priya calls Ram and asks him to come fast to Pihu’s prom night. She asks him to come soon. Varun says he was about to go but Pihu stops him. He says your daughter loves me. Priya looks at Pihu. Varun urges Pihu to tell the truth as it is a matter of his life. He will be destroyed if he goes to Jail. Varun says everytime your daughter lied to you when we meet. Priya asks her to tell the truth. Pihu says he was saying sorry and got a dress for me. She says I pushed him 10 days but he was forcing me. She says I complained about him three times and I won’t love him. He was after me. Varun is shocked and says Pihu is lying.

Priya says everything is clear now. Pihu cries, Ram comes and says are you okay. He says your papa came and Pihu hugs him. Ram holds him angrily by his collar and asks how dare you? Principal comes and asks Ram to leave him. He says police is on the way. Ram says he will make sure that he will go to jail and never come out. He says, You will be finished. Pihu looks on while crying.

Lady constable says they have to take Pihu for the medical examination. Pihu cries and says to Priya that she don’t want to go there and wants to go home instead. Priya says ok, and asks her to relax. Meanwhile Neha and Vikram comes there. Priya looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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