Suvreen Guggal 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins in Mumbai.. Suvi asks Yuvraj where they are going. She asks him for the name of the place. He says: “Charnat”..
And then a song is playing.. (I don’t know the name of that song) They have fun with visiting mumbai by car. And then the song still plays.. they are going to buy something. Suvi tries sunglasses.. They are going hand in hand.. And then they are sitting in the car again. After a while they get off of the car and going hand in hand near the sea.. Yuvi takes photos of Suvi. (She looks so beautiful) And then they both are taking photos of them.. And then the song finished.. Suvi looks at the place and says: “Jannat”.. She asks him: Did you come here before?? He says that she was in mumbai but not at the place. And then they going HAND IN HAND to the car.. Yuvi says that he likes valentines days.. After a while he holds suvis hand… and says: Today is the best day ever.. I don’t mind if it won’t be a special day or valentines day..
In the next scene Zorro and Annie are dancing together.. (ZoNie) A nice song is playing (but I don’t know the name of that song) After a while Annie’s phone rings.. Suvi puppa.. Suvi’s pappa asks Annie : Where are you guys?? and he says that Alisha told him that they are not at Alisha’s home.. He asks where is suvi? Annie says that Suvi phone is not working that’s because she didn’t phone him. He asks to talk to her. Annie says that she is not there. Puppa guggal asks where she is.. She says that she is there but she is in Naro’s washroom. She says that she will tell her that he called her and that she will call him back.. He says that he is waiting..And then they hang up.. Back to YuvReen.. Yuvraj’S phone rings.. he asks why Zorro is calling him.. Zorro says that there is a problem. He says that Suvis puppa called him .. She says: Omg.. he will be angry.. Zorro says that he is already angry.. And then he says that she has to call him. Yuvi says : NO tension.. He will clear everything.
In the next scene Vivaan is watching Rehan.. He says that he wants to play with him.. But Rehan says that he will not play the stupid game. Vivvan sits on RC’s lap. After a while the door is ringing. RC opens the door. But nobody is there. And then he sees a gift in the floor. He takes it. And then Vivaan comes and takes it from RC.. and says: Wooww dude.. your favourite coffee and your favourite chocolate. He asks: Who gave it?? and then Rehan takes the gift from Vivaan and says that he doesn’t know who gave him. And then he says: No no.. this can not be her.. and then he smiles.. He says that she is really in delhi but how?? Vivaan thinks that RC has 100% secrets.. Back to Puppa guggal.. He is waiting for the call of Suvreen. And then his phone rings.. He says: Annie tum? but it’s Suvi.. She says that her phone is not working. He asks why they didn’t go to Alisha?? And then the driver is talking about the money.. Puppa asks: what is happening there?? Suvi goes out of the car and says that there were some people in hostel and talked.. She says that Naro is not well. He asks what happened? She says that Naro has foot pain. Zorro and Annie are laughing.. He asks: Should I come there?? She says that they are going to hospital. And she says that she will stay at hospital. He says that he will pick her. She asks: Why?? there are Yuvraj, Rathi, Mannu and Zorro for pick.. And then she corrects herself: for drop.. And then they hang up.. And then Zorro says to Suvi.. Thank god..Annie asks where the lovebirds are.. ( I mean where they are) She says: MUMBAI! Zorro and Annie get shocked.. Annie says don’t tell me.. and then she corrects herself and says: Tell me everything Zorro says that they have to enjoy it.. They will ask all the questions when they come.. and then they hang up. Annie says: OMG.. Mumbai.. how romantic is that.. Back to YuvReen.. Suvi asks yuvi for phone Alisha.. Suvi phones Alisha. Alisha says: Yuvraj.. why you didn’t call me.. And then Suvi says that she is phoning her. She says that Yuvi is with her and that they are enjoying it.. Alisha gets angry.. Alisha asks where they are. At that time Yuvi is doing anything with Suvis earring.. Suvi says to Yuvi: what are you doing?? stop it! And then Alisha gets angry again and hang up.. Yuvi says no problem if she hanged up.. And then she asks when their flight is.. At that time they noticed that they are late.. Yuvi is talking on the phone.. the man says that he can only give a ticket for tomorrow morning. Suvi talks on the phone too. she talks with Annie. She got afraid.. And then Yuvi comes to Suvi.. Suvi asks: Did you find any ticket?? He says yes but there is a problem. The flight is for tomorrow morning. She can’t believe it. She is in tension again. Back to Puppa guggal. His phone rings. Suvreen is on the phone. She says that Naro is not well. She asks for staying in hostel. And then Annie says that they need Suvi.. He says ok. And they hang up.
Yuvi says that he said it that everything will be ok. She says that nothing is ok. She gets up and says that he will not understand it.
Back to Rehan… He is talking on the phone with a girl.. He says that he will meet her soon. And then they hang up.
In the next scene Yuvi is walking behind Suvi. He holds her hand and says ENOUGH. She says: Leave my hand!! After a while she bits his hand.. (so funny yaar)

PRECAP: Yuvi and Suvi are in college. Yuvi holds Suvi’s hand and says that she has lie to her dad.. Suvi says that she can not do it. She will tell everything to her dad.. He asks why she is like this.. Suvi says: If you have any problems with me why do you love me then?? And then she goes.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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