Hitler Didi 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 4th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Idu messing and throwing everything in SN.Indur tries to console her but in vain she pushes him away and he falls on Meher.
She continues to throw everything Munna and Vanraj also tries to calm her but It is Rishi who’s able he asks everyone to leave as he needs to talk alone with Indu.
Indira tells Kabir if he has her changed way of dressing and Babli says not to worry as kabir brought her clothes.
Rishi is trying to explain to Indu and tells her not to call Indira mom.She gets angry and cuts his hand.Meanwhile Indira Babli and Kabir who were directing towards the roof room see what happened and Indira tells Indu not to misbehaved with her father.She tells Indu she hopes that she find her mom soon.
They are all going to the roof room and Babli stumbles on the stairs Indira very affectionately kisses Babli and tells her she’ll help her this leave Indu and Rishi sad.
Rishi tries to pacify Indu and hugs her as she’s lots crying.

Munna and Sunaina are talking about Indira.Munna says he’s not so happy with Indira getting well. The same convo is going on between Indur and Kutumbh and she tells what will happen if ever Kabir takes away Indira to Lahore,they will have to take care of all the expenses.Indur says yes the three of them will take care.Kutumbh asks three? Indur says Meher also will be with them and he checked both her beauty and bank balance all zara money are in Meher name…they will use it.
Sunaina eating laddoo gives some idea to Munna who looks happy and says they will take care of the house after Indira leave,Ishaan reprimands Munna for what he said before and after about Indira.Munna tells Ishaan to leave as he’s talking lots nowadays.
he leaves and Munna tells Sunaina he’ll makes Ishaan understand after Indira leave and sunaina turns again happy she gives a flying kiss to her Munna and continues eating her laddoo.

Kabir enters his room and very romantically is approaching Indira.She asks what is he doing and he says after such a long time they are having a romantic moments.It is all Rishi dream,he gets up and thinks he’ll talk with Kabir as it is very unfair with Indu it is enough.He looks upstairs at the barsaati and Indira dressed as Husna comes down.He keeps gazing lovingly at her and she keeps smiling at him but Kabir is standing behind Rishi and everyone see that.Kabir is approaching slowly praising her beauty.Rishi is shocked and Kabir says it is unfair that he’ll forget his MRS as he told him he’s Husna is much more beautiful than his…He asks iRIshi if he agrees to it.

Rishi tells Indira how much he praises her it will be less he’s going to touch Indira and Vanraj indicates Rishi a pot of chilliesl ying near him,and Rishi makes it falls down.Kabir begins to pick the chillies while Rishi decides to go deeply in Indira and Saheb love story…He has a flashback of him proposing Indira,both never wanted anyone to come in between them.
Rishi keeps gazing at Indira when some few men dressed as women enter SN.Meher says to Kabir these euneuchs blessing always realise and she invites Kabir to dance while one among the euneuchs blesses Rishi and Indira that their couple will always last they will never get seperate.Ishan Indur and Indu are happy while Babli kabir and the others are shocked.

Indira with Kabir and Babli are standing in one side and Indira asks the Sharmas’ if she can call them her family and that she’ll make the food for them.Sunaina asks Indira if she’s going to cook the food?Indira says yes and begins to go towards the kitchen,Rishi says stops how does she knows where’s the kitchen.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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