Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Ranveer & Sahiba enter their room in Sahiba’s House, & is shocked to see the room decorated with gifts, balloons, cake, cards all for Sahiba’s birthday. Ranveer get angry & start pulling down everything, throwing them away.Sahiba said this is no competition, this is life.Ranveeer, yeah it life & Daljeet is the one competiting. What is wrong if He(Ranveeer) wants to get his family with the little he can afford. Someone should explain that to Daljeet, as he hit the vase a piece hit Sahiba hand, he run to her. She said she is fine. Ranveer replies he is not. The pain, the suffering everything he could see. Sahiba say it is not like that, he then replied if its not like that then she should tell him she loves him. She remind silent. Ranveer said he got his reply, he then leave the room.

Part 2
Ranveer dad is drinking & dancing in the house.(Must watch). Manmeet also joins in.. Ranveer & Sahiba watch this from upstair, Sahiba said he should be happy, he is reason why everyone is happy. Ranveer said Daljeet did this, he give them this house & everything. Sahiba its not like that. Ranveer its exactly like that they may be husband & wife, but are not like that. Sahiba mom & Ranveer mom goes into the room where Daljeet decorate for the bab & is shocked & shout for everyone. Everyne arrive & is left shocked. Ranveer dad say this is surely done by Daljeet Singh, & aske Sahib what is coming on between them. What right does he have to do all this. Everyone is tensed.. Ranveer said he did it, his dad said you are lying he said he did this. His mom is happy. Ranveer leave but Sahiba hold his arm & said Thank You.
Daljeet arrive home, asking where is everyone else.She said she feel nice at her house.
Sahiba is cleaning the room, Ranveer arrive & hold her hands, and told her e needs her love she move her hands away from his. Ranveer sit on the bed & said how long will he pretend and save her as a friend when the truth is he loves her, & went to sleep. Sahiba goes by the door & thinks she is playing with two life, but one she can choose, but who should she choose. Ranveer or Daljeet

Part 3
Night time,Ranveer can’t sleep & goes into the room which Daljeet made for the baby. He start remembering Daljeet words, he can’t give this baby as much as he want (refering to Ranveer). He remember Sahiba words of how she heard voices & he heard also. He sees Daljeet every where in the room, and he began hearding voice all the toys start moving. Ranveer is totally confused as he keep hearing a baby crying, and he cuddle in a corner as he sees Daljeet & Sahiba with there baby in the cadle. Sahiba then comes as cals for him, he final got him self, and look around the room & everything is fine.

Pre Cap
Daljeet calls Sahiba & tell her he is taking her to see a very good doctor so she could get a check up. Sahiba told her mom, Ranveer had called so she is heading to reach him. Ranveer arrive hom asking for Sahiba, his mom said you called her so she went to meet you.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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