Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th March 2013 Written Update

Virat and manvi comes down. Followed by virika. Dadaji tells virat. Stop being kiddish. You won’t leave this home and go. Virat replies. I had taken the decision. I’m leaving. Swamini bua stops him. She holds his hands and tries to stop him. But he leaves her hand. Dadaji asks. How can you leave at this time. Do you have any place to Stay? Virat replies. I’m not a kid. ‘Ll find a place. He asks manvi to come. Dadaji asks why should manvi come with you? Why should she leave this home and sister for you. She wouldn’t be a part of your decision. Manvi goes to dadaji and tells him that it’s her decision to go with virat and stand by him. She joins her hands before dadaji and asks him to let her go. She walks behind virat. Virat takes his guitar and looks at viren. But viren is looking away from him. He’s about to leave when vanshika comes and stops him. She asks him not to go. She asks viren to stop virat. Kadambari chachi comes and asks virat not to leave. She says. Why ld you leave the home. You are the soul of this home. Swamini bua also tries to stop him. Dadaji comes forward and suggests that virat and manvi stay in the outhouse. But virat doesn’t agree to it as that’s also a part of this home.

Dadaji says. You are very selfish. You are not thinking about manvi. Why should she come wherever you roam about. She is not only your wife but also the daughter in law of this home. She’s our pride. We can’t let her suffer. We had promised to her relatives that we’ll take care of her. We can’t break our promise for you. On hearing all this virat agrees to stay in outhouse but on one condition. That he’ll pay rent for the outhouse. Viren and dadaji are shocked and sad hearing this. But finally dadaji agrees to it. Vanshika hugs manvi. Kadambari chachi, swamini bua and dadaji also hug manvi. They cry.

Kadambari chachi hugs vanshika and consoles her. Jeevika calls out Mannú. She goes to mandir and takes a kalash. She filled it in with half of the holy ganga water manvi gave her before. She goes to manvi and give it to her and says. When i came to this home for the first time you gave me this saying i might need our parents support as i was starting a new life. Now today since you are leaving this home and starting a new life you’ll also need their support. This is your share of their blessings for you. Duo hug each other and cry. Slowly Manvi steps back. Jeevika looks at her leaving with teary eyes. Manvi reaches the door and looks back. Jeevika runs to her and hug her. Duo cries. Virat ask manvi to leave. Manvi follows him. All the ladies come towards the door. Vanshika consoles jeevika. Dadaji and viren are also sad seeing them leave.

Virman reaches the outhouse. It’s dark inside. Virat switches on the light. They look around. House is very untidy. With spider webs all around and furnitures in a mess. They walk around. Virat remembers what viren told him. If you think all the people here are your enemies and wish for your bad then you can leave. You don’t know what’s waiting for you outside. In The world outside it’ll be really difficult to survive. Virat comes back to present. Virat says first they need to clean the place. And they need a broom. Manvi says she’ll look around. She finds a broom. But virat says it’s broken. Manvi says they’ll adjust with it now. Tomorrow you go buy a new broom. Not just broom. We need a lot of stuffs. I’ll make you a list like jeevika di does. . . She doesn’t complete the sentence and walks away. Virat goes to her and says. It’s better you forget old memories as soon as possible. Now it’s just both of us in our life. And we left behind everything. He takes the broom from her. Manvi looks at him.

In the study vanshika pleads to dadaji to bring back virat. But dadaji says after all what he told viren in front of all the people. It’s impossible to bring him back. For him his self respect is at stake. So we can’t do anything. But vanshika protests. He’s her son. How can she leave him to suffer out there. Virat was angry then. We all know how much he loves his big brother. But swamini bua says his ego was above his love for his brother. Now that he had taken the decision we’ll have to support him. She tells dadaji. But ‘m worried about them. Virat doesn’t have a penny with him. How ‘ll they survive. Manvi is also with him. Let god show a way for them.

In viren’s room, he’s looking at the photo of two brothers. He has flashback scene where he remembers virat saying thanks to him for being his side. And that he always expect him to do so. And viren says that whenever he needs them, they’ll always support him. Then he remembers what happened a little while ago. Where virat said that viren thinks he can’t do anything without his support. He feels proud when people call him great. But virat ‘ll fall low in his own eyes. In the future, when virat becomes successful, viren ‘ll Say whatever he’s today is because of me. And viren’ll feel proud of it. He comes back to present. The brother whom he thought is like lakshman. . . . Jeevika comes there. She says. Whatever virat did is not right. But viren could have handled the situation and stopped what happened now. Viren replies. We can forgive only peoples mistake. But virat’s thoughts itself are wrong. Can’t hide that and forgive him. He has to change his mentality. Viren walks out. Jeevika follows him. She asks what about the loneliness he feels after virat left. Viren replies. When the person who left him said such stuffs and made him a stranger, then why should he feel sad about it. Jeevika asks whether he won’t miss virat. Viren replies that he won’t and leaves. Episode ends on jeevika ‘s sad face.

Precap: jeevika tells manvi that If she needs something, then to ask her. Virat comes and says. Bhabhi, if you feel we should settle down by ourselves then it ld be better if you stay away from us. Viren comes there. They look at each other..

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