Qubool Hai 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 4th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Inside the delapidated building
Zoya says that there must be someone around this house, who can give info about the residents of this place. A person walks in and asks about them. zoya asks him who used to reside here. He says that he has been guarding this place for ages, but noone has come here. she asks if he has any info at all about the owner of this place. He replies in negative, saying that years back, someone used to come, but nomore. She shows him the pic that she has and asks him if he recognizes anyone. Pointing out to a pesrson, he says that he knows this man. She asks him about the pwerson’s name. But he sys that he doesnt remember the person’s name but that years ago, he went to america, and had returned after that. she asks if he knows where he lives now. He says that he has a vague impression, that he lives in bhopal, somewhere near the big mosque. She tells asad that this man is her father, as it coincides wioth the info, that she has of him going to america. SAhe goes out in despair. Zoya is overwhelmed having come face to face with an aspect of her past, and coming one step closer to finding her father.

Asad places a hand on zoya’s shoulder to comfort her. Zoya turns around and looks for solace in his arms and hugs him tight.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad, too finally, letting go of his awkwardness hugs her and wraps his arms around her, while she sobs on his shoulders.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is wondering who could be behind sending the message, and wonders if she is doubting unnecessarily. She finds a cloth underneath which to her horror, lie burnt dolls, which remind her of the conspiracy. As she leans on the almirah, more such dolls fall on her, making her scream in horror.

She runs down, and asks humaira if she saw anyone going into her room. when she says no, humaira is shocked when razia goes berserk and starts shouting out who was here. She takes humaira to her room, but to her surprise, she finds the room without any trace of a single doll, and is shocked. humaira is upset as she doesnt understand whats going on.

Razia thinks that things are getting out of hand and that she is being targeted, and decides that she would have to find out if Billo Rani has started with her plan. Razia is happy, when she talks to Billo Rani, and says that she shouldnt waste any more time and start with her plan.

As razia tries to wipe her hands in a cloth, she is scared to find her hands soaked in blood, with a chit saying,

She says that every bet has a wonner and a loser, and razia never loses. She says that whoever is doing this, wont stop,hence she has already laid out the trap this time, and she would know who’s behind this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Nazma opens the door, on someone knocking the door. She is surprised to see a gaudily dressed woman standing there and asks what does she want. she gets in introducing herself as Billo, saying that her maid has sent her as she was out of town for a week, and hence has send her instead. when dilshad asks that she doesnt have any info about this, and they dont anything about her too, billo says that she knows everything about them, as she has been told everything by padma. She begins to do her work, while dilshad and nazma are still confused.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Asad and zoya begin to get into the car. asad asks zoya is she’s alright. Not getting a response from her, he goes to her and asks again. she says yes. He asks if she ever thought why her dad never tries to find her. Zoya in confused. He clarifies saying that she’s going through lenghts and breadths to find out about her father, but he never bothered to do the same for her daughter, which he ideally should. zoya asks him not to talk like that, as they dont know for sure, if he searched for her or not, and that when she finds him, they would be abel to clarify all doubts as to why he left her and if he tried to find out about her or not. Asad decides not to take it any further and stops.

Zoya gets ayan’s phone. Zoya talks to ayan on the phone, in a codic language, saying that asad has left along with her and is asked by ayan to stop at Kalibagh Crossing, where they would start along with their plan. He asks why isnt she talking, she says in a codic language, that asad is sitting right next to him. They decide to call their mission, OPERATION LAAL RUMAAL.

Zoya is asked by asad, about the unusual name robert, and she in retorts back saying that is it that he’s jealous that she was talking to another guy. asad rubbishes off her stupidity.

Midway, zoya asks him to stop, as she wants to drink tea. As asad says that they would find a better place, she again frustrates him, by saying her poetry,

India mein beech sadak mein mil jaati hai gaayin….
Aur sadak kinare milti hain, duniya ki best chai..!!!

Asad, again gives in to zoya’s whims just to get her to shut up. she gets out and goes on to get asad to order for tea. While asad is busy, zoya waves at ayan, with a red handkerchief, and ayan too does the same, saying that the operation has begun. Asad finds her doing so and asks if she was signalling someone. she says no and that she was trying to just dry her handkerchief, which she did. Asad not wanting to get into a stupid conversation with her, gets him tea.

As ayan goes on work on asad’s car, taking fuel from his car, through a pipe, in disguise, draped with a shawl, to distract asad, zoya says that she wants a better tea, as this is stale, and goes on to tell asad how much she is health conscious about the fact that she wants a good tea and not a stale one. Asad is increasingly getting impatienn with her idiocies, while ayan goes on about his work, as zoya keeps him occupied with her whims.

Ayan thinks to himself that without petrol in his car, he wont be able to go to Bhopal, and if that happens then he wont be able to present himself at the hearing also. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Zoya is trying to scare off asad, by giving him an account of how a ghost of a lady keeps wandering in the night, with a candle asking for lift in their vehicle. She screams out in horror, as she finds a similar person on the road. Asad, however goes upto that lady, and slaps her tight, instead of getting scared. Zoya is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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