Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house and on the road
Sid is shocked to find roli, falling unconscious on the bed, hearing to his revelation about his infidelity. That is when he comes to terms with the reality that what would happen if his premonition about roli’s reaction comes true. He is shocked to find roli safe and sound, and asks her disbelievingly if shhe’s alright. roli assuredly says that she’s okay, but is tensed at his behaviour. She tells him that they should move on, forgetting the past and that now they are together, and noone shall come in between them. Sid thinks that even if she knows everything, she wont be able to bear it, and hence he cant place her into any more trouble after all she went through. He apologizes to her in his mind only.

Sid, thinking about roli and naina, is filled with remorse that with his mistake, he has spoiled the life of roli and naina, especially how she had been rudely treated by him, after no fault of his. and that he should decently talk to her and try and make her understand with concern and maturity. He tries her number.

Naina, on the other hand, is devastated remembering what sid did to her, and is walking aimlessly on the road. she is unable to register even the fact, that he phone is constantly ringing. Sid wonders why is she not picking up the phone, and hopes that she’s fine.

Just then, simar’s car too comes on the same road, trhat naina is aimlesly walking on. She is surprised to find her walking like that, when the driver tells her after continuous honking, that she isnt getting out of the way. She is walking on the bridge, and gets suicidal thinking that sid doesnt love her and whatever he told her. As she is about to jump, simar tries to shout out at her, not to give up on life as cowardice. But she doesnt pay attention and thinking about the fact thaty her life is useless without sid. Much to simar’s horror, she jumps off the bridge, and is grappling for breath in the cold water. Simar desperately shrieks out for help to anyone and then the driver, who tells her that whoever tries to save her from the deep waters, shall risk her own life. Finding no other way out, simar asks the driver to get a tyre lying on the road, and after fixing one end of it on the railing, she takes the tyre at the other end, but is in a fix, as to what to do nown to save the increasingly sinking naina. She sends the driver to get help.

Finding no other option, she takes the tyre and jumps into the waters, and even though she doesnt know swimming, she makes up her mind and asks the goddess to give her the strength to be able to save naina through this. she herself grapples for breath, but tries to keep inching closer to naina.

As the driver gets someone, he seeing the conditon, says that he cant save both of them from these deep waters. he jumps into the water, and gives simar the tyre to be safe in the waters, but simar insistently asks him to save naina instead, as she’s fine and will not leave from there, letting the girl die,despite the man saying that the water there is too deep. Simar and the guy somehow manage to get naina out of the waters, but she is unconscious. The person tells her that there’s water filled in her body. she tries to pump it out but isnt able to do it completely. Simar decides that she needs to be taken to the hospital. The driver also gives simar, naina’s phone that she retrieved from the waters.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj office
A person gives prem a file regarding all possible papers about bharadwaj family’s investments, and finds that the balance remaining in the company’s account is next to nill, due to expenditure by khushi and viru, and if he doesnt care about it soon, then they would have to shut down the company. Prem is shocked to see this.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
The doctor says that naina’s pulse is dropping and that she has to be immediately admitted to the ICU. Simar thinks that something terrible must have happened which forced her to take this step. she goes with the doctor, to finish up the necessary formalities, as required in such a case.

Scene 4:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Sid calls up naina’s no from the landline saying that she wont pick up his phone, as she’s angry with her and will be able to talk only through a differnt number, but his call doesnt get through. just then roli comes down with anjali, caring and cajoling her and wondering what is taking simar so long. while she sits by sid’s side, she decides to call up simar.

But just then, Simar calls up roli, telling everything saying that she’s fine. Roli asks about the girl. Simar says that she’s still under treatment. Roli laments, with sid sitting by her side, that when the girl took this step, something terrible must have happeed to her that forced her to take this step, and that somebody must be responsible for her condition. roli says that she would come to the hospital, after she puts anjali to sleep. Taking care of anjali, roli tells sid everything. Sid, remembering naina’s last words about not wanting to live, is terrified with a scary thought that it might be naina and is very upset. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Naina says that she doesnt want to live, as she doesnt have anybody to call her own, but simar tells her that now she will be her side always, and that she would see to it, that she gets the love of her life, and also her child gets the name of the father, and she promises that she would make that happen. roli, who has just come is surprised to hear simar talk like that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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