Balika Vadhu 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 4th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa and bhairo are talking aamonst themselves, discussing the realties of life, and how experiences of the past always change the person for the better. she says that even ganga would have to detatch herself from the past, just like jagiya and anandi did. She is happy thta now anandi has moved on, and is so happy with shiv. They are both, happy thinking that.

Scene 2:
Location: Anandi’s teacher’s function at DISHA MAHILA UTTHAN GRIHA
The teacher is reminisceing about anandi with her current students. She tells what was anandi like in her childhood, how she had always been meritorious and a bright, cheerful student. she says how anandi with her determination and firm will, had come across many obstacles, but didnt let them deter it, and now she is fulfiiling many responsibilities now. she asks who all would like to become like anandi. all raise their hand.

Meanwhile, anandi’s car approaches and she waves at the crowd. The teacher is very happy hearing that, but she id told by her students that she will not welcome anandi today, but that her students would welcome the teacher’s favourite student today. She asks them to go and get anandi.

Ananadi gets down the car, and gets shiv’s call, who he tells that she would come soon, after finsihing up the function, when she hears that shiv is missing her. Shiv wishes her luck for the function and asks her to come home asap. She says that she would and cancels her phone. The students drape her behind a veil of dupatta saying that she would meet her teacher after such a long time, and hence it would be special. She smiles at their excitement.

The students take anandi to her teacher, draped in the veil and showering her with petals, who is waiting with a bated breath, to meet her favourite student after such a long time. the students slwoly start taking away the drapes of veils and reveals anandi to her teacher(THE CHARACTER IS NOW PLAYED BY ANOTHER PERSON, THEREFORE THE MYSTICAL AND GRAND ENTRY). The teacher remembers how she saw her last as a child. Anandi comes to her teacher, and touches her feet for her blessings, while she watches anandi mesmerised as to how much she has grown. She jokes asking why is her nose swollen. Anandi is thinking, that she hasnt said any lie. But th teacher points out to her, that she never told her that she has changed so much, as her whole personality has chnaged with her innocent spark giving way to a mature gravitative appearance. as she touches her feet, the teacher says that she still hasnt changed as she’s still the same with respect for her elders.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Jagiya tries to calm down ganga, who is upset thinking about divorce. Ganga. comparing herself to a flower, who’s existence is because of being attached to the ground and will die once ripped off from his environment. when he doesnt reply, she says that she expected him to teach better. But jagiya says that he wont let her be influenced by him, and that he should let her come to terms with this.

Jagiya says that ratan was after all, her husband. Ganga retorts saying that he was just her buyer, who beat her up and used her whenever and however he wanted. But she cant understand why, now that she’s getting freedom from him, she feels a sense of insecurity. jagiya says thats because they have always been taught that they are allowed to marry only once, and have to be with the same person till they die, but they should understand that if the person they are with, doesnt respect them and its suffocating in that person’s presence, then they shouldnt hesitate in ending the relationship. Ganga listens to him intently, but says that he is self dependant and not like her, who doesnt have anything else to help her getting a job. He says that she would get a job, as he has seen how intently she cares for people and can make a living out of it. But ganga is undeterred by the fact that jagiya has faith on her, says that she wont be able to survive on her own, and should now spend the remaining time, in a temple waiting for her doom. But jagiya continues to enthuse her saying that god doesnt want her service and he has seen how nicely she can take care of people, which is her quality, that she can harvest to her use. she says that even her family understands her quality, and that she has been repaid for that too handsomely, as they have immense faith in her. He blurts out saying that even basant was praising her saying….and then stops. Ganga who is tensed as to what basant might have said, asks him what did he say. But instead of answering, Jagiya asks ganga to get up, who is surprised to see him like this. The screen freezes on jagiya’s face.

Underlying message: Torture of the past and scare of the unknown future, always hampers descisions of the present, as the person is unable to come out of his premonitons, even after being instilled confidence by enthusiactic people in the present.

Precap: After doing the saraswati vandana, anandi and teacher heartily paricipate in the cultural programme by dancing on the stage together.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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