Suvreen Guggal 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 30th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Yuvraj still at the beach he is very upset… Suvi comes home Mama Guggal tells her Papa Guggal was waiting for her and he fell asleep.. she tells her she will bring some food… Suvi says she isn’t hungry she tells Mama Guggal to go to sleep… Mama Guggal says to herself maybe Suvi has eaten already she then says why is Suvi feeling so down… Mama Guggal decides to give Suvi some space… Mama Guggal says goodnight and leaves.

Suvi rings Rathi informs him she has reached home she asks him if Yuvraj is home… Rathi says no he tells her not to worry he will be fine and tells her to go to sleep… he tells her she can meet him tomorrow.. Suvi says to herself I dont know if he will meet tomorrow or not dont know how long he will be angry… Suvi cries…

She says maybe Yuvraj will never meet again… Suvi tries to sleep she sees in her dream she is screaming Yuvraj name and is looking for him everywhere…Yuvraj look at Suvi angrily… she says why are you looking like that…he says he will never look at her the same way again he then says you have hurt me so much no one has ever hurt me this much and now no one can hurt me.. everything has changed now me and you both have changed… Yuvraj leaves…Suvi says it was a mistake she then says dont leave me I love you Yuvraj… she scream Yuvraj it was a dream. Suvi gets up remembers Soni words how she told her not to tell Yuvraj… Suvi says dreams and reality are both different… she done the right thing by telling Yuvraj.. she says tomorrow everything will be alright.

The next morning Suvi leaves without having breakfast Papa Guggal tells Mama Guggal to talk to Suvi why is she so upset.. he tells her did you inform her that we are going to Kathgodam Mama Guggal says no she didnt… she assures Papa Guggal she will talk to Suvi.

Suvi goes to Yuvraj house he is asleep… Suvi says thank god he is alright… Rathi tells her to go to office when Yuvraj wakes up he will ring her… Suvi leaves.

Rohan is upset Preeti asks him what happened.. he says he was thinking about what she told him yesterday… he says him and Trisha are always fighting he says I dont ever get upset as Suvreen.. he goes I dont understand whats going on maybe he is concentrating on work too much… Preeti says if you lovre someone they are your first priority there are no questions there.
Geeti asks Vikram what are his priorities… Vikram says I have to think about it… Geeti says I was never your priority… Vikram says its not that he says we will talk after office this place isnt for dicussing our personal life.

Yuvraj says he is going out Rathi says he will come to Suvi has said not to leave him alone… Yuvraj says did topper come here? Rathi says yeah she came last night and this morning too didnt wake you up becuase you were sleeping.. Rathi says what is going on between you guys… Yuvraj says nothing and leaves.

Suvreen is ringing Yuvraj but his phone is switched off.. Suvi says please Yuvraj anwser your phone… she texts him she is sorry and tells him to talk to her once… Rathi rings Suvi tells her Yuvraj left he doesnt know where he is.

Mama, Papa Guggal are saying Mumbai is a very expensive city.. she then says do people value money more than relationships… she then says I dont want Suvreen to forget all he relationships she then says hope Suvi understands hers and Yuvrajs relationship…
Suvi is very upset she is in thinking mode…Yuvraj comes office he ignores Suvreen…Ira, Samar and Yuvi are looking at the photoshoot pictures Ira says all the photos are brilliant.. she asks Yuvraj how is this photo he doesnt reply…Yuvraj is in his own world he is not paying attention to what Ira is saying… she asks him again he says yes mam.

Samar is blocking Suvi way…he says you cant hide ishq, dukh and ansoo why is she upset?.. he says if someone is giving you pain and sadness you should dump him… she says no he hasnt given her any sadness I hurt him becuase I committed a mistake… Samar says then he should forgive her.. Suvi says her mistake is too big to forgive…Samar says if he loves you he will accept you with all your msitakes that how loves rules baby… Suvi says he loves her a lot he is upset right now it will take time for him to cool down… Samar says he is an idiot… Suvi says why do you always have to say bad about Yuvraj what is your problem why do you think you know everything.. Samar says fine I wont say anything you both are idiots and Samar leaves.
Suvi runs after Yuvraj she tells him to talk to her they will sort something out… but he ignores her and goes to the lift. Suvi is really upset.

Precap-Samar says Model throws basketball at Yuvi he says you lost in the haveli are you scared… Yuvraj says he gives extra chance to weak players you start the game…Samar and Yuvi are playing basketball… Samar says why are you punishing Suvi its not her fault.. Yuvraj tells him to not to speak he doesnt know the whole story.. Samar says I know she kissed someone else… Yuvraj is very angry he says who told you he is about to punch Samar


Update Credit to: Anam

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