Dil Dosti Dance 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th August 2013 Written Update

Rey is dancing in the RH expressing his frustration and anger through his dance.He is recalling all the moments related to Swayam ,Sharon, Gang and Aditya .Gang can hear the music and come near the RH .They get confused after seeing Rey dancing alone.They come to the conclusion that Rey is rehearsing for his solo dance.They see Aditya who ignores them and go inside RH to meet Rey.They feel bad but decide to stay away from Aditya .

Aditya enters RH and tells Rey if the rehearsal is so good than the performance will be awesome.The media should be shocked to see his talent.Rey sarcastically says shock is necessary.Aditya replies that Rey should just forget everyone and dance so that people will forget Swayam ,Sharon and whole team and remember only Rey.He continues that though

whole gang were Rey’s friends ,they were immature and stupid.Gang listens to their conversation from outside.Rey replies to Aditya that he wasted his time teaching dance steps to his friends instead of working on himself.They were really stupid and they irritated Aditya so much.Gang gets hurt by his words and leaves the place.Simi and Rinni are hurt after listening to Rey’s words .Simi says when Rey went so far from them.Vicky says may be he was never close to them.

In RH Rey and Aditya are talking about the press meet Aditya has arranged for Rey.Rey says he is thankful to Aditya for arranging the press meet.Aditya says he is waiting for Rey to be the star.Rey thinks he will take revenge in such way that Aditya will never forget him and never play with emotions .This press meet will be memorable.

Swayam recalls all the hurtful comments he made about Sharon and her feelings for him.He regrets talking to Sharon in such way.He thinks Sharon was right.He was so lost in his problems that he didnt try to understand her feelings.He decides to talk to Sharon and apologize to her for his words.

Rey asks Aditya’s assistant for few passes of press meet .She is reluctant to give .He says Aditya has arranged this press meet for him so he won’t deny if he asks for few passes.She agrees to arrange the passes.

Sharon is crying in her room.Swayam comes to her house but she gives him message that she is not at home.Swayam comes through window.Sharon yells at him and leave .She notices the injury on his hand.She says Swayam is enjoying the fact that he affects her so much.He says he wanted to hurt her only that moment.Sharon says he hurt her when he was angry now he wants to clarify his mistake when he is calm.She is not present anywhere in this pattern.Swayam says she is a part of his life not any pattern.She makes his emotions intense.Even he is human and he gets hurt sometimes.He can’t be sensible person every time who understand and helps others.Sharon again shouts saying he should go and be someone who is unlike him.Swayam gets emotional and says if one person has to compromise in a relationship ,he will think about breaking that relation at one point.Sharon shouts saying he should break the relation and tells him to leave .He gets hurt by her words and leaves.Sharon breaks down crying badly looking at his retreating figure.

Swayam goes out of Sharon’s place.He is recalling their conversation and the painful moments.He calls Bharath .Bharath asks him that so much mess has been created and he has vanished.Swayam says he is going out for sometime and he will take only Bharath’s call.They decide to keep this secret within themselves and be the old weakling boys who were unknown to everyone.After the calls Bharath and amar realize that Swayam is very sad.

Rey goes to Sharon’s place again and she tells him harshly he is not satisfied after so much insult.

Precap: Rey tells in the press meet that he is not part of any Reyzor .He is just a part team D3 and reveals his D3 t shirt.


Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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