Saraswatichandra 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 30th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras saying I will bring Pramad in the puja. He tells Kumud give this milk glass to Pramad. Kumud brings the milk for Pramad. Pramad appears and asks Kumud to move. He sees the milk glass and asks take this milk with you. She says I m fasting today, this is for you. Pramad says what? This milk is for me? Why? He says oh, I got it, its because today is my birthday or because Saraswatichandra liked milk. Kumud says today you will have milk, not wine. Pramad laughs. Pramad says you are a Devi, who came here to conquer over me, but my dad forgot that this is Kalyug. He gives the glass back to Kumud saying nothing is going to change. Kumud says wear the clothes which your dad gave you. She says everyone will wait for you in the puja, please come. Kumud leaves.


landline rings and Saras picks the call. Its Badimaa’s call. When Saras comes to know, he cuts the call. She calls again, Kalika comes there and Saras leaves. Kalika receives the call. Badimaa says I’m Kumud’s Bua, I called but that guy did not talk. Kalika says that was Naveen ji. Badimaa says is he the same person whom Budhidhan has sent for Kumud and Pramad’s safety. Badimaa says Naveen did not come to our house. Kalika says he brought Kumud home. Badimaa says Kumud went with Pramad, not with Naveen. Kumud comes there and takes the call. Kalika thinks why did Naveen not go to Kumud’s house. Everyone gather for the puja. Pramad’ mum asks Murakh Dad for the prasad’s plate. She says I will go to bring it. Kalika interrupts and says shall I do the aarti. Pramad’s mum says let Kumud do it. Kumud says ok Kalika, you do it. I will go to give Pramad the breakfast.

Pramad’s mum says hurry up. Kumud taunts Kalika and leaves. Kalika looks at her angrily. Pramad sees the puja arrangements and thinks I can’t even take wine’s name in this house today. Saras meets him and says we have puja today, are you going to drink wine. Pramad says why, do you want me to drink milk. Saras says yes. Pramad and Saras have a talk. Saras says Kumud liked Saras’s manners. If you come in the puja without drinking wine, you can win her heart. Pramad says I don’t need to. Saras says you want to know everything about her, why? If you don’t want to see her with someone else, as it hurts you. He says know about Saraswatichandra, then do what you like. Saras takes him into his trap. Pramad says you and Kumud know how to win over me. Pramad leaves.

Pramad comes to his room and looks at the milk glass. Saras comes near the Lord and says thank you. He smiles. Kusum comes there. Saras tells her that is right you are annoyed but my Lord will not be annoyed with me. He says today something good will happen. He says the Lord will give us hope today. Saras is excited. Saras blows the shank. Pramad drinks the milk. Saras is really happy.
Kumud is fasting and looks tired by working all day. Pramad comes to her and keeps the empty glass. Saras looks on. Kumud is not feeling well. She gets up and faints. Pramad runs to her to hold her. Saras is shocked too and runs towards Kumud. He stops seeing Pramad took the charge. Pramad lifts Kumud in his arms. Everyone comes there and sees them. Pramad’s mum asks what happened to Kumud. Pramad takes her to their room. Saras stops Pramad’s mum from going to Kumud and says Kumud’s husband is with her, don’t worry. Pramad makes Kumud rest on the bed. He looks at her/ Saras cuts another date on the calendar and says are you seeing Maa, Pramad is coming closer to Kumud now, and I m going ahead to your promise.

Kumud gets up and says happy birthday to Pramad. He turns and says thank you. She says where are you going. He says I know you are trying to become a wife. She says I m not trying, I m just requesting you not to drink today. He says why shouldn’t I? He says you don’t need to keep fast for me. He says don’t think that you are making me happy, because I get angry to see you. He gives her water and asks her to drink it. Kumud says you have it, you need it more than me. Pramad throws the glass and says don’t stare at me. He says I will drink even today. She says I will not break my fast today, this is my faith that you won’t drink today. Pramad laughs and says you can’t even stand, will you be hungry? He says you don’t have the strength. Pramad says I will drink and come to break your fast. He says you have to eat the food then. Pramad leaves. Kalika watches this standing near the door.

Kusum asks Saras did you hide the wine. Saras says if Pramad wins, then he will make Kumud eat with his hands. Only Kumud will win.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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