The Buddy Project 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 29th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th August 2013 Written Update

ICC radio station. Rukmani is talking about the independence and rights of women. She says that although women now have become much more independent and that they aren’t just restricted to household work, yet there is are still many who suffer injustice. But women , if decide to fight against the injustice, can change our system.She asks RV if he agrees, and he just nods his head. In the canteen, Avi get a message from an unknown girl who says that she likes him a lot. Avi replies asking who she is? The girl just replies that she is from and rival college, but she knows him and that he makes her go crazy. Panchi comes there and asks Avi who is he texting to? Avi lies that it’s and old friend. When Panchi asks him to show it , he hastily says that its a boy talk, you can’t!


house. Kiya is waiting for Kamna. She comes and Kiya tells her to call KD. Kamna calls him asks if he could help her , as she is thinking of joining a Media college. KD is hesitant but agrees eventually. She then asks him if she could meet him tomorrow at his college then? KD immediately denies and says that they will meet over coffee and not at college. Kiya later tells Kamna that KD didn’t even tell her about her and even got ready for coffee with you. Kamna asks her if still wants to continue this game? Kiya says yes.

Next day, at ICC. KD tells RV about Kamna calling him over for coffee, he tells him to come with him to the cafe. RV denies at first , but KD blackmails him saying that he will tell Rukmini about Kamna if he doesn’t come. RV agrees to go with him. Kiya and Rukmani are sitting in the canteen, complaining about their respective boyfriends when Panchi comes there looking worried. Kiya asks her why does she look so stressed out? Panchi replies saying that she has a little headache. Panchi asks Kiya what are you guys talking about? Kiya replies that KD and Rv both seem to be failing in the loyalty test. Panchi tries convincing them to give up at this , but they deny.

KD lies to Kiya that he is going out with his hostel friends and so can’t go to the movie with her, while RV tells Rukmini that he has some paper work to do with his lawyer. At the cafe, RV and KD sitting with Kamna. Kamna flirting with KD while RV is flirting with her. Kiya and Rukmini at watching all this and get extremely annoyed. Kiya tells that they will take one last loyalty test, “Seduction”. ( Just when i think it can’t get any worse, it does! Oh well, my bad )

Precap: Kiya, Rukmini and Kamna at Kiya’s house. Kiya tells tells Kamna that they will do one last loyalty test. Kamna should throw a house party and invite KD over for it. If he doesn’t home, she will give up. But if he comes, she has to flirt with him and see how far the matter goes


Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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