Suvreen Guggal 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th March 2013 Written Update

The epi starts wd clg wer yuvi is wlkng in d clg corridor n tlkng 2 hmslf dt ds topper hs kpt hm muvng lyk a top….no cls n no msgs..dnt knw wt hs hapnd 2 her….alisha sees hm n stops hm dt askng if he is okay..yuvi says dt hez nt okay n hs mood is vry bad….alisha says she cn undrstnd dt his mood is nt gud cz f suvi’s intrnshp..yuvi says no suvi hs decided nt 2 go 2 alisha says dt she hs already decided n she thot suvi myt hv tld hm n dts y hez tensed..yuvi asks wen did ds hapnd…..alisha says d day suvi gt d intrnshp bt she wntd 2 tlk 2 her dad regardng ds dts y she wnt hme early n she thot suvi myt hv tld hm 1st cz shez realy felng bad 4 hm as hez cmng 2 knw abt ds matter thru a 3rd persn rather den suvi herslf..alisha further says dt it seems yuvreen’s reltnshp seems 2 hv already been converted into a long distanve be4 suvi goes 2 mumbai….bt she really hopes dt yuvreen vll cope up wd ds situation too n vll nt let efect der relatnshp..yuvi gvs a fade smile n den alisha leaves..(gosh!!..u hv 2 pay heavily 4 ds lately or sooner u stupid grl..jst wait n wch..)..

Here @ hme baby is askng sory to suvi for tlng abt her intrnshp sudenly to her dad..suvi says dt shez nt upset cz she did a chopsi f hers infrnt f shez upset cz baby inspite f being nt allowed 2 go to mumbai hs stl applied to d clgs in says dt she thot if she gts a cl 4m a gud clg den may b dad vll agree..suvi says its nt dt esy 2 convince der parnts hv shftd 2 delhi jst cz f dem..n nw hw cn she tl dem abt shftng 2 mumbai n stl der parnts hv nt setled in delhi she vll nt try convincng her puppa..n newez her puppa hs tld her dt shez setng bad xamples 4 baby….so she cnt hlp it..n wll nt try convincng her parnts 2 muv 2 mumbai….suvi asks baby to leave her n regrets herslf 4 mkng d situation worse….

Back in clg,Rathi asks sorry to annie….he says dt dey all knw dt she n zorro r vry gud frnds infct dey r bst frnds n shez vry comfortable wd her..annie cts hm n says dt its okay n he need nt wry 4 her cz she cn tk cre f hrslf..rathi leaves 4m der..annie thnks dt wt is d thng mkng her upset..she shld b happy cz she won d vivel’s 3 in 1 face wsh competition n gonna design der nxt wts struck in her mnd..y is she over it cz she fout wd rathi or is it dt zorro being d perfct guy 4 her cnt b her boy frnd….

@ rc’s hme..vivaan is designg cards n rc asks hm wether he cn hlp her..vivan says dt he need nt..n he wnts 2 mk a hnd mde card 2 all his shcol n clg frnds..rc asks clg frnds….vivan says suvreen….n be4 levng 4 mumbai he wnts 2 meet suvreen..rc says he dsnt hv 2 do so cz suvi too is gng 2 mumbai wd dem..n zorro, annie, alisha alng wd suvi all 4 r hs interns…vivan gts happy….rc hands ovr a glass f chocolate milk 2 vivaan n leaves..vivaan thnks dt wt if bth suvi n ira r der wd vll create mre confusion 4 rc..

@guggal house evrone is hvng dnr..suvi asks sry 2 her dad..her mom cts dt dey hv already mde clear dt no1 vll tlk abt gng 2 mumbai..suvi says she isnt tlkng abt mumbai bt askng sry to puppa cz she cldnt say per puppa earlier regardng ds..she ws decidng..puppa cts n says dt ds is wt hapns..u bth sisters vll tk d decisions by demselves wdot d parents concern n den let us knw..puppa further says dt he hs alwez suported suvi wether its regardng chosng her life partner or courses..if she hs to tk all d decision by herslf den wt 4 he is der in her lyf den..puppa leaves wdot hvng hs food..

in d hostel..yuvi lst in thots wer suvi hd promised to tk ot tym 4 hm alwez irrespective f hw mch bsy she may be….his fne rings..its suvi..he rcvs d cl..suvi says thnk god dt he rcvd d cl othrwse she ws thnkng he vll nt tlk 2 her….yuvi says he hs 2 rcv d cl cz he knws y did she cld her..suvi says hw cum he knws….yuvi says u cld me 2 say bye n is she dun wd her packng for mumbai..suvi says sorry 2 yuvi didnt listened 2 her sayng dt ds tym her sry vll nt efect hm..n d thng wch he hs 2 knw 1st cums 2 knw @ d lst n dt too thru a 3rd person..he aks suvi if hez a prt f her lyf den y didnt she said hm ds thngs 2 hm herslf..suvi tries sayng smthng bt yuci cts n says dt hez in a vry bad mood n dsnt wnts 2 tlk 2 her n she shud leave hm alone..yuvi hangs dwn d fne..

Nxt morning..yuvi is slepng on hs bed..his fne rings..he says gd mrng..4m othr side sm1 u hv started spkng in englsh dez hme n we will hv tlk on wt u wntd 2 say..d fne cts..yuvi gts shocked dt aftr so mny years hes dad cld him..wntd 2 tlk 2 hm..cld hm 2 hs home….he becms super xcited m says dt all ds hs becm posible cz f ws she who pushd hm 2 do so..othrwse he hs lost hpe tlkng 2 hs dad..yuvi starts dancng in happiness….n thanx gannuji..he thinks f clng suvi bt stps thnkng dt its sch a gr8 news n he shudnt cl her n let her knw..infct he shud meet her n tel abt ds….he den shouts..topper i luv u..suvreen i luv u..i luv u topper..i luv u….

In d classroom..rc asks suvi hs she spoken 2 her dad..suvi says dt she believd on rc wen he said dt its she whu hs 2 fyt 4 her dreams n chase her puppa is also hers..n she cnt mk her parnts wry nemre..its cz f her dey shftd 2 delhi..her puppa gt hs job transferd….her parents hv sacrificed a lt 4 her..n nw she cnt ask 4 nemre favors 2 her parnts..rc says dt nw he wll tlk 2 her puppa..suvi says rc insists sayng if he dsnt allow suvi to lose hpe be4 tryng den hw cud he cnt try once..

In d clg canteen annie is lost in her thots n den zorro cums n cracks jokes on her..

Yuvi is vry happy n washng his laila….alisha cums n wonders hw cum yuvi seems 2 b so d fyt btwn hm n suvi gt resolved..she goes to yuvi n says dt sm1 seems 2 b so happy dt he hs no tym 2 tlk 2 her also..yuvi says nthng lyk dt..alisha asks suvi spoke 2 u dts y ur hapy..yuvi says she hd cls hm..n his mood ws off dts y he didnt spoke 2 her bt nw hez vry happy n vll
tlk 2 her..alisha says she cnt believe ds dt one full day hs gne n suvi didnt evn cld u..hw cum she tk hm for granted..nw suvi is near t hm shez behavng in sch way wt vll hapn vn she vll go away 4m hm to mumbai..she knws she hs probs 2 her if she wud hv been in suvi’s place she wud hv made up fro it to hm..yuvi frowns….(alisha u beter b ot f ds..leave yuvreen alone..)

PRECAP: yuvreen in colege canteen..suvi sayng dt wether ne1 undrstnds or nt she thinks dt atlst yuvi vll undrstnd dt ds mumbai intrnshp is so importnt 4 he too is nt undrstndng her..ds is cz hez nt serious abt hs career moves n ny claer abt wt 2 do in future..yuvi says dt nw hez realising dt he dsnt actualy undrstnds her..hez nt stpng her 2 go to wnts her 2 thnk abt dem shez so engrossed n bsy wd othr thngs in her lyf dt she 4gt 2 thnk abt demselves..yuvi leaves suvi alne n goes….(m nt lykng dis….y cnt thngs go smooth wd ds couple..cvs plz inhe thodi der to chain se rehne do…)

Update Credit to: shivinrocks

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