Saraswatichandra 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 29th March 2013 Written Update

So the episode starts with both Saras and Kumud upset with each other and Kumud tells him that the sooner they finish the pots ,the sooner that can buy the cow so that he can leave fast and she asks him if this is what he wants and Saras wonders to himself if she wants this too. He goes to her and tells her that she was the one who had wanted him to go hence he didnt want to stay back and make her angry and Kumud is unable to face him while he says this and immediately she tells him that she would not wait the whole night and insists that they finish the work soon. Saras immediately resumes making the pots while Kumud sits beside him,rolling the mud and he looks at her surreptiously.

Back in Kumud’s house,Dukh Baa is still upset with Badi Kaki’s words of how when LN had brought Guman to their house,VC had done nothing for her..Just then Guniyal comes and tells her to understand Badi Kaki’s situation and not get bothered about what she says and that she (Kaki) would not have wanted to hurt her . Dukh Baa replies that living and being brought up in the same house ,she understands what people mean,the underlying meaning in their words,and she adds that it was well that Kumari did not listen to all this and if she had heard this,she would be really upset and she implores Guniyal to leave her alone for some time and she goes to her room,closing the door behind her.

Meanwhile Kumud is on her way to fetch some mud for making the pots and Saras tells her that he would accompany her too ! Kumud walks behind him,as he walks ahead,she gets worried that the mud which she has to bring is near the very lake which affected him so much and she remembers Dukh Baa’s words of how Saras’s mother had committed suicide in that lake and she vows to herself that she would not let him go through the same pain again and she runs upto him and tells him that he cannot go there since Devi Maa rests there and that only women can go there and that only women can go and Saras tells her that he cannot believe that she believes in all this! and he adds that the time when he had jumped in the lake to save the kid,she was the one who had supported him and that a woman who can fight the priest cannot believe in such mindless stories! Kumud replies that the Villagers still blame him and if he was seen by any one of them again and they something bad against him,she would not be able to bear that and he asks why!

Kumud is unable to reply initially but she tells him that it should not matter to him since after finishing his work,he would be leaving and he agrees and tells her that to someone who cares about his leaving or staying back,he cannot take free help from such a person and she replies that when time comes,she would ask and she leaves! Saras looks at her tenderly ,as she leaves!

Back in the haveli,VC comes to meet Gyaan (The musician) and his wife and he tells them that unknowingly he would have made some mistakes as he was running the house but he always has one thing in his mind that everyone should be together (VC is really upset) and that Saras and Yash are both like his sons and that they should know that he has always believed in forgiving people,whomsover they might be and that he has always accepted the fact that whether the world believes him or not,he trusts that his family always understand him! Gyaan’s wife gets very touched and she tearfully tells him that she trusts him even more than her own parents and she adds that she is aware that VC and Guniyal have always taken care of their family forgetting their own troubles but Gyaan doesnt say anything and VC is worried! VC approaches him and then Gyaan says that since he could never contribute anything towards the family,he also cannot have any say in the family matters! VC is shocked and he leaves!

Kumud gets the mud and Saras asks her why she had taken such a long time and she asks him if he was scared.being alone and immediately he gets defensive and says that he never gets scared of anything and that he does not need any help ! He asks her where she found the mud but Kumud gets annoyed and asks him to find on his own! She is just about to go when she trips and he immediately catches her waist to prevent her from falling and they look at each other ! Hayyeee! Kumud sees that while grabbing hold of him to prevent from falling,she had accidently touched his face with her muddy hands and she starts laughing at his appearance (of which he is unaware ) and she tells him the reason for her laughter and he asks her how she could laugh at him like that when she was the one responsible! Then he asks her to clean his face with her dupatta ! Kumud tells him that she wont but when Saras is about to go she tells him sorry and she sits down and catches hold of her ears and promises him that she would not do it again ! So cuteee ! <3 Just when he is about to help her up,she pulls him down and he falls face down in the mud ! Oops! And Kumud starts laughing while he is like super pissed!Kumud finally sees the angry expression on his face and she becomes apprehensive and stops laughing! He gets up ,not saying a word,trying to remove the mud ,and as he rubs his eyes,with his own muddy hands,she reprimands him and then gives him her dupatta ! Hayyee <3 He takes it to wipe his face as she looks on <3They finally finish making the pots (Hayyee Saras in banyan again) and she helps him to arrange the pots,just as she walks past him,the wind blows and her dupatta falls on his and he closes his eyes at the feel of it and he still has his eyes closed after she goes and comes back to take more pots ! She looks at him and clears her throat and he suddenly opens his eyes and he gets abashed ! He gives her the pot and as she takes from him,their hands touch and she looks at him overcome with shyness and she gently pries her fingers away and she takes the pot and goes ! Hayyee <3Kumud then comes back and he tells her that these pots dont look okay and asks her who would by them and she replies that if it were her,she would buy everything and adds that sometimes incompleteness also feels good and he replies that not everyone is like her but she replies that there is one such person and she goes and takes a pot and tells him that this was his first and since he had made this with so much hard work and sincerity,she would buy it and that it is the best <3 and she asks him how much it costs and he replies that in time,he would tell !Kumud then tells him that she has to leave and asks him to be ready the next morning and that they would go by bus ! Just when she is about to go,he calls her and she turns around! And he asks her if he should make more of the pots! I'm sure that he wanted to tell her something else ! and Kumud says its enough ! She asks him to add water in the mud else it would become dry and as she leaves,he tells himself that she is the one who is doing more hard work and and asks her to take care ! Awwee <3 She turns around and tells herself the same !Kumud finally comes back home and Dukh Baa reprimands her for coming late and Kumud asks her if she knows what she is thinking and Dukh Baa replies that she can see how happy Kumud is by helping him and Kumud agrees and thanks her but Dukh baa is still upset and Kumud asks her why she is showing Saras's anger on her to which she replies that she is angry with kumud more and she continues speaking but Kumud sleeps off!Just then Guniyal comes and Dukh baa complains to her about Kumud spending so much time with Saras and that he cannot be trusted so much but Guniyal tells her that she can trust Kumud ,just the Kumud turns around in her sleep and Dukh baa sees the mud on her waist!EPISODE ENDS !!In the Precap,Ilaben tells Kumud that Shivji would decide what type of husband Kumud would get and that whoever is her husband would be very lucky ! Just then Kumud turns around and sees Saras !!

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