Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th March 2013 Written Update

Kartikeya tells Parvati devi that he’d drop her to south as he to is heading there.
Ganesh is astonished as Kartikeya is acting all normal with Parvati ma…
Parvati devi rejects Kartikeya’s help as she wants to walk her way there as he guru has ordered her to do so.

Kartikeya respects her decision and offers her some fruits, which she accepts.
Then she thanks him and leaves.
Gannu bhayya is perplexed as to how Kartikeya bhayya got to know about their mother’s subjective amnesia. As Kartikeya strokes his hand over Gannu bhayya’s head, Mahadev clears it out that he has told all to Kartikeya.

Mahadev tells that Kartikeya know about their plan and at this very stage Parvati devi has passed the test.
Gannu bhayya still doesn’t has a clue what exactly was the test?!?

At the last stage of yog… there will be 5 levels of Yam… says Mahadev
First Abhmsa (Non violence.)
Saty (Truth)
Brhma chariya (celibacy)
Asteya – (A principle of non stealing)
Aparigah – (A principle of non-hoarding or non possessiveness)

If Parvati wished she could have killed Vasuki but she chose the path of Abhimsa..
She always uttered truth.. forgetting everything she walked the path of celibacy. When Kartikeya offered her a ride she chose the path of Asteya.

She has crossed the first level of yam.

Parvati devi walks and then finds a rock..she sits on it and starts to meditate getting reminded of Mahadev’s words of how Sati was attacked by Vritrasur.
Mahadev back here with his sons says that eventually Parvati will get reminded of her real self.

Parvati devi gets flashes of the event..she gets worried seeing the x ray image of Mahadev.

Back at the sea Jalandhar cries for help for his mother… far away Shukravhary meditates… wakes up hearing the cries of Jal.

The Kid finds a chariot he picks up the front support stick and pulls it with all his force… then takes out the weapon with which Indr attacked her form the back.. picks his mother in it and takes that weapon promising to avenge his mother’s plight!

As the boy pulls the cart he happens to meet Shukracharya and requests for help cure his mother…
Shukrachary seeing the boy’s eyes observes Shiv tatv in him…and soon gets to know abt Jal’s origin by his div drishti!

Shukrachary asks the boy’s name.. the boy replies Jalandhar… Shukrachary says the one who is taken by water.

The boy again asks for Shukrachary goes and examines the condition only to find out that the lady has died.
HE asks the child to accept the bitter reality that his mother is no more!

Jal is appalled hearing this.

Shukrachary believes that the child has powers of Mahadev and is equal to Mahadev!

Shukrachary conspires against the devas (at last!).. he schemes of taking Jalandhar on asura’s side to defeat the devas.
Thus he asks the boy abt his family and where abts.. on knowing the mother was the boy’s world Shukrachary offers him to come with him to his gurukul!

Jal asks if he knows whose weapon is that.. Shukrachary says that him that he is not safe their, and takes the boy to his place.

An old king comes (which is Indr) and tells Shukrachary that its inevitable to kill the boy!

Shukrachary thinks that he shouldn’t say a word of Indr’s murderous act as Jalandhar needs to become as powerful as Indr
Shukrachary says that no one can kill the boy till he is there… He warns Indr in disguised if they start a war its gonna be having destruction all over.

Indr gets scared and starts to back off
And before leaving Shukrachary says that the boy will take his vengeance
not only for his mother’s murder but his (Shukrachary) mother’s murder too!
As they all devtas are responsible for it!
Jal asks if he also lost his mother.. Shukrachary says that’s the reason he understands his (Jal’s) plight. therefore he (Shukrachary) wants to help him.. the child says he’d go with him. Only with a promise that he (Shukrachary) shouldn’t leave him!

Shukrachary says till the time he follws the right path selflessly he’d be with him (Jal)

As they start to leave Samudr dev stops them and warns Jalandhar that he’s gonna make a huge mistake by taking the asura’s side. Samudr dev tells him to come back. he’d look after him and protect him!

Jal shouts where was he was he when the devtas attacked his mother ad him and killed his mother?
Shuk has proved by saving him from devtas that he is worth protecting me!

Samudr dev accepts that he was late, but this time he has to see that he’s gonna take care of him (Jal). Besides he’s been there with him since his birth.

Samudr dev asks the boy to come to him… Jal walks towards Samurd dev..

Back here Parvati devi walks to a lake and sits down…

Jal sits near the ocean and takes some water into his little hands.

Parvati devi too takes some water into her hands… and takes it to her guru

The boy too gathers the water and takes it to Shukrachary

Both offer the water to the feet of their gurus (respective)

Parvati ma says to her guru (Shiva) that she has done all he has told and thus she had a weird experience.

And she has full faith in him of finding whatever she seeks!
She requests him to come to her palace and help her to learn meditation.

As little Ganesh moves, Shiva stops him.. on asked by his little one he replies to covey her that his guru never goes to someone’s palace ever.

Ganesh says that they planned that’d stay with his maternal grand parents
Shiva firmly says go ward and do as said!


Shukrachary.. is certain that Jal has grown up!

Voice over: Monday: Shivansh Jalandhar is gonna arrive…

Update Credit to: Killer_shark

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