Best Friends Forever 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 29th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with where it ended yesterday. Sanju and Prithvi share a eye lock. Later the Bffs are shown enjoying and drinking bhaang. Vinnie sees puru talking with some girl (sorry forgot her name). Vinnie says why is that girl sticking so close to Puru.Ela says that maybe Puru is trying to do setting with that girl. Vinnie seems a bit upset and drinks another glass full of bhang.
Vinnie then goes to Puru. Puru says that pink colour looks nice on her. Vinnie says maybe this is what that girl said to you. Vinnie and Puru have sweet talk. Puru asks Vinnie if she had known him earlier would she like him. Vinnie says that he is sweet, cute and funny but not her type. Then Puru leaves with RGV and Vinnie smiles to herself.
The scene shifts to the BFFs. They are having fun and enjoying themselves. Sanju is in full mood and dances. Prithvi smiles a little looking at her he takes pink colour in his hand and walk towards Sanju. Just then he bumps into Varun. Varun says that people get much courageous on Holi that’s why Prithvi said truth to Sanju. Prithvi says Sanju was right that Varun will never change. He walks away from there and goes to Sanju. Sanju is still dancing.Varun comes nar hear playing the drum.Sanju continues to dance with him. Prithv gets annoyed seeing this. Sanju imagines Prithvi saying I love You to her. But when she sees Prithvi stopping she goes away from there. An annoyed Varun applies handful of colour on his face
The scene changes to Mac and Ela .Mac asks Ela if she fine because she had taken much bhaang. Ela gets annoyed with him and insults him saying that he is a loser. She had said him hundreds of times before that its over between them still he comes back to her. Mac gets annoyed with her gesture and says that nowonwards she will never see his love for her. He says that finnaly it really over between them and he deletes her number from his phone and leaves.
Sanju is standing and watching others enjoy.The mystery man comes near her and hugs her from behind. He says I love you to her. Sanju thinks its Prithvi and says she had been waiting for him for a long time. The MM applies pink colour to her and leaves. Sanju opens her eyes and is shocked to see Prithvi in front of her talking to someone. She turns behind and sees the MM going aways. Sanju shouts the MM to stop. All the people come near her and ask whats the matter. She someone just applied colour to her and points at the MM. Prithvi runs behind the MM.
Prithvi is running behind the MM. They run out of the college. Prithvi almost catches him near some stall but the MM attacks him with a knife. Prithvi’s hand gets a bit injured.He again runs behind the MM. But he is caught in the creowd and the MM runs away. Prithvi gets hold of a bit of MM’s shirt during this. He returns to the college and says that the MM ran away. They ask him if it was varun. Prithvi says it maybe because Varun had worn the same kind of Bandana like the MM. Sanju wonders if it was really Varun nd the episode ends.

Precap: Sanju and Prithvi are walking together and Sanju asks him when is he leaving. Prithvi gives her something and leaves. Sanju is upset when he leaves

Update Credit to: sweetz1204

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