Suvreen Guggal 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 26th September 2013 Written Update

Suvreen is shown thinking about her conversation with Yuvraj and also the way Ira spoke to her.She is sad and lost in thoughts when Maddy enters the room.He tells her I am going to meet Manini.There is no response from Suvreen.He says have u spoken to Yuvraj she says no.He tells her u know why there is problem between India and pakistan because of lack of communication.He takes her phone and calls yuvraj.maddy says hello yuvraj says do whatever u want I am not interested and cuts the phone.
Here in the office preti and rohan are talking while having coffee.He tells her she makes good coffee.Preti are u saying this because I am leaving he says No.Rohan tells her not to leave,but she says she has to go.
Back at Suvreen house ,maddy tells her u cannot abort the plan after

working so much for it.Personal problems we will sort later.To which Suvreen says this is always the case I solve personal problems later and thats why Yuvraj gets angry.To which maddy says he is going according to the plan ,next u do what u have to do and leaves.
Here at Iris everybody gives farewell to preti,she cuts the cake and gets emotional.about how iris has polished her skills.Rc,ira.geeti everybody get emotional.later Rc tells ira its time to go to sign the papers.ira refuses to accompany him.
At mani ni’s office maddy enters and says its hot.manini says its perfect day for her.At that time locker repair man arrives.he removes the locker ,places on the table and opens it.At that time maddy is murmuring good girl l please call.He removes all papers at that time Suvreen gives call to manini.She tells u have called to say sorry.suvreen says no.She tells her she smarter than her and very soon she will realise.Suvreen instigates manini ,so she gets up goes little away from table and busy in the conversation.At that time maddy takes fake paper and replaces with original.At that time manini turns and paper falls down,She tells to samar they are imp papers.Suvreen hears this and is happy.Later he picks it up keeps them back on the table.keeps the original paper with him.He tells lodly he has kept it back and since she is busy he will levave.Suvreen hears this and keeps the phone.
Maddy walks away in the corridor lost in his thoughts just then RC arrives.He calls him but he doesn;t listen.
Suvreen calls maddy and he tells her contract is with him but Rc is already at Manini office to sign the contract.He tells her to call him.

Rc enters the office and sits.manini asks whether he wants coffee or tea.he doesnot respond.She tells she feels sorry for him but its purely business dealings.Rc ignores and she gives the contract to sign.Rc reads the paper.

Precap;At iris everybody is happy and Rc asks suvreen what did she say.To which she says she is pepper.Rc ira rohan are surprised.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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