The Buddy Project 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 26th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th September 2013 Written Update

RanSh are respectively thinking about conflicting thoughts regarding the elections. RV says he can’t risk his friendships for his agendas, so he won’t compete in the elections. Instead, he’d wholly support the candidate of his party. There, KD says his brother taught him a lesson that competing between friends doesn’t mean friendship is over. There’s a thing called healthy competition as well. He cares too much for his agendas to not do anything. Hence, he will compete.

At ICC, RV arrives in front of JJ’s office where Avi and Ds are waiting. He goes inside and says to JJ he won’t compete in the elections. JJ informs him that this will give advantage to KD who has already filed his nomination. RV is stunned. Avi tries riling RV but JJ tells him to not

force RV if he isn’t convinced. But on the spot, RV agrees to compete and files in his nomination.

KD catches up to RV and tells him that he has agreed to compete as he cares too much about his agendas. RV says he already knows this which shocks KD and he gets guilty that he didn’t tell RV personally. RV tells him that he’ll competing against him. The two friends talk it out and decide that they’ll do this election in good faith so that whoever wins, will ultimately benefit the college. (This is a must watch scene! Kunal Jaisingh and Fahad Ali give such powerhouse performances, expressing subtle things so effortlessly! Clap)

Piddi, Kiya and Panchi are wondering where RanSh are. Piddi says they might be hiding cuz of the nominations. Avi comes there and informs them that RanSh have filed their nominations. Hearing this, Kiya excuses herself to go find KD. Avi sits and asks Panchi who is she going to support between her friends? Panchi says she’ll support RV as she relates to his ideas more but that doesn’t mean things will be sour between her and KD. Piddi says he has no POV regarding this elections as he’s a common man. Avi wonders what will happen to RanSh’s girlfriends as CW is supporting KD and Kiya will support RV. This election will the real loyalty test of the friendship. Panchi is not too comfortable with the way Avi says all this.

KD is with the Cs, strategizing when Kiya comes over wanting to talk to him. Cs all disperse. Kiya tells KD that she doesn’t support his agendas. KD is surprised hearing this and they get in a little debate about his idea of putting CCTV cameras all over. Kiya feels it’s like an infrigement to her privacy while KD says they are doing this after whatever happened to her and to prevent such situations from happening again. Kiya says on a personal level, she can understand him but when she thinks of the college, she likes RV’s ideas more. KD isn’t too pleased hearing this but says it’s alright if she doesn’t support him, the results will ultimately decide who was right and who wasn’t.

Precap – RV asks Kiya to support him in the elections.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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