Meri Bhabhi 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy and Papa discussing about jaya. Papa complains about jaya and jaya hears them talking. Mummy explains jaya that the atmosphere is tensed because of her. jaya says what did I do, everyone wants me to be quiet. Should I not tell if I find anything wrong. Mummy says you felt bad that we sold the land, because you felt that land belonged to Ashish, but we are there for him. Mummy says you are the future of this house, how will you do if we don’t be here. She says you have to learn things, do your duties from tomorrow. jaya agrees. Mummy smiles and tells Papa did you see how she got my point. Papa says you explained her well, but she did not understand. Mummy says lets see tomorrow.

The next morning, Shraddha is working in the kitchen. Papa talks to

Anand about the land documents. Anand asks him not to worry. Shraddha brings tea for Papa. Papa asks is jaya not helping you. Shraddha says I will do everything. jaya comes and says I m not well today, I understood what Mummy said. Mummy asks what happened. jaya says I m having head ache. I thought of helping Shraddha but I m not well. She says sorry. Mummy asks her to take rest. jaya leaves. Anand leaves for office. Dhruv comes and says I want to go to Kittu’s house, as Kunal promised that he will play game with me. Papa calls Kittu.

Kittu asks him did you had medicines. Kittu talks to Dhruv. He says I m missing you. She says you are missing Kunal, I know. Kittu asks him to come to her house with Shraddha. Dhruv tells Shraddha shall we go to meet Kittu. Shraddha says no. Kittu talks to Shraddha and invites her to her house. Kittu says come here for Dhruv’s sake. Dhruv requests and Papa insists. Shraddha agrees. Kittu says I will ask Kunal to pick you. jaya hears this and gets angry. She tells Ashish that Kamini aunty is busy. Ashish asks what happened. He says are you acting? She says what do you want, I become a slave. Ashish takes family’s side and she gets angry. She says they did wrong with you. Ashish says forget it, I m explaining you what they want to say, you should listen to me, else Papa will say I can’t take care of you.

She taunts him. Mummy hears them and asks is your head ache fine now. jaya says yes, its aching a lot, and even I got fever. Mummy says lets check the temper. jaya says no need. Ashish says she is irritated. He says she will be fine, don’t worry. Mummy is about to leave. jaya says sorry, I will come to help you once I m fine. Mummy says I will manage. jaya says stop Shraddha for your help. Mummy says let her go, I don’t want any help, you take rest.

Kamini is busy in work. Kittu asks is someone coming. Kamini says we are keeping Mata ki Chowki and Kunal’s to be in laws are coming to give us the invitation card. jaya calls Kamini and tells her that Kunal is coming to take Shraddha and Dhruv and how will it look infront of his in laws. What will they think. Kamini is shocked. jaya says did Kittu not tell you. Kittu comes and tells Kamini that Shraddha and Dhruv is coming with Dhruv. jaya cuts the call. Kamini scolds Kittu for asking Shraddha and Dhruv to come here. Kamini overreacts. She says the girl’s family will be here and will ask Shraddha about her past. Kittu says I will take care, you don’t worry. Kamini is tensed.

Shraddha asks Dhruv not to be adamant in playing games. Dhruv says I will play with Kunal. Papa says Dhruv knows how to behave in other’s house. Mummy asks Shraddha are you not ready. Kunal will be coming now. Shraddha says I will do the work. Mummy sends her. jaya says if Shraddha goes, then I have to go. jaya says shall I go with Shraddha and meet Kittu. Mummy says you are ill right. jaya says yes, it will be a change. Mummy says it won’t look good if everyone goes. Mummy says what will you do there. jaya says nothing. jaya insists. Mummy says ok go. jaya smiles and thanks her.

Kittu says the breakfast is ready. Kamini is angry. Kittu asks what happened. Kamini scolds Kittu for calling Shraddha. Kamini says call her and ask her not to come here. Kittu says Kunal might have reached there and Dhruv will be upset. Kamini says Shraddha is after Kunal. Kittu says its not like that. Dhruv is waiting for Kunal. Kunal comes and smiles seeing Shraddha and says Hi. Shraddha says Dhruv was asking about you and eating my brain. Kunal jokes. Kunal asks where is Mummy. Shraddha says she is not at home. Kunal asks are you ready. She says not yet. He helps Shraddha in work. jaya looks on. Kunal and Shraddha have an eyelock.
jaya thinks I should tell Kamini about this. Kittu says Dhruv was missing me so I called him here. She says I did not know that Kunal’s inlaws were coming here, she says I don’t care. Kamini says I care, because its about Kunal’s marriage. Kamini taunts Shraddha.

She says it won’t be good if anything happens because of Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha is very nice. Kamini says keep her away from this house and Kunal. Kittu says why do you think bad about Shraddha. She says this is the last time she is coming here, I won’t call her again. Kamini says I don’t want that unlucky girl to make her shadow fall on us. Kittu wishes everything goes on fine.

The girl’s family asks about Kunal. Kunal enters with Dhruv and Shraddha. The girl’s family is shocked. Shraddha feels odd seeing them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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