Suvreen Guggal 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 25th June 2013 Written Update

Meera sees Suvreen and Suvreen hides under the table.. Alisha the witch is also looking at all this from far… they show Iris office Geeti tell Vikram she will move on in life… RC and Ira ask SUvreen what’s wrong why she is sitting under the table.. Suvi tells them she is finding her contact lense… she tells them she found her lense she excuses herself and goes to the washroom… Alisha the witch hides from Suvi… we see Suvi talking to the mirror she says after one problem another rises she goes I can’t handle anymore.. Alisha the witch is talking to herself saying she says Suvreen is hiding something for sure I will expose Suvreen secret (the witch got nothing better to do hate her) Meera and Ira both come to the washroom and Suvreen hides from them.
Suvreen is panicking she doesn’t know what to do… she says there is no window here even.. she says I hope these two don’t talk to each other.. they show Suvreen point of view she says Ganuji I wish I could manage time I could do the office work on time and freelance work on time and I wish there was a mirror here. Suvreen then texts Meera saying to meet outside v spot cafe.. Suvreen tells RC she needs to leave… RC tells her to finish breakfast… Suvreen says No she has to go her aunty needs some med and Suvreen leaves.
Alisha the witch says guggal because of you I’m playing hide and seek in the washroom you will have to pay for this guggal (hope you stay locked up there forever witch Alisha) Now we see Suvreen talking to Meera outside V spot cafe Suvreen asks Meera if she has her glasses.. Meera says no… Suvreen says my glasses are at home I have to go now.
Suvreen comes to office Ira asks her how is her aunty? Alisha says Uncle Ira asks her what she says I thought you were talking to me… Suvreen says aunty is ok… Suvreen says Alisha is up to something for sure.. Ira says she wants everyone to prepare 2 sketches for the wedding collection K3G Sarees and Kuch Kuch Hoth Hai Lenghas.
Rohan tell Preeti his girlfriend Trisha is coming to Mumbai so they could all go out together him and Trisha and Preeti and Raj… Preeti tells Suvreen all this Suvreen tells her now to cover 1 lie you have to tell 100 lies… Suvreen sees a lot of miss calls on her phone some from Yuvraj and some from Palash… she rings Palash he tells her he wants to meet her regarding the AD work.
Suvreen then rings Yuvraj he says Topper why didn’t you call me… she tells him it’s a long story she will tell him after she then tells him she met Meera and all now she has meeting with Palash at 9pm Yuvraj says he will take her to the meeting and wait for her.. Suvreen says no she will go herself she tells him he can’t go everywhere with her she needs to learn to go herself everywhere… Yuvraj says to meet him after at his place.. Suvreen says No RC has given new project so she has to do 2 sketches.. Yuvraj says it’s ok we will meet after all the best for the meeting.
Now we see Suvreen in the cafe having meeting with Palash he talks about the vivel face wash and tells her about the AD he shows Suvreen the AD through the laptop… he says we need a designers that can connect with the youth Meera suggested you he said I have mailed you the storyboard and I want the sketches by tomorrow.. Suvreen is shocked.
Suvreen comes home there is no electricity in her house…she says she forgot to pay the electricity bill… she says her phone battery is dead how will she check her mail and make the designs Suvreen is worried.

Precap- Yuvraj tells Suvreen she never has time for him he always waits to talk to her.. Suvreen tells him it’s not her fault he has no work she has a lot of work to do… it’s not her fault her life isn’t as smooth as his life he is not taking his career seriously.

Update Credit to: Anam_ali

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