Dil Dosti Dance 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th June 2013 Written Update

The boys and girls are in the auditorium keep talking about what to perform when Neha suggests freestyle.Vicky says it is common to which Neha replies saying even you are common man.Barath says hip hop which all agree.Vicky says girls cant do as they need energy and Barath supports them.The girls get shock and boys vs girls argument start.Here Rey is below Taani’s house.Taani asks him to go. Rey says I love you.Taani says but I don’t,Rey replies saying your eyes say so. Taanji says he has mistaken and closes the window and pulls the curtain.

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Girls Vs Boys start in the dance when Barath spins a bottle and it points to girls.The song Aa dekhe zara starts and Neha starts with it followed by Vicky and this continues .Barath

cap falls while does a step when Sharon picks and throws it back to boys.Swayam asks her what through actions when Sharon shows her thumbs down.The dance continues and Sharon turn comes when she does a step and moves towards towards boys and pulls Swayam.Swayam keeps looking and girls in.Swayam asks Sharon how can you say me a looser.The girls keep saying boys are a looser and boys get tensed.

Rey in is his room pacing to and fro and thinking what he must do.He decides that he must be the spark and light Taani’s life.Rey also says many come and ask him for plan and he can make one.Swayam just enters and Rey asks what.Swayam says she called me a looser.He says about how the bots Vs girls took place and Rey says its girls birthright to show boys down.Rey asks challenge with Sharon Rai Prakash you guys have gone.Swayam says we are official couple.Rey ays but she is a girl first.Swayam asks so will I become her punching bag.Rey says you will also become her curdling pillow when she is sad.Both sit down and Rey asks what happened and wait you kept looking and loose her.

The girls are in Sharon home partying when boys come and see that and says they are back and hear they are enjoying,Each girl says bad about their guy.First Aashi says about Barath.The guys laugh.Simmi makes fun of Nilesh rap and tells a rap saying give me the beat guys and raps Nilesh bad.Neha says Vicky wastes the opportunity. A guy waits for a chance and he looses the chance to kiss.the girls are about to tell about Swayam when Sharon says he is not so.He respects the girls.Aashi supports him to.The boys hear says that Swayam made them loose and all girls supporting him.The girls see a movement and turn and boys hide down.Rinni comes and checks and finds no one around.

Swayam asks Rey for help as he has promised Sharon that he will be best boy friend.Rey says he cant.Swayam says Rey is hero and he can.He asks him again and again and Rey accepts.Swayam turns towards Rey’s face where ever he sees.Both si and Swayam keeps staring at him.Rey says don’t see me like this or I wont get an idea.Swayam instanly moves behind sits and sees Rey.When Swayam asks again Rey says he can see in net if its so fast.Swayam sits back.

The guys plan to trouble girl and lights the hey in-front of the room and smoke fills up causing the girls to cough.The girls come back and says boys have so much ego.Cant they use brain.Aashi says they don’t have one.Neha says they don’t have common sense only non sense.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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