Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

The father says to his sons the manager is coming to Srirampur. And he is a constable of our police station. It won’t work with just him. It is our responsibility to take care of all the preparations. That’s why I want that all 3 of you help Kanhaiya with the safety of the area. There should be no problem with you guys there. The youngest son says but I have a match that day so…The father says when will you forget about this match of yours. Day and night its all about match match match. If not on the filed then you watch it on tv. Get this match out of your head. You’ll get nothing out of it. Its useless stuff. The sister says father, Kamal will go too. He will have to listen to you. And as soon as all of your work is done, you all will come straight home. Like every year, today too I have made something special for dad’s birthday. Remember to return on time. The 3 brothers leave.

Kanhaiya is on the phone. He says its inspector Kanhaiya speaking. Did you leave for the mandhir or not? Haven’t left yet? Inform me whenever you leave. The 3 brothers arrive and are walking up to Kanhaiya.

Part 2:

Kanhiaya says on the phone, okay I’m hanging up. The eldest brother says, Kanhaiya ji. I’ve brought my entire gang here. The minister is coming right. So we thought there should be nothing that goes wrong. The minister will be happy and if he wants he can stay at our place. Kanhaiya says I didn’t think you’ll come to see me, but you came. It makes me happy. This is my duty. The government pays me. I’m an inspector. I’ll take care of everything. The middle brother says what do you mean? The minister is coming to our town for the first time. It is a matter of pride for our town, for us, and for our family. The youngest brother says its not just us 3 brothers. Our gulabo will also help us. Kanhaiya says its a good thing that you all are trying to help the police. Okay so help me. The eldest brother tells his younger brother, so whatever inspector Kanhaiya tells us we’ll follow him and do exactly what he says. The middle brother says I feel so proud today. It feels like I’m sacrificing my life for our country. I feel like a soldier on the border. Left right left. Today on this occasion I’ll certainly sing dad’s favorite song. He starts singing a song. Kanhaiya says okay okay enough. Stop this singing. We’re here to fulfill our duty. The minister should be arriving very soon. The eldest brother says go go. There shouldn’t be any room for any complaint. They all disperse.

The sister seems to be writing something when a servant comes up to her and says Sona is here to meet you. She says arey Sona please come. Sona says I was getting bored in the guesthouse, so I thought…The sister says we didn’t even realize until after you left, that we should have asked you to stay back. Good thing you came. In our talks we won’t even know when time will pass. And I’ll get some help too with you here. I’ve already made so many things to eat, but I still have to make Dal Makni and Paneer. Is this all the ingredients for the Paneer Korma? She hands Sona a list and Sona checks it. THe sister asks there’s nothing wrong right? Sona says waise you have everything, but … may I write on this. The sister says yes. Sona says you’ll need elichi. 2 spoons of coconut powder. 1 spoon of cashew. 1 spoon of pista. And heavy cream. The taste will be much better with the addition of these ingredients. The sister says thank you Sona. Because of your help, I’ll get a lot of praises. I wouldn’t have known how to make it this way. I only know the simple way. Sona says no problem. Chitrasi I had to ask you something. She says yes? Sona says the corridor near the kitchen…There’s a photo there of a little boy. Who is he? She says photo? What photo are you talking about?

Part 3:

The youngest brother says, Kamal being brave is an art. Whoever has it keeps growing. The more your practice, the more braver you become. He keeps going on about bravery. Kanhaiya walks towards them. HE says to him, in our country all the brave people have one way…A girl is walking nearby. I mean very far…Kanhaiya asks do you know that girl? I mean you got scared seeing her. I thought maybe you know her…Kamal says Kanhaiya ji he gets scared seeing every girl. He can’t stand so much distance. Right brother? He talks a lot about bravery and all, but he isn’t brave at all. And he trembles a lot. The middle brother says enough. Don’t say more. Stop talking your nonsense or else your gulabo will also feel bad. Kanhaiya notices a man carrying a child up the mandhir stairs. HE starts having flashbacks.

Chitrasi asks Sona what photo are you talking about. They are walking towards that corridor. Sona says I’m…She points to the place where she saw it but there is no photo there. Chitrasi says what happened Sona? Why did you stop? Sona says I had seen it here, but now the photo isn’t here. The father walks up behind them. HE asks what photo are you talking about? Sona says I had seen a photo here, but…maybe someone…The father says you must have had a dream. Sona thinks to herself the photo was here. Something is not right. Chitrasi says I forgot I have a lot of work in the kitchen. I’ll go and finish it up. She leaves. The father leaves too. Sona thinks to herself I did see the photo. They are certainly avoiding it. Maybe they are hiding something.

The eldest brother says Kanhaiya when will the minister come? Kanhaiya says he must be on the way and should be here any minute. By the way what do you keep drinking all day? The eldest brother says here have a sip. If this doesn’t do wonders then my name isn’t Bima…Kanhaiya says Bima is the…The eldest says yes, but he loves his brother a lot. He is about to drink it but the smell gets to him first and he says this is alcohol. He says yes…on this note have a drink. Kanhaiya says if you don’t mind may I ask you something? What kind of problem do you have that you keep drinking so much? There must be a reason. The eldest brother says um to forget something big I have to drink this…Kanhaiya says the thing is people want to remember some things. They want to remember words and memories. But you want to forget them. The eldest brother says yes…I have to urge to drink, but didn’t know that what I needed. Now I don’t even remember what to remember. Kanhiaya says I love poems and such…Kamal says Gulabo let go of it. Kanhaiya runs to Kamal. GUlabo is pulling on someone’s saree. Kanhaiya tries getting Gulabo off of the person. Kanhaiya notices a watch on the person’s arm. He gets the animal off of the person and notices that the person is wearing jeans. Kanhaiya reveals his face. Kanhaiya asks who are you? Why have you come in disguise? Answer me. When the guy stays quiet Kanhaiya slaps him. Kanhaiya says will you speak or…he pulls at a gun and points it at him. The guy says no no no. Don’t shoot me. I’m a very small person. This is all the planning of our head of the gang. Kanhaiya asks who is your boss? And what is the planning? The guy says don’t shoot please. We have a gang. And the head of the gang sent me here to check out the security measures. And the head of our gang is planning to kill the minister. But it is not my fault. I’m innocent. Let me go. I’m a very poor man. Kanhaiya says stop this drama of crying. Until we get every full detail and inquiry about this, till then I won’t let you breath any sigh of relief. Lock him up, he says to the other constables. Kanhaiya makes a call. He says we’ll have to cancel the visit of the minister. It has to do with his safety. There is a local gang who was planning to kill the minister. One of the members is caught. I’m trying to find out more info on the rest. As soon as I find anything out, I’ll inform you immediately. Okay okay. He hangs up. Kamal says did you see how smart my Gulabo is? You were talking about bravery and all, did you see. He made us proud. The middle brother says no matter how much bravery this bakri shows, I won’t believe it. Kanhaiya thinks to himself because of this mess we’ll have to stay one more day here.

Sona walks in the kitchen and says Chitrasi? Sona says to herself she’s not in the kitchen. Where could she be? Sona starts walking around the house to find her. Her eye spots something in a room. She tries to budge the window open more so she can see the full image. Sona says it looks like a portrait. But I can’t see it clearly. I’ll have to see it from close. She is about to open the door when Chitrasi comes and stops her. She says please don’t open this. No one has ever opened this door before. And it’ll be best if you don’t open it either. Sona says I’m sorry. I saw some antique things from the window so I got curious…Chitrasi says I understand. No one has permission to enter this room. Even I don’t go. Sona says its my fault. I should have asked you before trying to open it. Sorry. Chitrasi says no problem. What happened, happened. COme let’s go to the kitchen. Sona says sure. Sona looks back at the room.

Precap: Sona enters the room. She sees the father touching the portrait. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: cutiepie_rani

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