Suvreen Guggal 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the office. Alisha says the star is arrived in Mumbai. Pritty gets happy. Pritty say yay and goes. After she goes Alisha takes the book of Pritty and looks on it. It’s written on it: V Spot caf at 8 am. And then while Pritty comes Alisha puts the book on the table.. Pritty says that she lied.. there was not Janveer.. (dunno how to spell it) and then Alisha goes.
Soni has the phone on her hand and sits on the couch. For waits for a call.. and then her phone rings. They selected her for the shoot, she hangs up and jumps and shouts: yes!! after a while someone is ringing on the door.. she opens the door and it’s Samar. He has a newspaper on his hand and searches for someone.. and asks where is he?? Soni asks who?? He says : you have shouted too much so I thought there is someone.. Soni asks him if there is someone you wanted to beat him with a newspaper?? (his face is too funny yaar.. ) and then he asks why she was shouting.. she says that she is selected for the shoot so all thanks to him.. He says that it’s ok but he is not interested in her.. he goes to the kitchen, she follows him. He takes ice and asks where is guggal?? Is she romancing?? and then he goes but she stops him and asks him for advices.. he says : My advice is, don’t do someones advices.. and then he says thanks for the ice and goes.
In the office. Rohan sees Pritty.. she turns around. He goes to her and says that he was searching for her in the morning. Pritty says that she is busy and goes.
In the night. Suvreen designs something at home.. Soni brings her coffee.. and then Suvi looks at the clock it’s too late.. but suvi is still designing.. Soni goes to bed.

In the morning. Suvreen is in delhi (at the v spot caf) and shows her designs to someone. The girl says that everything is great. Suvreen gets happy and calls Yuvraj.. (they are really cute ) suvi says that she likes her designs. And she says that the girl has recommended her name to anyone else too.. he says I said na! She asks when did you say that?? he says : ok if I didn’t say that then I’ll say it now. He says let us celebrate it today.. and then she sees Rehan coming to the caf. She gets shocked and tensed. She says that there is urgent work to do then she hangs up. She stands up and wants to go but then she sees Alisha coming. And then she goes to other side but there comes Ira.. she gets more tensed.. Thank god nobody saw her. RC is talking on the phone, Alisha is sitting. Suvi sits. Rc asks ira are you ok??? She says yes.. and then RC sits too. Ira asks him what to order?? He says ofcourse cornflakes.. they laugh.. (loll’ Alisha and Suvreen are sitting on the same table.. ) but they don’t see each other. Suvi wants to go but then RC sees her.

In the office. Pritty waits for Suvreen. But Rohan comes. Pritty takes the phone and makes as she is talking to RC.. Rohan waits for Pritty’s call to end. He asks her did you like the v spot caf?? (pretty said that she is going with her boyfriend to v spot)

RC says Suvreen. He asks what r u doing here?? Come sit.. Suvi says that she says that her uncle is not well. Alisha watches them behind. She talks to herself : I knew it that she is here. Suvreen wants to go but RC stops her with saying you are reacting like you are working with someone else.! Suvi gets shocked.. she says ofcourse not. RC gives his breakfast to Suvi and orders another one. Suvreen sits next to RC. Ira gets jealous. And then the girl comes and sits. Suvreen sees her and gets shocked and tensed. The girl sees her.

Suvreen goes to the washroom. Alisha goes to any toilet and closes the door. Suvreen comes in, she says: please no problems anymore..! Alisha hears everything and says that she is hiding something. She looks out and nobody is there she gets relieved, she takes her bag and goes out but then she sees Ira and the girl coming here. She is in trouble!

Update Credit to: nazomel

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