Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji thinking about the proposal. Daddu says why are you thinking so much. Tau ji recollects what Khanna said, he says we will confirm what they said. Hoshiyar calls Khanna and tells him everything. Khanna says how will we do that. Hoshiyar says we have to go Bahadurgad. jeevanlal asks about the village, Rajender says you cannot do anything. Khanna scolds him, saying we will take everything in our hands. jeevanlal says he will go, but first he will help them.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

He is working on his computer, and thinks of Simran. His sister comes and says there is a good news, she says we brought the photo of Simran. He is shocked. He says we went to see her for you. She says look once, he says don’t disturb me. He says what will happen, she insists. He says ok, show me the photo. She is about to show the photo, the phone falls as Tau ji calls her. Rajveer gets back to work. He thinks is this a coincidence, he felt Rano would him Simran’s photo. Is this a game of fate?

Scene shifts to Khanna:

Khanna, jeevanlal, Hoshiyar and Rajender is going to Bahadurgad. Khanna says jeevanlal will create a trouble for us. Tau ji calls someone asking for Bahadurgad’s sarpanch’s phone no.
Khanna and everyone come to the sarpanch. Khanna asks jeevanlal not to come with them. They talk about Sham Sunder Saangwaan. They make him understand their plot. Hoshiyar explains him what to say when Tau ji calls him. The sarpanch shouts on them saying he won’t do as they say. Khanna requests him, Tau ji calls him. But he does not take his call. The sarpanch asks them to leave. jeevanlal comes and he is the friend of the sarpanch. They hug and talk friendly. The phone rings again. jeevanlal asks him to do as they said. jeevanlal says its about a girl’s love story.

He talks to Tau ji, and says he knows Tilawar Singh. Tau ji asks him was the girl educated, he says no. Tau ji asks him few questions, and he tells him as Khanna told him. They get happy. Even Tau ji is happy.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

Rajveer comes to know that the family has selected a girl for him. His mum gets very happy. jhumri shows him the photo with a girl with ghunghat. Rajveer thinks my fate is like this only, no one can change it. Simran is talking to Rajveer’s photo, and he calls him. He talks to Dimpy. Simran hears it on speaker. He asks for Simran’s well being. He asks Simran is marrying in anger, or with happiness. Dimpy says life does not wait for anyone. He says I pray for her. He says don’t tell her that I called. Simran gets happy.

Scene shifts to Khanna:

Khanna thanks jeevanlal, Simran also thanks him. He says this is because of your true love. Everyone smile. Rajender’s phone rings, its Tau ji’s call. Tau ji says we are ready for the proposal, as we like the girl. Tau ji says we are ready for the marriage, let it happen soon. Rajender says even we are ready. Tau ji says we will do the engagement and marriage on coming week. The women smile. Tau ji asks him to start the engagement’s preparations.
Khanna and Rajender hug, and everyone laugh and congratulate Simran.
Dimpy’s mum says what will happen when Rajveer and Simran see each other in engagement, as he does not know he is marrying Simran. Everyone gets tensed.

Khanna is tensed and says he does not know what to do. Dimpy’s dad says they have to face each other one day. Khanna says what will happen now. Khanna asks whose idea was this, Simran says she has an idea. She says Rajveer will not know her. She smiles.

Its engagement day, Simran is in her ghunghat. Rajveer is tensed and puts a ring on her finger.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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