Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
It starts with mamaji giving lecture to Antara. He said that “whatever is happening with your mom is happening because of him, is this what you want?” antara denied. Mamaji continued ” so I guess you will control yourself and stop all this”. After this mamaji moved out of the room followed by mamiji. Antara looked at her mom and felt sad.
Manohar stopped his car in front of daya mai’s house and was about to enter when some guard stopped him and asked about when daya mai is coming and Manohar told him that she is Daya mai whenever she wants she comes.

After that he enters if room and and smiled looking at bed. Seems that someone was lying there. And he too sit beside when some lady enters laughing at him. and he felt happy looking

at her and asked her when did you came back. And she replied ” 1990 se 95 ke beech.. now don’t ask more then this else age will be revealed. Well how many times I have told you that auraton se umar or kamar nahi puchni chayiye, warna thappad pad sakta hai”. He felt happy and hymed her named RASIKA thrice. Manohar said that “he is flat all her way of answering the simple question in a very twisted way. I only asked you when did you came.” To his Rasika said you forgive things as you only send me a car. She asked him the purpose of visiting the police station more or less(this was highlighted). Then Manohar stated that it was Raghu for whom he has to go. Listening to Raghu’s name Rashika was excited. She asked him whether he is ok or he is still in jail. Manohar said if he wants then Raghu will always remain in jail but he is Daya mai’s favourite. She also asked About Govind and said that I know it couldn’t be Raghu that have created problem but you. but if Raghu will get to know then he will go something against Manohar. Manohar start abusing Raghu.

Scene shifts to Antara’s house. Ishu is shown lying besides appa but actually he was pretending. He opened his eyes and confirmed Apaa to be asleep and the went out of the house. A minute before Raghu and his friends came to nearby place. Ishaan saw them and moved towards them with slow steps. And picked a big stone. He was about to throm when battery comes at the back of Raghu and ishaan stopped. Again he tried but same thing happened. But finally when Battery, machmach and Raghu were aparting Ishaan threw the stone. And Raghu turned in anger. Machmach and battery proceeded to scold Ishann saying how dare you hit our bhai when Raghu stopped them and stepped towards Ishaan. Ishaan angrily said ” you are a bad person, you locked our house and because of you my mother was crying. You are a very bad person.”

Then only Antara saw that Ishaan is not there in his place and the door was open. She heard his voive coming from outside. She out that he is with Raghu and his friends and so she rushed towards Ishaan. She stopped Ishaan that everything is ok now calm down. But Ishaan said that di this person is really bad. Then again battery started but Ragu stopped him. Anatara took some steps close to Raghu and said that she knows that all the people here are afraid of him and made you a god but she is not afraid of him. she told him that her mamaji has told him to be away from him so I don’t want to mess with you anymore. But yesterday it was the first time that her mom was calling her and she couldn’t be there for her. She said that whenever she called her mom, her mom was always ran to her but yesterday it was the first time and its all because of you. she warned Raghu that if at all anything would have been bad to her mother then she had not spared him. She left saying that. To all this Raghu didn’t said a word.

Raghu too left the place. He opened the shower at the terrace was thinking of this past. Flashback started from a lady screaming Raghu … Raghu.. she was ill. Raghu( as a small boy of around 14 years) went to a shop to ask for money but that man refused. He then theft a wallet but caught by the police and was behind the bars. He pleaded there also that his mother is ill let him go. He is then showed with his mother who was lying lifeless on the bed and he was screaming ma… maa…

Raghu came back to the reality and closed the shower. The drunken man was again saying something that it is the first time and blab la bla…

Ishaan was playing with boys and he fall. Then Raghu helped indirectly helped him by letting other boys caught by saying something….

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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