Suvreen Guggal 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in Delhi. Tanu wrote a message to Yuvraj she wrote: If you want to know about Suvreen call me! Yuvraj calls her. Tanu says hello. He says Suvreen??? She : You don’t know your girlfriends voice ?? He says yes I am but how did you get to know that? She says that suvi told her. She tells everything what happened to Suvi in Mumbai. How they met. And how suvi came to the office. Suvreen stays in the office since two days. He says that she doesn’t want to talk to him.. Tanu says that he has to understand her, she is angry. He says thanks and then they hang up. Tanu thinks: Sorry suvreen, I called Yuvraj without telling you.

Suvreen is in the office and almost crying. She imagines what happened in yesterdays episode. At that time everyone is doing the shooting. The girl liked the shooting but she is still angry. And then Ira comes to Suvreen. She screams at her. Everything happened because of her. She says YOU ARE FIRED!! Everyone hears how ira screams at Suvi. Alisha smileys.. And then Rehan comes and says that it’s not Suvreen’s fault. It’s his fault, if she wants to fire anyone then she can fire him and not suvreen. Ira doesn’t believe that RC is saying that.. She gets angry and goes. Rehan goes behind her. Suvreen is almost crying. Suvi goes down the stairs very slowly. Everyone looks at her. Some of them are talking about her. And then Alisha comes with angry face and asks how can you do that?? Because of you is our job in trouble. And then she goes.. she looks at Suvreen behind her and smileys..

Suvreen is standing in the office she is very sad. Preeti comes and says that she would stay here but her mum and dad would not allow her to stay here. Suvi says that she will go.. Preeti says that she meant to say that she will lock the door after she goes. I know you stay here. I knew that in the first day. Don’t be tensed I won’t tell it anyone. And then she goes.. Suvreen is alone in the office again. She imagines how she left Delhi. And her fight with Yuvraj. And how jolly said that she doesn’t have to stay here, she has to pack her bag and go. And then she cries .. and sits on the floor. (She cries very badly) She talks to herself that she can’t do anything.. After a while she stopped crying and stands up. She goes to a computer and writes an e-mail to Rehan. It writes: RC Sir, what I’ve did to you today, it was not good.. I know I can’t do anything. I’m really sorry sir.. This is my resignation letter. Regards, Suvreen Guggal. She thinks: I don’t deserve to be here. She wants to send it but then Yuvraj send a message to her. It writes: Only for you, please do not delete. (There is a link) She clicks.. Yuvraj has made a video for her.. with 2298 views.. He says this is only for you topper.! (how cute) He takes a guitar and starts to sing a song (Is dil ka main kya karo) Suvreen smileys.. And then she dreams.. (dance dream sequence ) Yuvraj wears a cap. Suvreen can’t see his face so she wants to take the cap out but he turns around. And then they begin to dance. He gives the cap to Suvreen. She wears it. And then he takes his guitar and is still singing the song. He takes a chair and sits on it. Suvreen is still dancing. IS DIL KA KYA KAROON MAIN!! After a while he stands up and brings a bike. He comes closer to Suvreen.. Suvi pushes him away.. she turns around and he is gone.. She looks at the computer. He is still singing the song. And then the song ends.

Episode ends.!

PRECAP: Yuvraj and Suvreen are having a video chat in Skype. Yuvraj asks what is your first wish?? She says food.. He asks food??? She tells that she doesn’t eat good food since she left Delhi. And then anyone is knocking on the door. Suvreen gets scared.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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