Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th April 2013 Written Update

onir is worried and doesn’t know where to look for purvi.. she then comes there! he hugs her and tells her how worried he was, suddenly realizes he was hugging her, releases her and asks her how she is? she begins to cry, and tells that their bags were stolen and she had gone to the police, he tells her there is no need to cry, there wasn’t much in the bag and she shouldn’t have run away with her foot hurt.. he then tells her they have a house now, she very happy, and they go to the new house..

at arjun’s office, the men at the meeting, comment that their md seems to be disinterested and they also decide to leave.. manav then tells dk, arjun’s mind is not in his work.. dk says its pari who is taking his time and attenetion and that surely manav understands how difficult it is to raise a child.. he tells manav to talk to ovi.. but manav says ovi has decided to move on.. so dk says she is making a hasty decision, pari needs her, if she wants to continue to model, he has no prob, also arjun will not have a prob.. he tells manav to convince ovi..

arjun rushes home, the doc says she just has a cold and he has given her meds.. he then asks arjun where his wife his, and that he heard from the servant that they are giving the baby formula feeds..the doctor tells arjun, that baby feeds are just a substitute for mother’s milk, and that an infant truly needs to have its mother’s milk…he goes on to tell he needs to resolve issues with his wife for the sake of the kid.

soham is working,and balan comes there, but soham ignores him and continues to work.. balan gets all dramatic starts crying and tells him how much he misses him.. ppl gather around to see whats going on.. soham tells them to mind their business.. seeing that soham is not listening to him.. balan takes out a gun and tells him, its new in market and has brought it for him.. soham says he has given up that way of life, now he has family to take care of.. balan persists, tells him to return to their village and that he can to do great things there.. soham gets agitated and yells at him and tells him, he will never return to his old ways.. balan also gets angry and tells him that he will see that he returns to their village.. he has brot him up and will make him do what he wants…

onir and purvi come to their new place, its a very small place and very dirty n messy.. purvi starts cleaning up and onir goes to get food and supplies.. purvi cleans the place and dozes off… onir comes there and cleans her wound, she wakes up.. he tells her to let him clean the wound, he is doctor and knows what he is doing.. he then realizes he no longer is a doc! purvi consoles him..onir has brot vada pav, they eat and got to sleep…they are sleeping separately on the floor, suddenly there is loud knock on the door.. there are cops outside they break the door, enter and arrest them both, for renting a place and getting a ‘girl’ there for the night… they protest and say that they are married.. but they don’t listen and take them to the station.. onir and purvi keep saying that they r married.. when the cops ask for a marriage certificate, purvi says their bag was stolen with all documents.. but the cops don’t believe her.. she then says she has filed an FIR at the other police station, but cop orders to put them in lock up along with the others they caught…

on the other side they show a worried arjun with pari.. recalling what the doctor had told him about the child’s need of a mother.

later at the police station , a constable brings in a thief, purvi recognises him as the same guy who stole their bag.. she tells the cops that.. and also the thief admits the same… the cops check the bags and realise they had wrongly arrested onir and purvi and release them.. purvi give the a cop a piece of her mind and tells him to investigate properly before arresting innocent ppl… the cop apologizes.

next day…arjun is out with pari on her pram at a park.. he looks around and sees other kids with their mothers.. he apologizes to pari and says how after listening to the truth, ovi’s affection for her has changed to hatred.

PRECAP: arjun seems to have walked away from the pram for a while..and when he gets back, finds pari missing…


Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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