The Buddy Project 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 24th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th April 2013 Written Update

RV suspects that Rukmini is under the table so he surprise checks it but she’s gone by then. He curses helplessly and sits dejectedly.

YaRa and PrShav are walking outside in pairs at a little distance from the other pair, each lost in their own thoughts. Piddi STTC that he doesn’t know what do to as everything is going on wrong and above all that Avantika refuses to leave him alone. KiSha are thinking about their deal. RV STTC that Rukmini is avoiding him because she’s mad at him but how is he supposed to apologize for that? Just then, a bike stops in front of RV and almost hits him. This makes everyone snap into reality. A girl and an old man get off the bike and RV mumbles that here comes another weird girl. The lady removes her helmet and asks if he is Ranveer? RV points at Kiya and says that’s Ranveer. The lady starts scolding RV that he thinks he’s so cool and all girls are dying for him just cuz he’s a little decent looking? (Lady, my Man is MORE than just “decent looking” ) RV wants to interrupt but she cuts across him saying he thinks he’s some supermodel that he’d post his pic and girls would start fighting for him! Ever since her innocent daughter has seen RV’s pic, she has removed Justin Bieber’s wallpaper and put up RV’s instead! And now she says this guy is her WOULD BE HUSBAND! RV, Kiya and KD are shocked hearing this while Piddi just wants to hide his face. The Lady continues that she will never allow that to happen! RV says she should do that and suggests that she put up JB’s pic as wallpaper again. The Lady continues her scolding session and asks her hubby to support her but he only weakly mumbles that what should he say? The Lady starts scolding him instead that she knew he’s a useless guy. To RV she warns to stay away from her daughter else she’d make sure his career doesn’t ever take flight. JJ stops on his way to see this scene. The Lady and Hubby sit on the bike and off the go. Once they are gone, RV bursts into laughter and Kiya joins him. There, PrShav also start laughing (New TBP ost plays in BG <3) and JJ also laughs seeing them. JJ whistles the camera and says all of them look so nice when they laugh, specially when they are laughing together. He leaves. The Buddies leave the college all laughing together (WHERE'S MY ANGEL?!? It seems incomplete without her )Kiya is making notes in her room for AvPi (not their official name but abhi ke liye kaam chala lo ) and STTC that normal ideas won't suit for a weird couple like them. She imagines a scene where they are sitting in a car's trunk with crackers going off around them which then changes to KiSha enjoying a romantic date She snaps back and forces herself to focus. She says to herself that she better forget romance and think something mad for them. To the camera she says that they like fighting and competing, right? Then she imagines AvPi having a basketball match which again shifts to KiSha romancing while playing (oooH! The music!! ) She snaps back again and tells herself to stop thinking and just go to sleep. She jumps in the bed but has a worried expression on her face.KD is checking some vids on his lappy when Shubh comes and asks for the lappy. KD says it's not theirs, when they will get their own he'd give it first to Shubh with his fav game in it. He tells him to go do his homework and Shubh replies that he can't, his pen broke in school. KD hands him his favorite pen. He then continues doing his work on laptop and burns a CD with some of Kiya's performances and says to himself that he better get to work from the next day.Omi tries calling KD but it's unreachable. So he calls Piddi who picks it up and starts firing away that he has been trying to reach "bhai", assuming that it's KD on the other hand. Omi says it's not his "Bhai" calling. Piddi jokes that for a "behen" (sister) the voice is too heavy and Omi reveals his identity that it's Piddi's other Bhai here. Piddi starts laughing and Omi asks why is he doing that? Piddi explains that some people have strange names like him. It's as if Omi came up with his own name by standing in front of the mirror, Omi sees himself in the mirror, and exclaiming "Oh! ME!!" Omi shuts him and off and says that he called KD but since he didn't pick up, he called Piddi instead. Piddi asks him not to talk about the challenge, if JJ finds out they'd be all disqualified. Omi says JJ won't know and he wants to talk general, without calling out names. Piddi is impressed that this way, no rules would be broken. Omi asks him what does a person life in want anyway more than money, love and fame?They continue talking, Piddi with RV in mind. Piddi says there is a person who is getting everything but is still running away. Omi replies that he thinks the person who is running away from love is running away from himself. Piddi says this person has people coming to him, exclaiming "I love you!!" to him but he still doesn't budge. Omi says that for one to love someone, that person has to love himself first. Piddi gets hyper hearing this that how can one love himself? Can one hold his own hand and walk? Can one go on dates with himself? How is that even possible!? Will anyone buy himself flowers?! Omi rebukes him by calling him a Gadha and explains that by loving one's own self it means to make peace with one's personality, no matter how it is and not let others' judgement ruin it. Piddi says if a person doesn't do that? Omi scolds him again and says one should do something which will make their chest swell? Piddi asks bench-press? Omi controls himself and calmly tells him that he meant doing stuff which will make one feel proud. Piddi finally gets it and asks the camera what could be that thing which will make RV feel good? There, Omi realizes stuff and says in front of the mirror that everyone needs love, even Panchi! He asks Piddi if he is still on the line and Piddi affirms! Omi asks is there anything going on between RaHi? Piddi replies they are best friends then asks why is Omi asking that? Omi makes up an excuse of Warden's surprise checking and disconnects. Piddi STTC what can he do which will make RV feel the sense of achievement? There, Omi is happy with the conclusion that Nonu Bodyguard needs love. Okay, let's find it! (EFF! SUPER MASSIVE EXCITED FOR THIS TRACK!! )RV is playing darts in his room. He is frustrated that how can he explain to Rukmini that he wasn't making fun of her if she refuses to talk to him? And how is going to find out what she needs if they won't even talk! On the radio, a show is going on where the RJ is reading out someone's apology and asking the person to forgive her friend as it was the hurt caused was all unintentional. RV has an idea and he smirks, "Bulls eye! Mr. RJ."
Precap – JJ persuading Dean to approve a radio show. He says RV will do English RJing and his counterpart will be a female who will do RJing in Hindi. Dean asks where will they find such a girl? JJ gives Rukmini’s name and RV is shocked.

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