Suvreen Guggal 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Yuvi, Preeti, Geeti and Vikram discussing the Pepper issue.. Yuvi says Suvi will tell everything to RC.. I tried to explain to her but she wont listen now you guys talk to her… Suvi says to Yuvi you were coming to Iris and you didnt tell me… Yuvi says so do I have to tell you everything… Suvi says no not at all but we were talking for ages last night you didnt mention anything… Yuvi says yeah… Suvi then says to Preeti have you seen Rehaan… Preeti says he has gone for meeting… Suvi says ok.. Yuvi is holding magazine upside down lol… he tells Geeti to talk to Suvi to engage her in other things so she forgets about tellign RC the truth about pepper… Geeti says her father kicked her out of the house.. Suvi is shocked.. Yuvi says Suvi will

speak to your father not ot worry… Suvi says yeah she will come but what happened he was fine yesterday… Vikram says when did this happen? Suvi realises that Yuvi has told the truth to others… Suvi says she will tell the truth and solve the problem… she tells everyone to support her… Suvi goes upstairs to talk to RC.

Alisha comes in the office Preeti says Good Morning Alisha you’re back she says yeah I’m back… Alisha says hi to Yuvi… then both Vikram and Geeti say hi to Alisha… she says you guys are again talking in chorus.. Alisha sees a gift Geeti says thats for Alisha she brought it… Vikram tells Alisha his and Geeti wedding has been fixed… Alisha says thats great… Rohan comes to office and greets everyone… we see Suvi talking to herself she says whatever i am doingi is correct.. I dont know how RC Sir is going to react… I hope RC understands Iris is more important to me than Pepper.. Manani calls Suvi behind saying Pepper… Suvi thought she was calling her but in reality Manani was on phone asking someone for Pepper details… Manani asks Suvi if she has heard about Pepper Suvi says no she hasnt heard of Pepper… Manani says she has a meetign with RC and leaves.

Manani goes inside to speak to RC… RC says Iris brand has really has been profitable for Manani… she tells RC she wants to expand her brands she says if she has Iris in her control it will be so gd she will make Iris an international brand… RC says he has a lot of work here… Ira says to her not to take advantage of RC she tells her we arent interested in your offer and tell Manani to get out… RC tells Ira to relax… Ira says why should I relax she wants to snatch Iris from us you’re telling me to relax… Manani says Ira is insulting her she leaves.Ira says she has a very bad feeling because of Manani… RC goes to escort Manani outside… Manani tells RC his friendship is very important to her she tell RC to reconsider his decision and join her in the offer Ira doesnt need to be included… RC protests and Manani says she was joking.

Suvi says she needs to discuss soemthing important with RC…
Suvreen goes to Rehan for telling him the truth about pepper. RC is really stressed. Suvreen says that she wants to talk with him. She notices that RC is not feeling good. She asks are you ok sir? Rehan says don’t talk with me with Sir. She says sorry Rehan, you sure are you ok? He says no. but then he says yeah I’m ok. Tell me what do you want to say? Geeti, Vikram and Pritty are watching them. She says I don’t know how to tell you that. He says you are right, I’m not well. Suvreen says why you don’t take a break for 1 week? I’m sure Iris can take care of the office without you. He says ofcourse, I’ve a wonderful team especially you! Rehan says you wanted to tell me something?
Suvreen talks to Yuvraj, Pritty. She says that she couldn’t tell Rehan the truth. Yuvraj asks why what happened? Pritty says you got scared? Suvreen says that she was not scared but he was not feeling well so how could I tell him that? Yuvraj and Pritty are saying that she must not tell him the truth. Suvreen says that she has already decided to tell him. She will tell him everything tomorrow.
In the night. Someone comes to the office. The person has a flashlight on his / her hand. The lights are off. The person is searching for something. The person goes upstairs. He opens the door with a keys. It’s Rehans cabine. And then Vikram comes to the office he hears something in Rehan’s cabine. He talks to himself and says that RC is already went and then he got scared and says that there is anyone in the office. He goes to the cabine. The person is looking to some papers and then the person hears foot sound and puts all the papers back. Vikram comes in and opens the lights. It’s Samar , he got scared. Vikram is confused. Samar asks why are you scaring me? Vikram says that RC has already left so he thought it’s a thief.
Mumma asks how’s your friends? Suvreen says Geeti and Vikram are really happy. Mumma says yesterday you were really happy but today you are looking very stressed. And then Suvreen’s phone rings. It’s Yuvraj. She says let’s talk in some time. I don’t want to talk now. We will talk later and then she hangs up. Mumma says it’s Yuvraj right? Why you didn’t talk to him? Suvreen says I’m talking with you right now. Suvreen says that Yuvraj is behaving like a kid. He doesn’t want to understand. Mumma says Boys need time to be adult. Mumma asks why are you stressed today? Did you fight with Yuvraj? Suvreen says no, it’s my problem but tomorrow I’ll solve it. Mumma says ok, take care of yourself. Suvreen thinks: whatever tomorrow happens I’ll tell RC the truth about pepper.
Someone gives papers to Manani she says is it that what I’ve thought? I love surprises. She looks at the papers and smiles. She talk to the one who gives the papers to her. But we can’t see the person. She says whatever happens in Iris just tell it to me. Good job!

Its on the news Rehaan Charles has been accused of stealing designs the designs he has stolen are already in the London Global Store…all the interns are shocked.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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