Gustakh Dil 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 16th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Barkha shouting for Nikhil and Inder upon seeing Lajjo in the house. When asked about her presence, Nikhil says he is sorry and couldn’t leave her. Barkha and Inder leave.
In the morning, Barkha and Inder are sitting upset in the living room and B’s mom comes saying how it’s a great day. B tells her that Nikhil brought the girl back with her. B’s mom says, don’t worry, we’ll go drop her off. The villagers probably made Nikhil sentimental and so he couldn’t do it. As she is saying this, Nikhil says “Lajjo kahin nahin jayegi” from upstairs. B says she can’t stay in this house either. Nikhil says fine, I won’t stay in the house either and go with Lajjo’. B asks him if he is trying to blackmail them. Nikhil says no, I can’t leave her; she

is my wife and my responsibility. Nikhil says he is sorry that he couldn’t give her the first thing she asked of him, and that he is not worth her forgiveness. He says he is probably a horrible son, but he can’t leave Lajjo like this, just to look better in her eyes. Nikhil says that I have disappointed you so many times, so he can do it one more time. Inder tells him to behave and not to talk to his mom like this. B’s mother tries to talk to Nikhil that no one is happy with this. Nikhil says he has made his decision and cannot leave Lajjo on the basis of humanity. He says he is 21 and can make his own decisions. Barkha is upset and says that do whatever you want, I just don’t want to see that girl.
At Ishana’s, they are preparing for the party and wondering if Nikhil is back. Ranjo comes and says that he texted her saying he is back. Kunal points out that it is odd that N did not let I know, but R knows that he is back. I stands up for N and says he probably wants to give her a surprise. The third girl says that maybe he is not in the frame of mind to talk to anyone and so didn’t call. K tries to blame N, saying that he is suspicious about his thought process nowadays. I once again supports N and says that they need to support him and not blame him. She tells everyone to never bring the marriage up around N, so he can forget earlier. Just them her mother comes and asks Ishana if Nikhil is married? Ishana tries to cover it up, but her mother is pissed and asks the friends to leave since she wants to talk to I alone.
In the room, Lajjo gets up on the bed and opens the window to pray. Nikhil enters and finds it amusing to see her on the bed. Lajjo asks him why he’s laughing at her and N asks who she was praying to as there is a cinema outside her window. L counters that God is everywhere and that there is no photo of Bhole Nath here either, so she prayed there. N asks her if she believes in God. She says ofcourse and asks him if he doesn’t. N says no, my God died in my childhood. L is shocked and asks him what he means. N says I’ll explain some other time. L is sad that everyone is mad at N and asks him if he is regretting this decision and bringing her here. N ignores her question and offers her some money and asks her to let him know if she wants something. L refuses saying that aapka kya bharosa, kabhi bhi wapas maang lo ge’. N remembers when she swindled money out of him in the village and smiles. They reminisce about that time. He gives the money to her and she takes it when he says please. He tells her to ask Gunja if she needs anything. Nikhil further tells her that no need to hide in this room. She can come and go as she pleases because this house is hers too! Lajjo is happy!
Ishana is leaving for the party and her mom is not happy. She asks if Nikhil will even come and that she should remember that Nikhil is married to that girl. Ishana says don’t worry, I talked to him and he is leaving that girl. She says that I love N and have full faith that he will never break my heard. She requests her mom to let her go and her mom does, even though she is apprehensive about everything.
Gunjs is talking to B on the table at lunch when Lajjo arrives. B shouts at Shaila for letting her come down. L ignores and tries to sit down, but Ayesha stops her saying that it is her father’s chair and she can’t sit there. Whatever chair L moves to, A stops her citing someone who sits there. Finally she figures out where Nikhil sits and goes and sits on his chair. A is pissed, Gunja is happy and Rishi is amused. Ayesha gets mad and says that Shaila gives you food in your room, why are you here. L explains that N had given her permission to roam the house as she pleases and she can eat with that she can eat with the family. B gets mad and leaves, Ayesha too shouts at her and leaves the table. Only Gunja and Rishi remain seated with L. B locks her room and A tries to get her to open the door.
At Sonbarsa, L’s mom is at Dadaji’s house asking to call L. Bua pretends to call the house, but doesn’t actually do it. She lies that no one is picking up as they may have gone out. She says that she will send a message when she hears from either N or L. They leave and Bua is troubled.
In Delhi, Gunja tells Ayesha to try again and A says that B won’t listen to her at all as she is upset. Inder arrives and Gunja and Ayesha try to explain that B locked herself in her room and won’t let anyone other than their Nani in. Just then Barkha comes out with a suitcase. Inder tries to stop her, but she says that she can’t live here and that she is going with her mom. Inder asks her why, she says because she has self respect and cannot live there after everything that happened to her today. Lajjo is listening to everything from behind a pillar. Inder asks her to tell what happened and Ayesha says that N has given L permission to go wherever in the house as if it is her house. Inder tries to tell her that she can’t leave their house and nani interrupts and insults Inder and the lack of discipline in their house. Inder shuts her up by asking why everyone should be punished due to the mistake of one. He once again tries to stop Barkha from leaving and that who will do everything for Ayesha’s wedding. Barkha says she can manage everything, but she cannot live in that house! She tells him that if he wants her to stay in this house, then please make this house worth her and her standards! Barkha leaves without listening to anyone further, and Inder is left shouting. Lajjo is upset hearing everything.

Precap: N is at the party and upset. I is trying to tell him that don’t be upset, I had told everyone not to organize the party. N says that he is not upset about the party. I asks him then why is he upset, and realizes that he has not left Lajjo back home.

Update Credit to: Persephone

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