Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 16th September 2013 Written Update

The officer tells Shruti that Harsh committed suicide and therefore they can’t give them money. Shruti gets angry and says it’s impossible that he would commit suicide. He used to stay happy and had made plans in the morning to go out for movie in evening, so how is it possible that he would commit suicide. She blames the manager for lying just because they don’t want to give money. Sanjay calms her down and asks the officer what proof they have. The officer says they surveyed Harsh’s colleagues and found that he used to stay depressed in his last days. Shruti again loses her cool and says she is his wife and if there was anything like that, then she would knew about it. She is worried what if Ami had heard this. She leaves

from in anger. Sanjay follows her.

At home, Ami and Khushboo are playing monopoly with their friends. Ami and Khushboo are winning everything and they are very happy as they purchased a lot of stuff. Their friend says it’s just a game, in reality, you don’t even have a phone. His phone rings and he shows off. Ami feels little bad. Her friends leave as their mum called them for their tuition classes. Ami and Khushboo outside and Ami now wants to buy a cell phone too. Jassuben comes to their house and hears about money. She tells them that Shruti won’t let her increase their house rent, so now at least she will get the ceiling fixed. She brought some groceries and tells the kids to tell Shruti to pay her tomorrow. She also reminds that she didn’t get sweets after the kids got their result.

Sanjay is chasing Shruti. They are in car now. Shruti suddenly asks him to stop the car as she wants to buy sweets. Sanjay goes to the shop with Shruti as well. Shruti orders different item for everyone, and also for Jassuben. Shruti then asks him what he thinks about what the officer said. Sanjay says, what are you saying? I am fully sure that Harsh can never do anything like this. He always used to smile and whenever I was depressed, he was always there. He tells her that they will fight and they will win.

Dadi and Nani are wondering why Shruti didn’t return yet. They praise Sanjay as he always helps Shruti unlike Shruti’s brother and Harsh’s brother. Dadi says, my son is good, but it’s his wife who doesn’t let him do anything. Shruti enters and gives everyone what she brought for them. Dadi and Nani ask if she was able to get insurance money. Shruti doesn’t know what to say and tries to change the topic. In end, she says that they have to finish some formalities and then they will get the money. Nani says we managed until now, so few more months. Shruti goes to her room.

Ami is worried as she gave out her books thinking they will get money and they will be able to buy new. Khushboo suggests her not to tell anything to Shruti as she is already upset. Shruti comes out. Ami tells her the truth and says she did because she is taught that you should never broke your promise and Shruti had promised to give books. Shruti first stares at her, but then smiles and hugs her. Khusboo jokes and says she will give out her books too. Shruti calls her for the hug as well… and suddenly the ceiling falls on Khusbhoo and everyone is shocked.

Precap: Ami scares Jassuben about the incident with Khushboo.. probably so she can get Jassuben to fix the ceiling.

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