Maharana Pratap 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pratap and Shakti in the queen’s room and Sajjabai is upset that Shakti has to leave the Mahal and go , and she says how will he stay in the jungle and here she will keep worrying about him in the fear that a wild animal will eat him .

But Pratap says this is in the best interest of all that Shakti goes and he gets a tight slap from Sajjabai and she says he had promised him that He will let nothing happen to his brother. Pratap says that the relations between Daarjiraj and Bhai Shakti have become very bad and there is no chance of reconciliation between them right now , so in the best interest of all its better that they stay away from each other. Pratap assures her that he will be staying with Ravatji and will not face any difficulties.


has no choice and she agrees reluctantly and bids Shakti farewell. The 3 queens , Udai Singh are gathered in a room and Sajjabai wants something from Udai Singh. He complies and says asks anything except to get Prince Shakti back which is not possible. She asks for Pratap and he is called for. Sajjabai says why is there so much delay in the crowning of Pratp as heir to the throne, it should be done at the earliest. Udai Singh says he is waiting for the Raj Purohit to give any appropriate date for the crowning. Sajjabai says the day u decide to crown hin will the most auspicious day as Prince Pratap is Bhagyashali and a person who has shown so much valor , cleverness, wisdom should be crowned at the earliest . Pratap says why is it necessary , Sajjabai explains that only he could have made it possible for Ravatji to come to Mewar to save Shakti.

Udai Singh agrees and tells he will announce the date in the court. Bhatiyani Rani is visibly very upset with this but can’t express her displeasure. Udai walks into the court and a messenger is waiting to give an important news , but Udai Singh tells him to wait as he has something important to announce. He declares that Kuwar Pratap will be crowned on the next day after Ganesh Chaturthi. Everybody is happy and pleased with it. Once this is done Bhatiyani walks away in anger and Sajjabi notices it and asks Jayvanta about it . But the wise queen diverts her attention and says its not right to do the crowning ceremony with an auspicious date .

The Rana then asks the messenger to read the message and the message is that Mughal emperor Humayun has trampled Shamsher Singh’s army and is now in possession of Delhi . Udai Singh is upset and worried about this news as he knows it’s not a good sign .

He walks away and goes to his mother’s photo and express his regret . He says the person due to which she died is back again . Pratap overhears and ask him that his Dadi had died in Johar , but he wants to know the truth . Udai Singh tells him that His Mother , the queen had considered Humayun as he rbrother and use to tie Rakhi to him . Humayun had promised that whenever Bahadur Shah attacks Chittor he will come with his army for Chittor’s defence. The queen waits and waits for Humayun to come but he does not and finally when Bahdur Shah’s army is at the Fort gate she gets the news that Humayun has joined hands with the Shah and is against Mewar. She has no choice but to commit Johar .

Precap: The entry of Emperor Humayun is shown and Pratp taking an oath to not let the Mughals step foot on his motherland.

Update Credit to: amimus

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