Suvreen Guggal 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 13th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Mamma G. all tensed saying to herself she has to do something, on the other hand in the hall room Baby is talking to someone on the phone and she suddenly screams ‘she ran away from home’, she tells her friend why did that girl have to run away with that boy and now her dad will definitely kill them, Mamma G. becomes more tensed, Baby keeps the phone and looks towards her mom in the kitchen(Gosh she is soo annoying, its difficult to say who is worse she or Alisha)

Mamma G. thinks what if Suvi also does the same if she tries to stop her, she then tells herself she cant let it happen, Baby comes to her in the kitchen saying she wanted to say something, Mamma G. tells her later and gets back to her work

Baby still pesters and asks if she can go for movie at 6 with her friends, Mamma G. tells her by the time she comes it will be late and her dad will get angry, Baby pleads but in vain
Baby moves out of the kitchen talking to herself saying she has given such a big distraction to her mom but still they are all behind her, she gets frustrated that why the rules applied on Suvi and her are so different(OMGEEE i wonder on which angle this girl’s brains work, so much enmity against her own sister Disgusting)

Yuvi in college goes to Alisha and thanks her, she asks for what and he says for paying all his over-dues in college, Alisha asks how did he know she did it, Yuvi says coz in their group and infact in whole college she is the only generous one, Yuvi takes her hand and returns the money, he tells her sorry but he cant take the money
Alisha asks him why, doesn’t he consider her as a friend, Yuvi tells her she is his friend but he cant take any favors, and whatever she tried to do he really appreciates it but doesn’t want to bring in the money matter in between their friendship, he further tells her that its not required as he is going to join V spot caf to work
Alisha says that means he wont do the modeling assignment, Yuvi confused asks about it, Alisha tells him sorry and says one of her friend requires a male model and without asking him she told yes on his behalf, and the person even gave advance for it(Something isnt right at all hope YuvReen realise soon about Alisha’s tricks)

Alisha takes out the money and Yuvi hesitates to take it, Alisha apologizes on not asking him first and then saying yes and she knows she has no right but Yuvi tells her ofcourse she does as she is a friend, and since she has committed to the other person he will do it for her

Alisha becomes happy and hugs him for agreeing, she hands him the money and Yuvi thanks her for doing all this and leaves, Alisha on the other hand takes out her cellphone and calls someone and tells the person that one of her friend will come to him for modeling, the person tells her they don’t require anyone right now, Alisha orders him that if they don’t he has to make it a requirement
Suvi is walking one corner to the other in the classroom, Zorro is in deep thoughts, Annie asks Suvi what will she do now, Suvi says she has no idea what to do, just then her phone rings and she sees the number and says finally his important work is over and now he is calling her, Suvi leaves the classroom to answer the call only to clash with RC outside

She apologizes and gets tensed looking at her cell phone, RC asks if there is a problem, Suvi is all tensed and keeps looking at her phone, RC notices and tells her she can take the call as the class hasn’t started yet, Suvi says no, RC before leaving tells her avoiding a problem won’t solve it, he tells her he doesn’t know what’s bothering her but there is something and it shouldn’t affect in her career life

Suvi apologizes for yesterday’s class but RC says its not yesterday but he is saying just normally, whatever happened yesterday she should forget as she cant change it but she has to think what she wants to do ahead, he tells her to face her problems and not run away, if she doesn’t do that she can never solve her problems, Suvi says even Pappa says that, RC tells her he is right and leaves Suvi thinking

Suvi at home goes to her mom and asks if she wont hear her for once, Mamma G. ignores and goes back to her work, Suvi tells her sorry and says that she never wanted to hide anything, she never wanted her to find out about her and Yuvi like this, and when she asked about it she(Suvi) couldn’t lie and how could she since she is her mom
Suvi tells her she wanted to tell everything that day but she couldn’t and then she tried again when they were having dinner but hearing about Singhania uncle’s daughter the way Pappa reacted she got scared and she couldnt say, she tells her she loves Yuvi a lot and doesn’t want to loose him
Mamma G. asks her since when has been this going on, Suvi says she doesn’t know, she tells her mom she is saying the truth, she tells her how Yuvi and she used to fight so much in the beginning but then they became friends and from friends they became very good friends and then she doesn’t know when love happened

Mamma G. tells her that is what she is trying to say, at this age whatever happens around them they just don’t know what’s right or wrong and then if it becomes too late and she takes a wrong step, Suvi cuts in and says she wont take a wrong step, Suvi promises Mamma G. she will never take a wrong step

Suvi explains Mamma G. that she knows its difficult for her to accept the fact that her daughter has a boyfriend but she assures her that Yuvi loves her a lot and will always keep her happy, she asks her to understand Yuvi once and to give them both a chance once

Suvi asks her to give Yuvi a chance the person whom she trusts a lot and then whatever be her decision she will agree to it, she confesses her love for Yuvi to Mamma G. and even says that she loves them also a lot and they are very important for her but asks Mamma G. to not ask Suvi to choose between parents and Yuvi coz she wont be able to do it
Mamma G. tells Suvi how can they explain Pappa, they have to tell him but they cant tell him suddenly, they have to tell him but in a different way, Suvi thanks Mamma G. and hugs her tightly (Oyee hoyee Mamma G. almost agreedpheww, this was a damn Superb scene)

Baby who over hears everything from outside says to herself Suvi and her emotional drama, Mom is convinced with her sweet talks, but she will make sure that Pappa finds out the matter and that too suddenly (Gosh i wish Mumma and Pappa find out her evil tricks soon and get her brains in the right direction)
Mamma G. is lost cleaning dishes, Suvi comes in the kitchen and looks at her mom, she takes the plate from her and tells Mamma G. to rest and she will do it, Mamma G. tells Suvi she wants to meet Yuvi, Suvi says she just met him yesterday, Mamma G. says she wants to talk to him alone

Suvi becomes shocked and asks why what happened, Mamma G. tells her she will come to college tomorrow and talk to him there, Baby comes trying to listen to their conversation, Mamma G. sees Baby and asks her if she wants something, Baby makes an excuse and says she wanted to have ice cream(aahhh why does she tapkofy at the wrong time always), Suvi is all tensed
Suvi talking to camera: Whoever said Love is full of surprises is wrong, its not full of surprises but full of jhatkas(hahahaha soo true), she thought Mamma G. understood her and Yuvi and the whole situation and will accept it slowly but no the scene is something else right now, she feels her and Yuvi’s lovestory is going on fast track court case and the verdict is going to be out soon, she thinks why her mom wants to meet Yuvi, and if her mom is doing so much then what will her dad do when he finds out

Baby in the hall room is having ice cream watching Pappa G. working, she starts coughing, Pappa G. looks up and tells her how many times he told her to not have ice creams at night or her coughing will start, Baby rolls her eyes and murmurs to herself that she always has to listen to all the lectures and no one cares about her wishes and there Suvi’s wishes are always fulfilled
Pappa G. notices and says what is she murmuring and to say it loud whatever she has to say, Baby asks Pappa G. if he can take her to Suvi’s college tomorrow, Pappa G. looks at her confused, Baby says before her results comes out it would be a lot of help if she checks out on new courses and entrance exams and if he goes with her then she will be all clear
Pappa G. is impressed by her responsible thoughts and tells her he will take half-day tomorrow and then they can go together, Baby all happy hugs Pappa G. and thanks him, she goes back to her ice cream saying to herself ‘tomorrow will be fun when Suvi herself will get chopsey in her college’( CV’s kindly pack her back to kathgodam or set her mind to a bit more innocent or childish mode, she is just spoiling the name baby wid her evil tricks, no wonder she asks everyone not to call her baby)

Morning someone is knocking at Yuvi’s hostel room, Mannu Rathi scream out at the person and says to leave but the knock at the door keeps coming, Rathi finally gets up and opens the door frustrated when he sees Suvi and yawns ‘Gud Morning’ to her, Suvi sees past him and Rathi blocks her view as Yuvi was shirtless
Suvi tells him she wants to meet Yuvi, Rathi jokes why is her mood off like the college’s wi-fi, Suvi tells him tos top as she is no joke mood and plus she wants to talk to Yuvi who is sleeping godhe bech ke, she tells him to wake Yuvi up and tell him she is waiting for him at the dhabba

Yuvi comes running to Suvi and says she is missing him so much that she came to hostel, Suvi irritated says what else should she do as he isn’t replying to her messages or picking up her calls, Yuvi apologizes him and says he got a modeling assignment so he went there and then his balance was also over, Suvi cuts him and says Mamma G. knows everything going on between them, Yuvi is shocked

He asks her how and when, Suvi says she doesn’t know her mom must have guessed it, she tells him when her mom asked her about the two of them, Yuvi cuts in and says she told the truth and screams is she mad, everyone looks at them, Suvi becomes angry, Yuvi lowers his voice and tells her does she even realize what she did, he says that’s why he didn’t want to go to her house but no she was always stubborn, he tells her frustrated no couples tell anything to their parents anything so soon because whatever happens parents can never accept the fact their children are in a relationship
Suvi tells him she knows but when she told her mom about them her mom understood her and she will even try to explain her dad slowly slowly, she tells him its no use crying over spilt milk now they have to think what to do, he has to think what to say to Mamma G., Yuvi shocked asks her why will he say anything and what will he say

Suvi tells him that when she told about them to Mamma G., before taking any decision her mom wants to meet Yuvi, and she is even coming to college, Yuvi panics and asks why she met him yesterday only why does she want to meet him again

Suvi says she doesn’t know, she just knows Mamma G. is coming to meet him, Yuvi says what if her mom tells him to not meet her daughter after today then what will she do, Suvi thinks about it and gets irritated and says she doesn’t know and tells him to think
Pappa G. calls out to Mamma G. and says he is leaving but Mamma G. stops him to take his lunch box, Pappa G. tells her he forgot to mention that he will be coming home for lunch as he has to take Baby to Suvi’s college, Mamma G. is shocked and asks even he will go to college today

Pappa G. says what does she mean by even he will go, Mamma G. says Suvi is already there in college then why should he go, Pappa G. says Baby told him to go along with her to select courses easily
Mamma G. says only for that, she tries to convince him that Suvi can manage to get all the information for the courses, she can get the brochures so Baby and he wont have to go, Pappa G. agrees and tells her to inform Baby he wont come for lunch then and leaves (aww Mumma is the best, but *sigh* hope she realises soon her baby is no more a baby and in some way or the other will trick Pappa G. to go to college)
Mamma G. sighs out in relief but thinks she cant lie everyday like this, she has to end this story

Mannu Rathi tells Yuvi ‘Mommy alert’ and wishes him all the best and leaves while Suvi comes with her Mom to Yuvi, Yuvi all tensed tries to touch Mamma G.’s feet but she shows her hand to stop, he greets her and she asks him since when is this all going on, both Suvi and Yuvi in tensed mode looking at each other

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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