2612 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 13th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 13th March 2013 Written Update

Sha is in full shock after seeing the pic. Ras. asks what happened n why is she numb. Sha asks what’s all this joke n how can she believe them. Ras. asks her to check the date atleast n Sha is all shocked again. She asks where he is n Ras says near Ran n that too full safe. Ras. asks if she lost it. Ras. asks her to get her family members n Sha signals to her men.

Ras. greets her family members n was abt to leave but Sha stops her n asks to get Mallik n then she will leave her family members. Ras. says is she hurts her family members then Sha won’t get to see Mallik’s face at all. Ras. leaves taking her mobile n returning Sha’s.

There Ran. was showing all the videos of the previous blasts which Mallik has done n says that he won’t allow Mallik to succeed in 26-12 mission. But only one will lose the life n it is Sha. Ran. says Mallik can’t even save her while here Mallik trying to move his hands.

Sha n Jadda meet near a hill point n Sha asks him to arrest Ran. as soon as possible so that she can concentrate on 26-12 mission as the date is nearing. Jadda asks her to postpone the date but she says she has give word for her FIL. Jadda informs they got body of Sr. Mallik n he took lot of risk to divert the situation. Sha says none can catch her as no witness against her. Both depart.

Ras. tying bandage to Ran. n asks if their plan works n why can’t they take STF help? Ran. says Sha’s contacts are of high profile n he doens’t have any proof against her. Ras. says she recorded all but Ran. says its not enough. so she must do what sha asks her to do. A lil romantic scene where Ran. caresses her hair. But shooting starts n they both run from there.

After some time, Ras. runs other way n a goon follows her. She reaches to the top of the builiding n the goon too almost abt to reach her to the top. Ras. calls out Ran. who was down the building. He asks her to jump as the man is approaching her. Ras. Shocked to hear that. But she finally jumps from there.

Precap: Jadda calls some one n asks her to get down of the train n move towards him as directed. Jadda says to himself that Sha. has challenged him now he will show what he will plot against her.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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