Punar Vivah 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 13th March 2013 Written Update

Yash goes inside and takes the tea cup from Aarti to give to Akash…

he turns to go when Ishita collides a little with him and supports his hand to save the tea from falling..

Ishita says.. i can understand how u are feeling.. the frustration of Akash ji is because of both of us.. i am a firced wife and you are the brother who took things away from him.. we are both his faulters.. he will never accept us…

Yash goes and Aarti looks at Ishita…

Yash gets the tea for Akash and bends to give it to him..

Akash shows him fingers to come closer..

Yash looks at him and goes closer ..

Akash takes the tea..

Yash is about to stand straight..

Akash says.. wait.. till the time i dont taste the tea.. stay bent..

Akash angrily looks at Yash and sips the tea and throws it on Yash..

Yash holds his chest in pain and moves back.. Pankaj and Pratik and hold him and shout.. “Akash”

Akash says.. u have got tea or juice.. till 10 years people have done this with me…

All come and ask what happened…

Prateek says.. he has gone mad.. threw hot tea on yash bhaiya..

Gayatri says.. Akash u did it..

Papa S says.. thats it.. how can u insult Yash like that… u?

Papa S raises hand to slap .. Gayatri stops..

Gayatri says.. how r u raising ur hand on my son.. u have lost that right…

Yash looks at Gayatri…

Prateek says.. what r u saying Maa? u didnt see .. we saw him.. the way he threw the tea on Yash bhaiya.. how much it must have pained him.. whoever he is .. he doesnt have the right to do this…

Gayatri moves forward and little towards Yash when Akash bends down and holds Gayatri’s hands.. Maa slap me.. i dunno how i did this.. hit me..

gayatri says.. no no.. dunno in which anger he did this.. see he feels bad about it… leave it.. u come in with me..

All go in…

Aarti says to Yash.. how much will u take Yash ji.. u r not God.. u are a human.. and a human can cry on his pain and can speak against injustice.. till when will u be quiet..

Yash looks away and leaves the place..

Aarti holds head tensed and goes behind him…

Aarti says.. what is this Yash ji.. i know u can shut up Akash bhaiya.. but u dont say anything and take all this.. why yash ji..

yash says.. when u know it Aarti ji.. u must be knowing why i am quiet.. just few days and when Akash’s anger will subside, i am sure Akash will be normal…

Aarti comes to Yash with ice and says.. i know Yash ji that u r not quiet cz of Akash bhaiya.. i have seen u scolding Prateek bhaiya on his mistakes.. so u can scold him too.. your eyes easily say by u r taking this.. u r doing it for mummy ji nah.. for her happiness.. i am shocked to see mummy ji like this.. she used to get so restless seeing u in a bit of pain.. but today, so much happened but even then.. its not like i can understand and see her pain.. but i cant see u in this pain.. just cant see this..

Aarti wipes her tears and applis ice on Yash’s chest..
Yash closes his eyes in pain..

Ye dil hai in background…

Aarti crying rubs ice on his chest ..
Ishita comes in the room and see AarYa like that…

Aarti puts down the ice and holds Yash’s knees crying and they side hug each other..

Ishita sees this angrily…
she sees Yash and Aarti holding hands and gets angry…

Ishita bangs the door..
AarYa look behind..

Ishita says.. sorry i shall come later..

Aarti says.. no no Ishita.. wait..

ishita says.. i have got lep for Yash ji.. Akash ji shudnt have done this but u know his nature.. i am so sorry.. i cant look into ur eyes.. i am sorry on behalf of my husband..

Ishita turns to Aarti and says.. Radha maa has given this lep.. it will help Yash ji..

Aarti thanks her..
she goes and applies the lep on Yash’s chest..

Ishita stands there and sees Aarti applying the lep angrily..

she then leaves angrily banging the door…
Akash is coming his hair singing.. Laaga chunri me daag..

Ishita comes there smiling and steps on Akash’s foot..

Akash says.. along with being crippled are u blind also..

Ishita says.. felt it.. he must have felt it too..

Akash says.. so? he will have to bear much more..

ishita says.. but u shudnt have threw tea on him..

Akash says.. aahaan.. i threw the tea on him and u feel bad as if u have to wipe his shirt.. i will do what i want..

Akash leaves singing..

Ishita thinks.. dunno what u will do.. but i know what i have to do.. and i wont take rest like you.. but do it today itself..

AarYa advertize the 1000 episode celebration of PR…

Gayatri is sitting in her room worried.. Aarti comes there and says.. I need to talk to you mummy ji..

Gayatri says.. i dont wanna talk to you about anything.. i dont want anyone to tell me whats right and wrong.. u know all right.. so u shud know a bahu should behave like one and not tell off ur mother-in-law

Aarti says.. u r my mother-in-law but i have treated you like a mother.. and u have done the same.. u have told me off at my mistakes so i have this much right and u will have to listen to me..

Gayatri says.. say..

Aarti says.. how can u see all this partiality in your house.. u know Akash bhaiya is wrong and still..

Gayatri says.. u r here to talk on behalf of ur husband..

Aarti says.. no.. not at all.. but how can u see ur son in pain..

Gayatri says.. and cant u see Akash’s pain.. all he has gone through in 30 years because of Radha’s mistake.. that frustration is coming out..

Aarti says.. u r right.. Radha maa did a mistake.. but she gave all she could to Akash bhaiya…

Gayatri says.. so even Yash is getting everything.. he is in this house.. he has got the family.. even after knowing he is the son of that woman.. i loved him.. then why do u have a prob..

Aarti says.. when i came into his house after my pv.. u told me that Payal Palak are not my own daughters but i should love them like my own and never differentiate between Ansh, Palak and Payal … i am sad to see the mother-in-law who showed me the right path isnt able to do the same herself..

Gayatri looks angry..

Gayatri says.. dirty blood always remain dirty…
Aarti looks shocked with tears in her eyes..
Gayatri says.. gutter’s water can never be ganga jal(pure and holy water)..
Aarti looks shocked..

Update Credit to: AbbyluvsMaan

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