Suvreen Guggal 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th April 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts in Mumbai. Rehan watch’s the news about him on TV. He says to Ira I don’t believe that you did do that for me.. Ira says I’m the best. she is eating popcorns. She says I told you that you have to trust me. She comes closer to him and holds his hands. Both are looking each other.
Suvi is going and then Tanu comes. Suvi tells her about the news. She says that she wanted to leave Mumbai but now she won’t. They both are really happy and then they hug. Tanu hits Suvreen. Suvi asks are you crazy?? Tanu says how can you leave Mumbai without telling me that?? Suvi says Yes’
Back to Rehan and Ira. She says that he has to trust her and himself. After a while a phone rings.. Ira looks at her phone her phone doesn’t ring. Rehan’s phone rings. It’s Aditya. Aditya says what the hell RC?? How can you this? I will not leave you. RC says anything (I didn’t got it ://) and then he hang up. Iran laughs.. RC laughs too.. and then she hugs him..
Back to Suvi. They are in the house.. and then a woman comes and says do you want to see your rooms?? First she is telling the rules.. She says nice that you came here.. nobody wanted to talk to me.. but now I’ll tell you about my story.. Tanu asks how much is the rent?? The woman says the money.. (I don’t get what she said) She wants of the first day of the month the rent on her hand. They are really happy.. The woman says I’m really happy that you want to listen about my story. Tanu says yes aunty tell me.. I’ll stay here.. And then the woman goes with Suvreen.. she brings suvi to the outside. She close the door.. Suvi walks on the street at the night. She talks to herself how can she do that to me?? Are friends doing that?? Annie, naro and zorro would not do that. And then Tanu screams Suvren. She turns around. She says where are you going with my bag?? Suvi is angry and wanted to throw it but she runs and asks can I come with you? What did you think?? You would go alone? And then she hugs her. Suvi says I don’t have money.. anyone stole them. Tanu says that she has money.. she is not leaving the money in one place. And then they are going again to the house. They are coming from the window. Suvi wanted to call RC but his phone is off. Tanu says do mail him. She wants to mail him. She logs her in fb and then she sees mails from Yuvraj. Tanu takes the phone and says let me see.. She reads it: I didn’t know that I would miss anyone like that. I’m sorry for my fault. Topper.. Tannu asks her is he calling you topper?? I think yuvraj is a nice guy.. he is missing you. She sent you a mail and said sorry.. so forgive him!! Suvreen gets angry and takes the phone from tannu’s hand. And then she delete it. Suvi says don’t call his name. Tannu says ok I won’t call Yuvraj’s name Suvi thinks I would try to contact RC. She is not available to mail him on fb.
Back to RC. There is a new girl .. They are decorating the room with some design things.. and then Ira comes. The new girl is very funny RC says to Ira that she is very nervous. RC asks him did you talk to Suvi?? Ira says I didn’t talk to her but her dad said that he doesn’t know where she is.. RC gets shocked.. He asks what?? RC says that she couldn’t do that.
Back to Suvi and Tannu.. The woman knocks on the door and says open the door. Suvi wakes up and goes..
Back to RC.. He is searching for his old sim card. He found it and put it on his phone. He calls the number.. Suvis phone rings.. After a while the woman goes and then Suvi calls RC.. She says that she is in Mumbai. And all! She says that he has to call back..
Back to RC.. A man is at their house. RC gives money to him and then he goes.. Ira doesn’t have soo much money.. she asks where he got the money. He says it isn’t his it’s a deal. Ira gets shocked. Tanus phone rings and it’s RC.. Tanu says soo friendly and happiely Hi RC.. Suvi takes her phone and talks to Rehan. RC asks where are you?? He asks what happened at home?? Suvi says that she is in mumbai.. He says sorry.. and says that she should come to the office. And then they hang up. Suvi tells Tannu abou that and they are jumping Ira comes to RC and asks what he is doing here?? Everyone is waiting for him.. He is not anwering.

Epi ENDS!!

PRECAP: RC says to Ira anything and she gets shocked..

Update Credit to: nazomel

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