Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with bhoomi shivering due to fever and her hand touches kishen, and he wakes up, and see’s bhoomi shivering and applies balm on her forehead and tries to reduce her shivering.Bhoomi then sleeps on kishen’s lap and jay caresses her face.
Parul is setting up the bed when jay’s dad and parul have a nok-jokh and jay’s dad says that he is working after many months as the mills going to be re-opened soon, and he is very happy about it. At that time, bhoomi’s nani calls her and parul and bhoomi’s nani have a chat.
Nani says that she had called to talk to parul only as she was worried for bhoomi, as she dosent know the rituals of jay house, but nani adds that bhoomi will quickly adapt to their house, and parul asures nani that bhoomi is very sweet, and that when jay was in America, he was a complete stranger to nani but she accepted him as her own son and took care of him, like wise bhoomi has come to their house as her daughter-in-law, and its parul’s responsibility that bhoomi is completely fine, and parul promises that she will take care of bhoomi as her daughter. Nani is relieved and keeps the call.
Parul after keeping the call, feels bad that bhoomi has to go through all these tests and tells that she will take care of bhoomi like her daughter and she will not see her sad. Jay’s dad also keeps a assuring hand on parul’s hand.
The alarm goes off and bhoomi gets up and realizes that she had slept in jay’s lap the whole night and apologizes to jay and also thanks him for taking care of her. Jay tells her to keep her sorry and thank you with herself and demands a kiss, when her mobile alarm goes off, and bhoomi rushes to get ready. In the washroom, the geaser doesn’t work and bhoomi doesn’t know what to do and washes her face and goes out. Jay says he will get ready when bhoomi says that she is feeling nervous, and jay assures her that she will do fine, and says that he s always with her, and not to worry, and if she has any problem, he asks her to look behind her and he will be there for her showing a love symbol- which says that he will always be there for her. Bhoomi is happy.
Bharti comes and takes ashirwad from ansubaa. Ansubaa assures bharti that her time will come, as soon as the tests get over, and tells her to come with her so that barthi believes ansubaa’s words. Bharthi and ansubaa walk off.

All the members are assembled near the well when ansubaa, comes and asks parul about bhoomi, and jay says that bhoomi’s here. Bhoomi then takes everyone’s ashirwaad and ansubaa taunts her saying that tests cannot be passed just by blessings but u have to prepare for it. Jay replies back saying that for doing a test one needs confidence and bhoomi will get that one’s she has eveyones blessings.
Ansubaa than tells bhoomi to take water from the well and clean the whole house and then do the haveli pooja. Bhoomi goes towards the well, looks back and sees jay there doing the love symbol-which says he is always there for her, and drops the bucket into the well and it makes a loud noise, and all are shocked.
Bhoomi then tries to pull the bucket with the rope and she is not able to do so, as her hands start to pain, and jay comes forward to help her when ansubaa stops him. Jay says that bhoomi has not done any of this before,and ansubaa retorts saying that even when parul came to this hosue she didn’t know anything, and jay’s dad did not go forward to help her. So tells jay to go back to his room. Jay looks at bhoomi and bhoomi smiles reassuringly.

Bhoomi ties the rope of the bucket to another pole and twists the pole and draws the bucket out. Parul then says to ansubaa that, once ansubaa had told her that the girl who with her own ideas, mends the broken work of the house, saraswati is seen in her. Parul says that she can see saraswati in bhoomi.

Update Credit to: gunjan_77

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