Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th April 2013 Written Update

Shivji comes to a cave, calls Apasmar, who laughs, comes in front of him as smoke, only his head is seen. Asks him did he loose his path today? Shivji tells him it’s time to control him. He laughs say it’s good, even Devadhi Dev Mahadev too realized today it’s not possible to control him. He has become powerful due to Aadi Shakti’s memory loss.
In her dhyan Parvati gets disturbed. Ganesh says not to worry, father will take care of everything.
Apasmar tells Shivji, now that time had come when this World will be under Avidya, Agyan’s control. Everyone will forget Devas. Even your drinking Halahal will be wasted. At Ksheersagar Vishnuji, Lakshmiji, Brhmaji are watching this.
Indra speaks against Shivji about him realizing Apasmar’s power today, when his wife is in problem. Shachi tells him, actually he is doesn’t want to understand Shivji’s importance. There must be a reason for what he is doing..
J (Jalandhar) gets up, Vrinda asks him how is he feeling J. he insists on being called Asuraraj. She says inside my Treatement kaksh I call my patients by their name. J asks is this Kalnemi’s palace? She says anyone feel fortunate treating you Asuraraj. Now J insists on being called Jalandhar. She smiles.
Here Apasmar tells Shivji no one knows my true form, I am like darkness, can not be caught.
Vrinda says she understands this poison of Devaloka. Indra must have thought, this poison will remain in your blood will spread & will keep you unconscious. But he has underestimated Asura’s strength, we know how to cure this poison. She asks him is he able to think properly or is feeling memory loss? J gets FB of his mother, catches Vrinda’s hand. Becomes unconscious. Vrinda puts her hand on his forehead through mantras gets him back to being conscious. J leaves her hand. Asks is she ok? She tells him, she can remove the poison from his body but the poison in his mind needs to be treated. J gets up. Touches the marks on her hand, applys ointment on it & their LS starts.
Vrinda is making medicines. A sevika come, informs her, she has given medicines to all the patients except Asuraraj, should she give it to him? Vrinda says no. She tells her about the ointment on her hand, it’s dried, should she apply new? Vrinda says she wants to be left alone, looking the ointment applyed by J on her hand smiles.
Shukracharya comes to meet J, says he is showing results of treatment. J repents his mistake of trusting Swarnasura. Shukracharya says his marriage is a must before starting the war, there is a reason behind his advice of being his Guru. J says there is no one he feels like getting married to. Shukracharya says in that case he will not force him.
Apasmar comes infront of Shivji in form of smoke. Asks him to catch him & save his wife. Go I am not there only & what is not there how will you destroy him. Forget your wife, I’ll not let her remember her , who you are, what is your relation with you. Shivji tells Apasmar, you are Daitya of Vismruti (memory loss), feels you can not be controlled. But you have forgotten, what is not there resides in me only. I am what is not there & whatever has disappeared is in me. Past present & future is in me. Whatever will happen in future is also in me. Yoga can cure this problem, you can be controlled. Apasmar is shocked hearing Shivji’s words.
Vishnuji says this is best, now we will see Shivji as Nataraj.

Precap: Nataraj is dancing in that cave.
J wants to go but Vrinda stops him saying no one can leave her treatment bhavan without her permission. J looks at her.

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