Suvreen Guggal 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mumma Guggal screaming at Suvreen. She says to her: We wanted to invite Yuvraj for a dinner. Suvreen: Nice idea.. And then she goes.. Baby thinks: You are acting very well sis.. She thinks that she will win the game.

In the next scene Yuvraj & Suvreen are in the college. Yuvraj can not believe that her parents invited him. He asks her: Did you tell them that we are together?? She answered with No.. Suvi says that it was Baby’s idea.. They wanted to invite him coz he saved Baby from the goon. But he says that he will not go there. Suvi asks: Why?? They invited you with love.. He says: Exactly!!! They don’t know that I’m in love with their daughter. He says : I don’t know what will they do if they know it… (He becomes scared) and says no I’ll not go.. After a while Yuvi holds Suvi’s hand and says : How can you not understand?? Suvi asks him Do you fear??? He says Yes.. I’m afraid of your Dad. He says: I ‘ll not lose you.. Suvi says That’s romantic.. And then she says It’s ok if you are afraid of my father.. You can not be always a cheetah.. (Their funny tune is playing) And then Yuvi says that he has to go to Vspot. But Suvi will not hear what he says.. So she goes.
Yuvraj is talking front of the camera.. He says: I thought it will be easy if I say I love you. But it makes more difficult. I was at her house before but she was only my best friend.. but now she is my girlfirend.

In the next scene Yuvraj is telling everything about that to Alisha. Yuvraj becomes nervous about meeting Suvreen’s parents. He imagines the first meet with Suvi’s dad. After a while Yuvraj wanted to go but Alisha holds his arm. Alisha says that he has to go.. She asks him to take gifts for Jasleen and Suvis mother. And then in the Vspot cafe is anyone saying that Yuvi has to pay mony. Alisha gets up and pays. Yuvi says that she hasn’t do that. And then Yuvraj hugs her..
She thinks: I love you Yuvi, I’ll not let you go from me.!

In the next scene Suvi, Naro and Zorro are in the class. Alisha looks at Suvreen while she cut anything. Alisha asks Rehan to explain something.. (I didn’t get what?)
In the next scene Yuvi is in front of the mirror. First he wears a blue T-shirt |and then he wears a red t-shirt| and then a gray t-shirt| and then he wears a brown/purple t-shirt.. And then he looks at the clock and says with angry face: Why I’m confused yaar?? I’m late..

Back to the class. Rehan is explaining anything. And then Suvi holds her phone and massages to anyone.. Rehan turns around and sees how Suvi has a phone on her hand. He gets angry and says: CELLPHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN MY CLASS!!
Back to Yuvi.. He is waiting for Suvreen.

Back to the class. Rehan is explaining again anything.
Back to Yuvi.. Puppa Guggal opens the door. He says Yuvraj.. Yuvi gets nervous and turns around. Puppa asks are you standing here?? Come inside.. Yuvi says that he is waiting to Suvi .. He will go to find her. Puppa says: No no.. come..
And then Baby comes and says come.. And then he sits on the couch. Puppa guggal sits near him. Yuvi thinks: Where is topper??

Back to class.. Suvreen says to Alisha: Please do faster. I have to go.. Annie says: Talk to RC sir he will say yes. And then Rehan sees and goes to Suvi he asks her: Any problems Suvreen?? Alisha says: No sir.. Rehan looks at their works. He says that they are really slowly. They have to do 6 of it. After a while RC’s phone rings. He goes outside of the class. Alisha goes to him. She asks him if he can leave Suvreen earlier coz she has problems at home. He says that he can not leave her earlier. And then she goes with a smile on her face.
Back to Yuvraj. Mumma guggal cooked lots of food. And then baby says: You ashamed as if you were at your wifey’s home. And then Baby asks Yuvi about his relationship with Suvreen. He gets nervous. After a while he massages to Suvi: Where are you topper??

Back to Suvi. She sees how her phone rings. And then Alisha trip out the water. After a while Suvi sees that all the clothes are wet. Rehan comes with angry face.. Suvreen gets into trouble with Rehan Charles for being distracted in class. He screams at Suvreen. He says that he will not let her go till everything finished. He says: Where is your mind?? Do you want to go home?? Do you want to meet your boyfriend?? Do you have any date?? Suvreen is sad and she is almost crying. Alisha is smiling.. Annie and Zorro get shocked. And then Rehan goes and sits. (He is really in bad mood) He is screaming at everyone..

Back to Yuvi.. Puppa Guggal asks him : Where does your dad work?? He says: He has his own business.. Puppa asks him what will he do after collage.. He says that he doesn’t know what he will do. Yuvi told something about Mannu and Rathi and then both are imagining their meet..

PRECAP: Mumma guggal asks Suvi: If there anything between you and Yuvraj?? Are you only a friend or more?? Suvreen says that she wanted to tell her about that. Mumma gets angry and goes but Suvreen doesn’t let her go. Mumma says: It’s not good what she is doing. And then she goes. Suvi screams : Mumma…
And then she sits with a sad face.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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