Parichay 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parichay 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 11th March 2013 Written Update

Kunal says that A.K is a star n he might not know about problems of poor people.A.K says no one knows it better than him,that’s why he’s going through anger management.All the work in his house is done by servants,they don’t do it properly n end up getting scolded by him n sometimes he abuses them also.He says that he had to go to police station twice on these issues.He tells Kunal as how his lawyer settled the case by bribing but he’s unable to do so now.Kunal asks if he had done such accident previously also.A.K says that he did it previously also but then the news didn’t come in media.Kunal asks how the news broke to media this time.A.K says that he was high in party n has argument with another hero,a new comer n unfortunately neither his driver nor his body guard was with him them to handle it.A.K’s assistant comes n takes him aside to talk something.Kunal in thoughts.

Chopras busy packing tiffin boxes.Veena asks Anokhi as where’s she going.She says to collage.Veena doubts if she’s going to collage all dressed up .Anokhi says that she has to go to her teacher’s house to get some notes from her n asks Seema to explain them.Seema says to let her go as she’ll get good marks at least this time.Raj offers to help Ishani in delivering the orders.Anokhi leaves.

Anokhi goes to studio.The guy who offered her modeling offer welcomes her,compliments her that she’s very pretty and sends her to get ready for the photo shoot.He offers her a drink so that she feels a bit relaxed before the photoshoot as she’s new to all this and pics wont be nice if she’s nervous.Anokhi becomes unconscious after having the drink.Some intimate snaps of Anokhi and another guy were taken.

At the Chopras:All set to deliver the tiffin boxes.Raj comes out dancing in multicolor T-shirt n Jeans, asks Veena about his look.She scolds him n tells him to go n change.Raj says that its their 1st order n he should look nice.Veena doesn’t listen n scolds him again.Raj asks Siddhi if he isn’t looking good in them.Veena tells him to go n change quickly.He goes.All start laughing.

Veena asks if everything is ready to which Siddhi says that they are done with everything,just the boxes need to be delivered in time.Veena says that it can happen only if Raj comes out n starts calling Raj to come out quickly as they are getting late.Raj comes out in suit,Veena scolds him again.Raj says that he thought that if he goes in suit he’ll make good impression on customers.Ishani says that he’s not some business sales executive.Veena teases him that he’s dabbewala.Raj gets angry on Veena as she’s bossing on him.Veena says that whatever he wears he’ll look like unique piece only.Raj is angry.Siddhi pacifies him n they leave to deliver.

Seema is worried as Anokhi hasn’t returned yet.Seema keeps calling Anokhi .The guy tells his assistant to spill water on Anokhi’s face and wake her up.She does as told to her and wakes up Anokhi.The guy tells her that they were worried as Anokhi became so nervous that she fainted even before photoshoot started n now they are relaxed as she’s okay.Anokhi attends Seema’s call who scolds her for not coming home on time and also for not attending her call.Anokhi lies that she’s at library n that’s why she didn’t reply.The guy tells her to go n rest and they can plan for photoshoot on some other day.

At Chopras -All are enjoying the South Indian cuisine.Seema asks Gaurav about his first day at work.He says that it went off well n he could sell 2 water purifiers even though its his 1st day.All chopras become sad hearing it.Gaurav says that he brought something for them n takes out jalebis.All start fighting to eat them,Veena shouts at them to keep some separately for Kunal as he likes them a lot.She becomes sad after realizing what she said.Kids call,all take turns to talk to them.Veena takes the phone n tells kids to win the competition n come back.Veena becomes sad when Kids ask about Kunal.She tells them that he’s at office.Kids complain about Kunal for not calling them even once after they left to Singapore n they are missing him a lot.Veena becomes sad n gives the phone to Siddhi who tells kids to take care.

A.K appreciates Kunal for catching the right point and if they can take ajju tai into their confidence the case will be solved in a day,he says that he’s ready to spend any amount to take her on to their side.Kunal says that he need not do that as Ajju tai worked for them for several years n she trusts him a lot n A.K can relax as she’s with them but he should tell him about every single detail that happened on the night of the accident so that he can convince ajju tai to speak what they want her to in the court.

A.K says that he already told him that he was high on alcohol on that day and also had fight in the party and so was li’l angry also,so got diverted from driving and ended up driving on to footpath.He says that Mahesh has died his own death and trapped him in this case.Kunal silently listens to him.A.K says that why these poor people come into this world,if they stay on footpaths,some day or the other they’ll end up under somebody’s car.Kunal listens to him seriously.A.K starts laughing n says that whatever happened is for Mahesh’s good as he’s spending a worm’s life on roads n he freed him from such terrible life.Atleast now he’ll be happy in heaven.

Raj tells Veena to relax n not to do any work as her back pain may worsen n goes in to have a bath.Kunal comes to living area n sees Veena sitting alone taking out peas.He goes to her n asks about her pain. Veena ignores him n doesn’t reply,He goes to kitchen n gets tea for both of them n offers her to have some tea.She tells him that she doesn’t want it n to give it to his dad when he comes out after bathing.Kunal tells her to have it if she cools down before the tea cools.Veena starts to wipe her tears.Kunal says that he didn’t come to make her cry.Veena says that she isn’t crying,Kunal says that sometimes people get tears while taking out peas also n leaves.Veena cries.

Anokhi is worried as she’s unable to call photo shoot guy n without asking him she cant go there directly.She says that he gave her his no the previous day n it cant be disconnected in one day.Ishani asks about whose no Anokhi is talking to which Anokhi lies that its her teacher’s no.Ishani says that teachers don’t share their nos with students n asks her the teacher’s name.Seeing Anokhi nervous n not replying,Ishani asks if she’s hiding something from her n is she went to meet some guy n took his no.Anokhi says that if its about guy she would have definitely shared with Ishani n not to worry about it.Ishani leaves saying that she needs her help in delivering the orders.

Anokhi decides to chat with the guy but surprised as there’s no id by the guy’s name.She’s worried about how she should contact him.The photo shoot guy gives pics to some unknown guy(not shown) who asks him if he cleared all the proofs,he tells him to go into hideout for few months as Anokhi may try to contact him.

Dada brings Ajju tai to Kunal who tells her that he came to take her to some place as he wants to help her.She’s happy to hear that Kunal is going to help her n says that she knew it that he’ll help her as Chopras always help others.She asks him about where he’s taking her.Kunal says to come with her.Dada tells Kunal that whatever is happening its not for good,Kunal says that he knows very well as what he’s doing.

PRECAP:Siddhi telling Kunal not to think that Ajju tai is alone as she’s going to fight her case.Kunal asks if she’s going to fight against him,Siddhi says that she’s going to fight against injustice n not bothered about the person against whom she’s fighting.A.K is observing them.Kunal says that its her husband against whom she’s fighting.She says that she’s not going to reply to any of his qs n will meet him in court.

Update Credit to: Parichay

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